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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Singapore statesman Lee Kuan Yew’s comments that the Chinese communities in Malaysia and Indonesia were marginalised................


“…of course we are marginalised, big business to small stall owners know that — but MCA cannot admit it … silence is sometimes our only valid response”


A week after his remarks on marginalisation of Malaysia Chinese were revealed in a US diplomatic cable, former MCA president Ong Tee Keat has challenged the current party leadership to state their views on whether the Malaysian Chinese community feel left out, as he had said in 2006.

In a statement last night, Ong stood by the remarks attributed to him in a leaked US diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks. He explained the context in which his remarks were made: private comments in “casual conversation with academics and friends” during which he was asked about Singapore statesman Lee Kuan Yew’s comments that the Chinese communities in Malaysia and Indonesia were marginalised.

He said his remarks merely put forward the prevailing views held in the Chinese community at the time. And Ong said that it was up to MCA to decide if they share the sentiment of the Chinese community — a statement likely to be viewed as a clear challenge for the MCA to speak up and admit it.

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written by devious17, September 02, 2011 14:39:08

Aiyaa OTK, you should have 'saved' MCA when you had the chance, now you talk kock sing song all day long is not helping.

Redeem yourself by going independent or join another party outside of umno/bn , I believe you would get more support that way. ...

written by bkho, September 02, 2011 09:57:35

OTK was perhaps the bravest MCA president ever.

His "bravery" led to his losing of the post. .

written by educationist, September 02, 2011 09:53:34

Yes, let's see what the current MCA leadership has to say, it will indicate if they have read the pulse of the Malaysian chinese community whom they claim to represent!!

A deadly silence from the MCA leadership, must be their political masters have zipped their mouths!! ...

written by SiHangChai, September 01, 2011 22:06:51

unfortunately Chua Sok Lei doesnt have the ball except taken away by A.YAM. He knoews only how to make sound on bed but dare not to confront this senstive issue of Chinese and Indian as well as native citizens been marginalised by UMNO. I wonder why cant you raise this up when you are the Presient then? ...

written by JJFoo, September 01, 2011 21:18:36

Correction: Ong TK should "NOT" only speaks out for the Chinese, they are not the only victims, the whole Nation was too. ...

written by JJFoo, September 01, 2011 21:16:08

Why can't Ong TK speaks out for the other non-Chinese that were discriminated?

When any section of a society or as the matter of fact, any individual was to be unjustly treated or marginalize, the whole society will eventually suffer because it is only a matter of time before their individual turns is up.

Apart from those UMNO/BN elites, most Malaysian irregardless of race and ethnic were systematically marginalized. Not only were the Malaysian Chinese marginalize as stated by ONG TK, so were the Malaysian Indians and others, Malays included.

During the Bersih 2.0 demonstration, majority of the crowd were Malay themselves, do those Malays felt they were being fairly treated, not marginalized and not victimize in any way by the UMNO/BN government? How were the Malays treated by the police during the peaceful demonstration? I for once am proud to say, indiscriminately, same as any other demonstrators.

Malaysians must learn to assist one another and not exploit one another unless Malaysians wish to treat each other as enemies, as what our UMNO/BN government relentlessly indoctrinated us to be.

Ong TK should only speaks out for the Chinese, they are not the only victims, the whole Nation was too. ...

written by HamChak, September 01, 2011 17:52:41

Aiyaa, any fools know that the Chinese are Marginalised since that

PariahMaMakThief became the PeeM. But you got that M'sian Canine

Asso (MCA) , MadDieArse and All those ArseLickers supporting that

KeralaPariah. Almost One complete generation of non Malays were

disadvantaged. Denying them of University education, opportunities and

also "stealing" from them via the taxing. I am still waiting for this Satanic

PariahMaMak to drop dead into the Septic. ...

written by SoundMan, September 01, 2011 17:38:04

.............oh! dear, another coal into the UMNO-BN Merdeka bonfire...

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