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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hey, it is within my democratic right to have my own opinion and to openly state what my opinion is......

As far as you are concerned, Mat Sabu can have an opinion and he is allowed to state what his opinion is.

But he has to make sure that his opinion does not differ from yours. If he says the same thing as what you say, then well and fine. But if he states the opposite of what you believe, then this is not acceptable.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

It is easy to talk. Walking the talk is another thing altogether. Malaysian politicians can talk. They can talk till the cows come home. But they don’t mean what they say. Bikin tak serupa cakap, cakap tak serupa bikin.

On Merdeka Day, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was trying to impress Malaysians by saying that the country is very democratic. What is the basis of this hypothesis? Is it just because we hold elections?

As I said in an earlier article, even Adolf Hitler held elections in Germany. This does not mean Germany was a democracy. Elections are no yardstick for classifying a country as a democracy.

Many other dictators hold elections as well. But whether they are fair, free and clean elections (like what we have in Malaysia…sic) or whether they are rigged elections is another thing. But they do hold elections. Does this mean they are democracies?

The opposition too claims it is fighting for democracy. Is that so? Or is this bullshit?

Okay, let us give the opposition the benefit of the doubt and assume that it is truly fighting for democracy. Let us also assume, as Najib said, that Malaysia is a true democracy. Now, let us put this to a test.

If the PAS Deputy President, Mat Sabu, makes a statement on the Bukit Kepong incident based on his belief and his understanding of the events, can both the opposition as well as the government allow this and accept it?

Currently, it appears like some in the opposition -- and many in the government -- will not allow Mat Sabu to have an opinion and to state his opinion. Why not? Why must his opinion and his statement be the same as yours? Why can’t it be different from yours?

Both the opposition as well as the government are the same. Both don’t allow and don’t tolerate different views. If you express a different view from them, then you are a pariah bastard.

Okay, forget about Bukit Kepong. Let’s instead go to the murder of JWW Birch on 2 November 1875 as he was having a berak (shit) along the Berak River…sorry, I meant Perak River.

Now, was his murderer, Dato’ Maharajalela, a criminal or a patriot?

Incidentally, just to digress a bit, when a person acts above the law and pushes his weight around with absolute disregard for everyone else, the Malays would say: dia bermaharajalela. So the name Maharajalela is synonymous with acting like the Mafia or like a gangster.

Anyway, back to the subject of the murder of JWW Birch. First of all, was he justly executed or was he martyred?

Did you know that they exiled Dato’ Maharajalela and his gang of conspirators to the Seychelles? So JWW Birch’s murderers must have been criminals. And they named many roads in Kuala Lumpur, Taping, Seremban, Penang, Ipoh, and Singapore after JWW Birch. So JWW Birch must have been a hero to have so many roads named after him.

But hold on, later they changed the name Jalan Birch in Taiping and Kuala Lumpur to Jalan Maharajalela. The excuse they gave was the Jalan Birch in Taiping and Kuala Lumpur were named after a different Birch, not the JWW Birch.

Whatever it is, there are a couple of roads named Jalan Maharajalela. So Dato’ Maharajalela must have been a hero then, not a criminal. Would they name roads after criminals like Botak Chin, Bentong Kali or Mona Fendi? Would Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman be renamed Jalan Chin Peng?

But JWW Birch was also a hero and there are many roads also named after him. That means both JWW Birch and Dato’ Maharajalela were heroes. But how can that be? They can’t have BOTH been heroes. Only one can be the hero. The other must be the criminal.

Now this is most interesting indeed. Was Dato’ Maharajalela a criminal or a hero? And was JWW Birch a martyr or someone biadap (insolent) towards the Sultan of Perak (as his murderers alleged) who deserved what happened to him?

Can I say that JWW Birch was a hero and that he was murdered because he was opposed to slavery and he tried to wipe out slavery in Perak? Will they allow me to have that opinion and to express this opinion?

But many would argue that the hero in this whole incident was Dato’ Maharajalela, not JWW Birch. But then, if you support what Dato’ Maharajalela did to JWW Birch, would that not make you a terrorist?

If you support the murder of JWW Birch because he was biadap towards the Sultan of Perak, then can I not also support the murder of many other people because they are also biadap towards the Sultan of Perak?

Nizar Jamaluddin, the ex-Menteri Besar of Perak, is also said to be biadap towards the Sultan of Perak (according to Umno, at least). Should we not also do to Nizar what they did to JWW Birch? Is it right for me to suggest the murder of Nizar (like what Umno would like to see)?

Hey, it is within my democratic right to have my own opinion and to openly state what my opinion is. If you can say that the murder of JWW Birch was right and that Dato’ Maharajalela was a hero, then I can also say that the murder of Nizar is right because he is just like JWW Birch -- as far as Umno’s opinion goes.

So you see, you don’t really care what my opinion is. You only want to make sure that my opinion is the same as yours.

As far as you are concerned, Mat Sabu can have an opinion and he is allowed to state what his opinion is. But he has to make sure that his opinion does not differ from yours. If he says the same thing as what you say, then well and fine. But if he states the opposite of what you believe, then this is not acceptable.

