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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A man could no more attack a king than a king could attack an angel, than an angel could attack God.........

Now that the police are investigating Mat Sabu and will probably be interrogating him soon (meaning: recording his statement) because of his so-called treasonous act, let us in the meantime read the following excerpt and decide whether the Pope in Rome was also treasonous.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Master Secretary, His Holiness is considering a ruling that will say that heretical monarchs can be justly defied by their subjects, and that such a defiance, even to armed rebellion, is no sin.

Cecil leaned back in his padded chair and reread the letter, making sure that he had made no error in the double translation, out of code and then out of Latin. It was a message of such enormity that he could not believe it, even when it was in plain English before him.

It was a death sentence for the queen. It assured any disgruntled Catholic that they could plot against her with impunity, actually with the blessing of the Holy Father. It was a veritable crusade against the young queen, as potent and unpredictable as a Knights Templar attack on the Moors. It licensed the deranged assassin, the man with a grudge, indeed, it put the dagger into his hands.

It broke the eternal promise that an anointed monarch commanded the obedience of all his subjects, even those who disagreed with him. It broke the harmony of the universe that placed God above the angels, angels above kings, kings above mortal men.

A man could no more attack a king than a king could attack an angel, than an angel could attack God. This madness of the Pope broke the unwritten agreement that one earthly monarch would never encourage the subjects of another earthly monarch to rise up against them.

The assumption has always been that kings should stick together, that nothing was more dangerous than the people with a licence. Now the Pope was to give the people the licence to rise up against Elizabeth and who knew how many might avail themselves of this permission?

Cecil tried to draw a sheet of paper towards him and found that his hands were shaking. For the first time in these anxious months, he truly thought they would be defeated. He thought that he had aligned himself to a doomed cause. He did not think that Elizabeth could survive this.

There were too many who had opposed her from the start; once they knew that their treasonous plotting was no longer a sin, they would multiply like headlice. It was enough that she had to struggle with the church, with her council, with her parliament; none of which were in full support, some of which were in open opposition. If the people themselves were turned against her she could not last long.

He thought for a moment, for only a moment, that he might have done better to have supported Henry Hastings as the best Protestant claimant for the throne, since the Pope would surely not have dared to summon a rebellion against the king. He thought for another moment that perhaps he should have urged Elizabeth to accept the raising of the Host, to have kept the church in England as papist for a year or so, to ease the transition of reform.
He gritted his teeth. What was done had been done, and they would have to live with their mistakes, and some would die for them. He was fairly certain that Elizabeth would die, to name only one.

He clasped his hands together until they were steady again, and then started to plan ways to try to ensure that an assassin did not reach Elizabeth at court, when she was out hunting, when she was on the river, when she was visiting.

It was a nightmare task. Cecil stayed up all night writing lists of men he could trust, preparing plans to see her guarded, and knew at the end that if the Catholics of England obeyed the Pope, as they must do, then Elizabeth was a dead woman, and all Cecil could do for her is to delay her funeral.

Page 80-82, The Virgin’s Lover, by Phillipa Gregory

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written by Fart Fart Wah, September 01, 2011 13:52:52

At one time it looked like the Church was using God's name for everything to maintain the control on the UMMAH until the ummah told the church ..nothing doing..you fellows were having the high life with the royalties ..so screw you buggers..and they started to chop the heads of kings and queens..and the cleric were also brought to the guillotine. Yes there were times when the Pope could have betrayed the people and be a traitor to them..but they all eventually paid for it..somehow..

Today the same is being done in Islam..the total abuse of Allah's name for everything and if it does not fit their agenda..then use the prophets sayings.....Islam uses Allah to covert the people today...very clearly seen...with golden sofas, golden toilets and what not while the rakyat rot.......bloody screwed up religions ..people must wake up to realize that religion is personal..no one can control no body on this issue anymore..

written by Oscar Winner, August 30, 2011 18:59:59

We did not inherit planet Earth, we merely borrowed it from our children. In the same vein, we did not inherit Malaysia as the land for us to live in, we merely borrowed it from our children.

BN/UMNO thieves did not borrow from the country and the rakyat, they steal and steal like there’s no tomorrow, and they keep the loot abroad. These are the treacherous people who want to deny our children a better Malaysia….a better country which the agong has sworn to bring about. Who’s treasonous to the country….a supposedly beautiful big home that houses all the rakyat?

Selamat Hari Raya to Dear Pete and family, and happy Merdeka day.

written by Voter get Voters 1, August 30, 2011 16:30:15

For Heaven sake.....you should take a break, have a kit kat. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin to you and all your Love Ones. Salam Eid-ul-Fitri.

written by SamYap, August 30, 2011 15:35:14

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to Raja Petra & family

And to all Malaysians!

written by truthbespoken, August 30, 2011 11:16:27

What? They consider what Mat Sabu said over a past incident as treasonous and must be investigated? Then why was there no action whatsoever against Mahathir and the immigration department officers for having sold and are still selling the country's sovereignty to illegal immigrants in return for votes? Which is more treasonous? Mere words from Mat Sabu or actual actions from Mahathir and the department officers? Who are the real traitors of this country? Those fcukers up there cannot even tell the difference and seriousness between these two issues and yet they want to continue to rule the country! Absurdity rules Malaysia! Mat Sabu, good Malaysians are with you! Stay the course!

written by Lady Gaga, August 30, 2011 11:06:40

Anyone can be a traitor when they are blinded by money and power ..... Greed is one of the biggest sins around and it can change someone that puts their greed first than God .... Rosmah and Najib are traitors to the rakyat. Worst of all, he is still playing his drama. ..

written by educationist, August 30, 2011 05:46:30

I do not know the context of this incident but based on the info given, I will venture that the Pope was not a traitor!!

He was only being human, and an evil vicious one at that -forgetting the higher callings of his faith, using despicable manipulations of the mindless pious to do his bidding!! ..

written by Kaneeneh, August 30, 2011 03:04:44

Was najib trecherous for paying RM500 millions as commission for the submarine? It's national treasure he's abusing.

Was Rosmah trecherous for stealing our money to buy her mult-million ringgit cosmetic jewelries?

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