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Sunday, August 7, 2011

If they cannot identify and overcome their own internal foes (those munafiqs) within the coalition with any firm foothold, they can forget to win the hearts and minds of the Malaysian voters in GE13.,

If they cannot identify and overcome their own internal foes (those munafiqs) within the coalition with any firm foothold, they can forget to win the hearts and minds of the Malaysian voters in GE13.,

A case of history being repeated?

By Masterwordsmith

Hasan Ali was relieved from his position as the head of PAS Selangor last June for various reasons. Part of it was his inclination to side with UMNO goons despite his position as the number one man in PAS Selangor. Under his EXCO portfolio, several projects were awarded to UMNO goons, reason were they are much more capable than any of Pakatan's companies. Loads of crap.

Malaysia is plagued by the 'Ali Problem'. We have Ali Baba businessmen - Umno Malays who help Chinese cronies to get rich. Then there are followers of Ali, the Shi-ites being arrested for spreading Islam and Ibrahim Ali, Dr Mahathir's spanner-in-the-works to undermine Najib and bring him down.

Now, we have Hasan Ali (regarded by many as Umno's Trojan Horse in Pakatan, the man who is rooting for the Umno-PAS 'Malay unity' talk) whose role in the JAIS raid of DUMC could be the undoing of PAS. Upon closer analysis, one wonders of the possibility of it being an Umno conspiracy to get PAS to do something stupid that will hurt Pakatan. A case of history being repeated?

Down Memory Lane

After the 1999 general election, the then Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad declared that since Malaysia was already an Islamic country, PAS was not needed. He argued that Umno was then the largest Islamic party in the world. PAS, he claimed, was then only a quarter or less the size of Umno in terms of membership. With that, the one-upmanship tussle between PAS and UMNO began.

From thence, Dr Mahathir goaded PAS by saying that the Islamic party promised all sorts of things before the elections, but now that they were running two states, Kelantan and Terengganu, they still had not delivered on their promises. He questioned, "Where is the promise of Islamic laws?”
PAS fell into the trap. Without the consensus of its other three coalition partners in Barisan Alternatif (PKN, DAP and PRM), PAS unilaterally announced that the Terengganu state government was going to introduce Islamic laws in the state. Following that, PAS launched its Islamic State Document (ISD) and introduced Islamic laws in the Terengganu State Assembly and that was the beginning of the end for the opposition coalition.

Subsequently, DAP distanced itself from the ISD by leaving the opposition coalition and embarking on a ‘No to Islamic State’ campaign. That had a devastating effect on the 2004 General Elections. PAS paid a very high price for that move.

Then, PAS was under pressure. They had been called 'liars' and were accused of cheating the voters by not delivering its election promise. If they had not done what they did then, the rural electorate would have swallowed the Umno propaganda hook, line and sinker and all would have been lost. So it tried to deliver what it had been mandated to do by the voters who voted for it. And PAS did just that. It fulfilled its election promise.
Since PAS is gaining ground not just among Malays, but non-Malays as well, a spanner has to be thrown into the works - this time under the guise of the JAIS raid of DUMC. If history is repeated and they naively react to the church in an unfavourable manner, for sure they would suffer backlash from the voters in the next GE.

The Hasan Ali Factor

In September 2009, Hassan Ali plunged the Pakatan Rakyat into controversy with Muslim voters by unilaterally calling for a ban on beer sales.

Then he stepped on the toes of his colleagues in the Selangor state executive council by deliberately taking aim at non-Malay colleagues such as Ronnie Liu and Teng Chang Khim. According to party insiders, he has been intentionally spinning issues he has against them with a Chinese versus Malay-dominance twist.

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written by JEFFLIM118, August 07, 2011 14:04:19

PAS's leaders should exercise the whip to get rid of this morronised Ali asap before more damages done by this stupid idiot.