And the Bukit Kepong issue is a good example. Even Karpal Singh said that Mat Sabu should retract his statement and apologise.

Why should Mat Sabu apologise?

If I say that Dato’ Maharajalela was a murderer and that JWW Birch was a hero who opposed slavery and was murdered for his righteousness, and if the Malays start foaming at the mouth and go berserk (like they always do), is Karpal going to ask me to retract my statement and apologise? Are they going to make a police report against me and are the police going to call me up for my statement to be recorded?

Democracy podah! I am allowed the freedom to believe what I want to believe and the freedom to express my opinion only as long as this does not run contra to your own beliefs and opinion.

And both the opposition and the government are the same. They both do not respect these freedoms although they shout and scream about democracy.

In fact, the opposition is worse.

If I were to say that Najib should resign because he is not qualified to remain as the Prime Minister, the opposition supporters would clap, cheer, applaud and would call me a true son of Malaysia and a patriot.

But if I were to say that Anwar Ibrahim should resign because he is not qualified to remain as the Opposition Leader, the opposition supporters would curse me and call me a turncoat who has been bought off by the government.

But then Khir Toyo also resigned as the Opposition Leader for Selangor after he was charged in court. That, you would say, is the correct thing to do. But if I say that Anwar should follow Khir Toyo’s example, you cannot agree to this.

Ah, that is because Anwar was unjustly charged, you will argue. Was Khir Toyo justly charged? If Khir Toyo was charged because he committed an act of corruption, then why only charge him? Thousands of others should also be charged -- the Prime Minister, IGP, AG, etc., included.

Khir Toyo was charged because his enemies within Umno wanted to get rid of him, not because he is corrupt (although I do admit he is corrupt). If it is because he is corrupt, then he should not be the only one facing trial.

That is the reality of the situation. The opposition does not understand the meaning of democracy, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of association, etc., just like the government. The opposition does not respect democracy, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of association, etc., just like the government.

Same same lah!

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written by Hakim Joe, September 03, 2011 13:51:10

Aiyah RPK, like that also you don’t know meh? The winner gets to dictate terms mah. If he says Birch was the villain, then Maharajalela must be the hero lor. Where got both parties be both the hero and the villain one? Not logic mah. Same case with everything happening since Merdeka lor. The winner gets to write the history as what they depict reality to be. If they said that Hang Tuah was not a Chinese, then he must either be an Indian or a Malay lor. Subsequently, if they said that Toyol was a dentist extraordinaire who made hundreds of millions extracting teeth in his spare time during his tenure as the MB, then Toyol (as the name implies) must have extraordinary powers lor and therefore cannot be corrupt lor. Nonetheless, the current loser can change what has been written if they win the next time around (regardless of whether which version is the actual truth). Politics, mah…. ...

written by yatchee, September 03, 2011 13:03:21

RPK, I agreed with what you said sometimes i just feel lost of malaysian politics ..........the opposition

should look up something more than ....what mat sabu said is his own opinion .no big deal about it.RIGHT....... .

written by ibabonma, September 03, 2011 12:23:39

I don't want to talk about Mat Sabu and his Bukit Kepong now, I just want to know what happen to Anwar OMEGA watch and the vedio?

written by Mestizo, September 03, 2011 12:03:23

Politic in Malaysia is about which side are you with? If you are with BN and if you said anything publicly, BN will agree and will support you. The same apply if you are with Pakatan. Individual politician does not have opinion and rather not allow to express their own opinion. Individual politicians are not allow to support what they believe.
e.g. when the government out-law the use of "Allah" in Christian bibles, not a single Christian politician from BN stood up and challenge that. But then again they claimed to work for the people.

My advise to all politicians to be yourself, truthful, sincere, hardworking and be patriotic to the country. ..

written by durianbesar, September 03, 2011 12:01:29

UMNO is the biggest bangsat.... Maybe the Maharajalelas inside UMNO should do a JWW Brich on Najib and the entire UMNO bangsats and also expose the excesses of the Berak Sultan... I mean Sultan of Berak... oops I mean Perak....... this can be my opinion... and the gomen will go berserk...

Well UMNO fcuked up with the Chinawomen MP from Jelapang who should be JWW birched maybe break the other leg for being such a bitch.....

In short. they should throw shit into tbottled water and serve it at an UMNO convention... next time.. these motherfcukers deserve what they write and talk crap....
DOWN with NAJIB and all the Maharaja Cheebais running around in Malaysia.. ..

written by arazak, September 03, 2011 10:42:42

The UMNO run-down on Mat Sabu only make the people wanting to know more about the truth and learn new dimensions of who was really the patriots. All these while our children had been fed with lies in the history books crafted by UMNO.

