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Saturday, August 6, 2011

There are no laws stopping Muslims from entering church premises.........

There are no laws stopping Muslims from entering church premises.........

(The Malaysian Insider) - The Bar Council said there are no laws stopping Muslims from entering church premises, and accused the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) today of “disrespecting” the right to association by raiding a Petaling Jaya church this week.

Its president Lim Chee Wee also pointed out there is no law stating Muslims cannot be part of the audience at a thanksgiving event held in church premises, even if it contained religious elements like prayer and singing.

“By conducting such a raid... then taking down the particulars of Muslims found in attendance, treating them as though they had somehow broken the law, Jais has besmirched the good name and sullied the hard-earned reputation of Malaysia and her peoples for multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-faith acceptance,” he said in a statement.

“Especially in this month of Ramadan, one would have hoped that the Islamic religious authorities in Selangor would have focused their attention on more constructive pursuits rather than the disruption of a community thanksgiving dinner that brought together people of various races and faiths in peace, harmony and unity.”

Lim said the raid — which followed “insensitive” public service announcements (PSA) by 8TV — did not bode well for racial and religious harmony in Malaysia as their actions suggested that moderation was increasingly giving way to “mindless orthodoxy”.

“If, after almost 54 years of independence in Peninsular Malaysia, a state Islamic authority and a national television company can still display a form of arrogant authoritarianism and callous condescension in their actions, then we must collectively ask ourselves where we have failed as a nation,” he said.

He added that he welcomed the statement of regret offered by Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and urged that disciplinary action be taken against Jais officers responsible for the raid if they are found to have exceeded their authority.

“The civil authorities cannot allow the Islamic department to wantonly disrespect the fundamental rights and liberties of all citizens to gather and associate freely with one another,” Lim stressed.

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written by Revolution, August 06, 2011 11:34:05

If I were a Malay , I would ask myself more and more " Why are they so scared that the Malays may leave Islam ? "

written by onnetline, August 06, 2011 09:54:26


Is it in the teachings of Islam that says Muslims must stay away from Christians and their churches because they are known to give bad influence to anyone or society ? If not, share your wisdom with some idiotic few who claim to understand Islam well, but instead bring shame to it. These are definitely half baked morons or social nuisance who are not fit to lead any multi-ethnic society !

written by earthman, August 05, 2011 22:26:21

Soon there will be one Mr. Lim . Don't be naive about these Muslims. You must understand the agenda of these Muslims. I say 'these' Muslims to refer to 'these Muslims. For many Muslims now understand the truth and human rights. Some even had converted out of Islam. For the Truth shall set all free.

Just like the law on proselytizing, exclusive words and practices, soon a new law will be made to curb the Muslims from knowing the truth. For if the truth is known , many more will apostate.

written by educationist, August 05, 2011 18:29:09

We thank the Bar Council for stating unequivocally what is the law with respects the presence of Muslims in churches!!

Of course to the moron Hasan & his JAIS imbeciles, they decide their own rules just because they are UMNOputras!!

written by bkho, August 05, 2011 17:15:13

The only right thing to do is to disband MAIS, JAIS, JAWI and all these bands of overzealous morons.

They keep oppressing Muslims as if Allah appointed them to do His work. ...

written by batsman, August 05, 2011 16:57:43

aisehman - if someone powerful were trying to create a Muslim Apartheid regime in Malaysia, it makes sense to ban Muslims from entering churches and non-Muslims from entering mosques. They would also probably pass a law banning non-Muslims from using the word "Allah" and ban Muslims from using the word "Bhuddah" or "Vishnu" or whatever.

written by JIVJAGO, August 05, 2011 16:44:21

oh katak oh katak kenapa u panggil hujan???

kenapa aku tak panggil hujan!!!! ular nak makan saya...

oh ular oh ular kenapa u nak makan katak?

macam mana aku tak makan katak itu makanan saya...hehehe

written by malsia1206, August 05, 2011 16:41:39

Did JAIS conveniently forget there are many senior Muslim Directors holding on to top posts in Genting, Punting forecast and Brewery listed Companies in Bursa?

They get their big fat salaries, bonuses and divedends from the business operations of these companies. Why was there no raid ever conducted on their premises when they were frequented and opened to public access by the Muslims themselves?

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