How can PAS & PR tolerate nonsense from this same stupid not once but many many uncalled for statements & actions since PR took over Selangor? Is this a political plot or sleeping cell planted by the enemy? PAS & PR should investigate thoroughly with immediate effect.

written by ez24get, August 07, 2011 13:08:17

All the people see is that the two Ali are from PAS. So PAS has to deal with them as well as PAS's own image!

written by NottyMaus, August 07, 2011 11:52:49

PAS, thrash Hasan Ali immediately ! save PR !

written by bikerzon, August 07, 2011 11:36:18

Clearly this has been planned, a mole have been placed in the event and make false report. This is how low UMNO will go to keep itself as the ruling government. How can we live like this? ...

written by yobama, August 07, 2011 11:33:39

Ustaz Hassan Ali, how can you raid a church based on two words "Quran"and "pray" taken out of context? Couldn't you wait for a whole sentence like, "Oh you Muslims, please convert to Christianity..." or something along this line? Or 'Oh you followers of Quran, please pray like we do ..." What, man? I thought a man of your education will take actions based on sound information, not on random words taken out of context. By doing this way is also defending Islam, Ustaz!

written by Mestizo, August 07, 2011 08:48:54

What are you waiting for PAS? Sack this Hassan Ali so that he can join UMNO and Perkasa immediately. At least now if Perkasa call for a demonstration, there will be 21 people turn up. ...

written by Angela Ooi, August 07, 2011 05:59:44

'Has Been' Ali is just another filthy slimeball puppeted by the sly MamakDevil. playing his best of 'divide n rule' .

written by ibabonma, August 07, 2011 01:53:42

In the first place, he should have stayed there - as a Director of BTN (Biro Tata Negara) and remained as Umno goon.

written by Aduh, August 07, 2011 01:39:12

PAS leaders in particular have to look into this matter very seriously and immediately too . If he is confirmed to be a liability to PR, have the moral courage to take the bold move to remove him before he inflicts further damage.

It is ta wrong time to save anybody's face what more in view of GE taking place any time now.

written by hunkeyboy, August 07, 2011 00:35:00

oh, i forget. maybe tan sri khalid shouldn't bother with seeking a royal audience on this so blatantly political event using the guise of religion?

written by hunkeyboy, August 07, 2011 00:32:36

clear as daylight that the jais/police raid has just one motive - to put the selangor PR govt in a tight spot. support or take a liberal stand and the bn machinery will go into overdrive on the islamic law thing to frighten the non-malay, non-muslim electorate (as if bn itself isn't over-islamic in its policies and practices to the extent of seriously encroaching and encumbering their freedom of space). take a hardline stand on what is clearly an unlawful, intrusion and an abuse of position and bn will go to town to tar PR as an unislamic alliance.

more such extreme measures by the various bn controlled agencies will be engineered in the run up to the GE - never for a moment doubt that, and for anyone to even think that those acts have any reasonable basis is being utterly naive. proof? what was mca's response? why are dap to condemn the raid? yes mca can condemn a raid on a church (what if on a tua peh kong temple? go berserk?), but has mca condemned ibrahim ali aka toon mouthpiece or perkasa for the may13 threat?

all signs, from religion related to race to the administration of law, enforcement, judiciary, the EC, the home ministry's branches, point to just one thing: BN WANTS TO RETAKE SELANGOR AT ALL COSTS.

if the religious, islamic agencies decide to fall in line with that aim then it just means they are untrue and unfaithful to their calling. nothing more, nothing less. and we can dispense with the wayang.

written by Rodins Fist, August 07, 2011 00:11:28

Hey my friends. Let's call Hasan Ali to MACC building.. I hear that have a very good and fatal view. It literally knocks the LIFE out of you!

To hell with Hasan Ali - the great deceiver!

written by yobama, August 06, 2011 23:31:02

Now it is time to drop this Hasan fellow from the Selangor Exco. Relieve him of this portfolio he is holding now and let him be an ordinary assembly man. That's good enough for him. His actions seem to help UMNO/BN than the Pakatan Rakyat. He's a liability to PR, like najib is umno's liability. ...

written by IbnAbdHalim, August 06, 2011 23:14:36

It's another black sheep. It could be anywhere. Even in DAP.

written by truthbespoken, August 06, 2011 23:07:22

UMNO's BTN churns out social monsters in the country! And Hasan Ali had remained UMNO's BTN man in the Selangor government! Pakatan Rakyat had made a serious mistake including this social and political trouble-maker in her administration! PR will be further failing their duty to the electorate if they do not promptly sack this UMNO Trojan horse from all official state positions! Let him return to UMNO if he wants to! Damn it! Why the procrastination still and suffer the effects? PR, show your dynamism for once! Just do it and let it double-up as a serious warning to other non-team players as well!

written by syd, August 06, 2011 22:25:05

hassan ali is pas version of pkr's zulkifli nordin. full of venom and deceit. a typical islamic devil.

written by arazak, August 06, 2011 22:04:41

"After the 1999 general election, the then Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad declared that since Malaysia was already an Islamic country PAS was not needed". 