Again, UMNO's strategy had backfired. ...

written by truthbespoken, September 03, 2011 10:36:14

Being a race-based party which naturally makes it more racist in approach, UMNO is a regressive party. That's why they have to frequently back-paddle into the past to justify their current inept policies and wrong-doings. Even after 5 decades of ruling the country, UMNO Malays still cannot think proper and move forward positively based on their own strength and experience. That's an abject failure of any political party under any measure. UMNO must not continue to rule the country as it glaringly lacks proper political and social direction for multi-racial Malaysia! ...

written by red1, September 03, 2011 09:49:39

In my humble opinion, Rosmah is a very pretty woman. In fact keeping on believing that fact helps keep my own two-decade marriage intact. ...

written by syd, September 03, 2011 08:53:47

Mat Sabu did not threaten or harm anyone.

He has his own opinion about history, which may differ from the mainstream, but that is not a crime in a civilised society.

On the other hand, Ezam threatened minorities and hishamuddin, a home minister, sympathise with Nordin Top when he died. a known terrorist who killed dozens in Indonesia. They even sent a RMAF plane to get his body nd gave him a decent burial in Malaysia when he his body should be dumped in the sea. ..

written by Angela Ooi, September 03, 2011 06:51:33

I just love the way RPK weaves in his points so that there is no doubt of its clarity. He has always stood his grounds based on his conscience and as he has rightly stated many times, M2day is his vehicle to do it REGARDLESS whether its music to the Govt OR to Pakatan. Malaysians selalu lupa n need to be reminded

constantly. ...

written by educationist, September 03, 2011 04:21:29

Point taken!!

But please, don't use a single pole to hit a whole shipload of people - literal translation cantonese to mean a sweeping statement!!

Yes, I'm surprise that Karpal , on political expediency can take such a narrow view of Mat sabu's opinions!! ..

written by panca, September 02, 2011 22:17:23

I fully agree with democracy as what democracy is like double-edged sword and Voltaires would quote, defend to his death your right to say it even though he might not agree with what you want to say it!

Similarly, I do not believe in god and creator as what you have been believing but I won't stop you believing it if you chose to believe from what I chose to learn, understand, agree than based on belief and hearsay!

But I also have my democracy to chose and in particular i will vote for Mat Sabu anytime. I have said this before and I say it again. ..

written by earthman, September 02, 2011 21:55:58

You can say and do what you want , but don't disturb my peace and take away my rights. My right to be free is a universal birth right and no one can take that away from me except my God.

But the truth is the truth and its always free. Don't think that your laws is supreme and I should obeyed and follow. But my law is the truth and the truth can set you free.

I love you all - Mat Sabu and Mat Rempits. I hate corruptions, lies, stealing , robbery, religious supremacy, race supremacy, .

See, Easy to talk and to do. With the truth one can do all things. Nothing is impossible with God. ...

written by malgal, September 02, 2011 20:10:40

and that ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is called very democratic to quote our pm.

ayoh. rewind to the jwww birch/maharajalela bit ... the man was murdered while taking his bath some more, in cold blood. and now because the history is rewritten, we'd have to accept that the killer is hero. democracy is as democracy does.

written by Oasis, September 02, 2011 20:03:07

Ceh..if i remember correctly, the writer has been promoting this idea since god knows when!! And from many comments by MT readers, do you think they ever learned? Same same lah!! The moment anything goes against what MT readers want to believe, even though it was the truth, you can see a lot of fugly comments posted!! Go to hell la bodo!! ...

written by Lady Gaga, September 02, 2011 19:52:18

Normal laaa ... If only Mat Sabu was one of their kronis or someone in BN than its ok for whatever he wants to say ... Take for instance the Katak, 'Ibrahim Ali' making so many racial statements including he wants to have a crusade war against the Christians .... BUT just cos he is in PERKOSA which is run by BN, he is left free without even apologising ..... For me its not wrong for Mat Sabu to state his opinion ... Well enough said for Malaysia under BN .. Everyday reading the news, makes you want to laugh of puke looking at their dramas ... you are right ..... WAYANG KULITS .... ..

written by Fart Fart Wah, September 02, 2011 19:28:13

I agree...the ability to remain impartial is a difficult thing in politics..Every move and statement is stated to push the sayer politically more acceptable to the mass...In Malaysia..both the opposition and the ruling government seem to play the same game...The more controversial the statment the better..to gain support or attention. In this case Mat Sabu..just happened to pick a topic that seems to choke the throats of UMNO and the Karpal Singh must have been choked by an extra capati. Why can't Mat Sabu state what he likes?? Politically wrong...not freedom of speech. ..

written by malsia1206, September 02, 2011 19:27:35

Meaning if I give my personal opinion that Rosmah is not a prettr woman, I would not be in line to be conferred the 'Datuk'? Or that Rosmah cannot be addressed as the 'First Lady' which also mean I cannot get to own MAS or AirAsia?

Ok, ok, Rosmah is the the most beautiful woman in Malaysia. She is not only the First Lady but the most charitable person who persuade her husband to forego their holiday in Italy to be home and caring for all their fellow Malaysians. Only after thousands of them had received tear gas and water cannons of course.

In Malaysia, it's better not only when you do not say out your opinion which is different or opposite others. It's best when you do not have any opinion at all. So let's all believe and follow UMNO or Pakatan blindly even when they want to screw our wives or our husbands to perform oral sex with them.

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