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Dr Ismail Aby Jamal
Born in Batu 10, Kg Lubok Bandan, Jementah, Segamat, Johor

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When we have so much bad news coming at us both on TV and online 24 hours a day it is almost no wonder that we get discouraged and distracted so easily..........

In hard times it can be difficult to stay positive. You may

even have a lot of days when you think "why bother?" or

what´s the point?"

When we have so much bad news coming at us both on TV and

online 24 hours a day it is almost no wonder that we get

discouraged and distracted so easily.

We Still Need Completion

Staying motivated enough to be able to see things through to

completion is something that is needed more and more at

times like this. Otherwise the constant negative messages

will make us want to simply give up.

Do You Make These Mistakes When You Get Discouraged?

1• Never being pushed to finish what you started, when you

were young. Yes, it is important, very important, to

encourage (and push) your children to finish things, and

learn to do them right the first time.

2• Being so activity conscious, that you never have time to

accomplish, or set priorities. This produces a sense of

being driven. The result - no push, no accomplishment (of

the things that you desire).

3• Having few, or no tangible goals for your life. This

results in simply being driven by whatever wind might come

your way.

4• Not knowing how to say "no" to others - when you need to.

5• Not wanting to do those things.

While the above things may cause a lack of being able to

focus on various tasks, knowing what is procrastination and

doing something about is two different things.

-- How To Stay Motivated And Beat Distractions --

1. Figure out what it is that stops you.

Why are you constantly flitting from one thing to another?

Do you just lose interest? Are you too busy? Friends come

over to see you - what is it?

Become aware of how you put off doing what matters. Then,

make small changes to how you structure your day to

eliminate these productivity vampires.

2. Choose the important things in your life.

After you decide what is distracting you, you then can

start to look for ways to stop letting those things

interfere. Select some goals and get more focused on these


Take a few moments throughout the day to refocus - to

remind yourself what your goals are and why you want to

achieve them. Think more about the important activities and

block out the lesser tasks until later.

3. Learn to say no.

Some activities just have no real value, or are merely time

wasters. Try to eliminate these things and stay focused on

your goals. Create more time to accomplish your goals by

cutting out some things that have lesser values than your


You can be diplomatic and say no. You have every right to

give priority to your objectives without taking on the

problems of everyone else in your life.

4. Be more goal conscious.

Put your goals where you can see them everyday - on your

bedroom, or bathroom mirror. Then as you go through our day,

they will stick with you more.

These little reminders are sometimes all you need to stay

on track. A few practical changes can make a big difference

to how well you stay motivated all day long.

These tips will help you if you are willing to start with

number one and see it to completion.

Start small if you like and as your confidence grows build

up to bigger goals. Remember to make this a daily habit and

you will be able to keep on going even at times when you

face setbacks.

You will finally overcome procrastination.

Have Fun,


P.S. Procrastination is of no use to you in your quest to

fulfill your dreams.

Lose those old habits and replace them with habits that

lead to self-motivation and control over your life.

Now, you know what to do. The big question is how do you

find the inspiration to begin and how do you stay motivated

over time despite setbacks?

You already know what procrastination and low motivation is

costing you. And you know deep down that nothing is going

to change for the better until you do.

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