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Dr Ismail Aby Jamal
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Live your life with more purpose….

Live your life with more purpose….

How do you find the inspiration to begin and how do you stay motivated over time despite setbacks?

3 Super Tips for Procrastinators

Who Want To Get Back On Track Fast

There is a common question that has important implications

for you...

How can I motivate myself when I'm tired of something, when

I lose hope on something or I feel bored?

When you've decided to stay focused on a goal, it's a good

thing to concentrate on ways to make the move easier and

more lasting. If you find that you lose motivation when you

are tired or bored, having certain insights might help.

Here are some tips for procrastinators:

a) Live your life with more purpose.

Are you spending more time moving away from the negatives

then you are moving towards your goals and desires? Living

your life on purpose is not about having all the answers to

what and where you want to go. Your life's purpose can be

finding out what your life purpose is!

Still, if you are working your way towards something, make

sure you are concentrating on the positives. Focusing on

something you don't want is a guaranteed way to lose

momentum, get tired and become bored.

b) Procrastinator, Know thyself!

There is no one set of rules or tips for procrastinators

that will cover everyone. Gain some insight into what

causes you to struggle with focusing. Act as a detached

observer and you might be surprised how you can pinpoint

the things that tend to distract you.

For example, if you would easily complete your homework

while listening to music while you were younger, as an

adult that may no longer be true. Check if you are doing

things out of habit. Try turning off the radio.

Approach this with a relaxed and healthy perspective and

you'll be surprised with the little things you can do to

improve your focus.

c) Pay attention to what you spend your time on.

Are you spending a lot of time on something that is not

important to you? Have you taken on projects because you

thought you should and not because you were genuinely

interested? The time you spend on doing tasks that you

really don't enjoy could be spent on doing things you do


You can easily eliminate unnecessary or undesirable tasks

by taking the time to decide whether you want to do

something or not. Learn to say no to time wasters!

A really important tip for procrastinators is don't agree

to do something right away! If that really makes you

uncomfortable, practice with a friend. A simple, "I'll have

to give that some thought and get back to you," can be one

of the best statements you'll ever learn.

Think about the alternative: taking on another task that

you have no interest in but you said yes to because you are

worried about what people might think. Procrastinators who

do this need to realize that accepting something and then

not completing it on time or not even doing it well is not

doing anyone any good!

If you try these tips for procrastinators you should start

to see old patterns falling away. Just remember that it

takes a little time to form a habit and the time you spend

on feeling more productive and energized is time well spent.

Clearly, understanding procrastination is only the first

step towards overcoming it.

The big question is how do you find the inspiration to

begin and how do you stay motivated over time despite


You already know what procrastination and low motivation is

costing you. And you know deep down that nothing is going

to change for the better until you do.

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