Yeah right. . ., an Islamic country run by Muslims who prayed "tunggang-tunggek" 5 times a day but at the same time non-stop lying, oppressing and looting!
Something to ponder:

Hassan Ali and Ibrahim Ali = Rhe Ali brothers, they must be blood brothers, maybe even twin brothers. The former a Religious bigot, the later a Race bigot!

written by roggon, August 06, 2011 21:36:21

Tan sri khalid,

drop this pariah hassan ali from your exco lineup. hassan ali stinks all the day way to helll!! ...

written by Super Admin, August 06, 2011 21:17:25

Pengguguran Hasan Ali disambut baik DAP

SHAH ALAM 13 Jun – Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Sekinchan daripada DAP, Ng Suee Lim menganggap pengguguran Datuk Dr. Hasan Mohamad Ali sebagai Pesuruhjaya Pas Selangor akan memantapkan hubungan pakatan pembangkang di negeri ini.

Menurutnya, ini memandangkan Hasan yang juga Exco Hal Ehwal Agama, Adat-adat Melayu, Infrastruktur dan Kemudahan Awam negeri itu dikatakan tidak membantu dalam usaha mengukuhkan parti pembangkang di negeri ini.

”Bukan kita (DAP) tidak suka (Hasan), tetapi saya dengar dia tidak bagus dan jarang turun padang. Namun, saya yakin dengan perubahan pimpinan Pas negeri ini akan memantapkan parti pembangkang di Selangor.

”Hasan juga dilihat berbeza daripada pimpinan Pas negeri yang lain kerana dilihat lebih cenderung kepada UMNO dan dikatakan menyokong kerajaan perpaduan sebelum ini,” katanya ketika ditemui Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Suee Lim berkata, pihaknya juga yakin bahawa perubahan dalam jawatan Exco kerajaan negeri akan berlaku ekoran pelantikan ADUN Meru, Dr. Abdul Rani Osman selaku Pesuruhjaya Pas Selangor yang baru bagi menggantikan Hasan.
”Difahamkan bahawa Hasan tidak begitu memainkan peranan dalam usaha sedemikian kerana tidak aktif turun padang di peringkat akar umbi selaku Pesuruhjaya Pas negeri dan Exco kerajaan negeri.

”Bagaimanapun, perubahan itu sebenarnya terpulang kepada keputusan Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim berdasarkan perbincangan di antara Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dan DAP,” katanya.
Sementara itu, Yang Dipertua Pas Shah Alam, Khalid Abdul Samad menerima baik pelantikan Dr. Abdul Rani sebagai Pesuruhjaya Pas Selangor yang baru sebagaimana diumumkan oleh Presiden parti itu, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang semalam.

Katanya, perubahan kepimpinan Pas negeri dilihat bagi membolehkan semua pemimpin Pas Selangor termasuk Hasan selaku Exco kerajaan negeri memberikan tumpuan penuh kepada usaha mengukuhkan parti pembangkang di Selangor.

”Soal jawatan Exco yang disandang Hasan sama ada berubah atau kekal tidak timbul kerana tumpuan yang sebenar ialah untuk mengukuhkan parti. Tidak ada perbincangan pun mengenai perkara itu,” katanya.

Mengenai kemungkinan berlaku rombakan dalam Pas Selangor selepas ini, beliau berkata, ia terpulang kepada Pesuruhjaya Pas negeri yang baru.
Sementara itu, Hasan gagal dihubungi bagi mendapatkan ulasan mengenai pelantikan Dr. Abdul Rani sebagai Pesuruhjaya Pas negeri.
written by educationist, August 06, 2011 21:11:45

The problem is that PAS like PKR before this in their jumping frogs of Zul & Zahrain, do not see the cancer that is Hasan Ali!!

We can only watch in despair and hope no irreparable damage comes about!!

Azmin Ali? - interesting take, masterwordsmith!! ..

written by malsia1206, August 06, 2011 21:09:36

Political lesson 101 for Pakatan -
If they cannot identify and overcome their own internal foes within the coalition with any firm foothold, they can forget to win the hearts and minds of the Malaysian voters in GE13.,

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