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Dr Ismail Aby Jamal
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The issue is no longer whether Anwar did or did not commit the act of sodomy. The issue is whether the prosecution can prove that he did so.

The issue is no longer whether Anwar did or did not commit the act of sodomy. The issue is whether the prosecution can prove that he did so.

Yes, if I were Najib, I would hold the general election after Hari Raya. If not, then this would be the last Hari Raya with him as Prime Minister. If not, then next Hari Raya we would be visiting either Anwar or Muhyiddin Yassin at Putrajaya.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy 2 trial is going just like Sodomy 1.

Anwar’s team of lawyers are smarter than the prosecutors. They have managed to turn the trial into political grandstanding.

The issue is no longer whether Anwar did or did not commit the act of sodomy. The issue is whether the prosecution can prove that he did so. So they are fighting on technicalities. And the technicalities appear focused on the matter of fabrication of evidence.

That was what happened in the Sodomy 1 trial. And that is what is also happening in the Sodomy 2 trial.

If Najib Tun Razak hopes to convict Anwar and send him to jail, that will happen, of course. That happened in Sodomy 1 and it will happen in Sodomy 2 as well. However, just like what happened in Sodomy 1, the people will not believe that Anwar received a fair trial.

So, if Najib plans to hold the general election after they convict Anwar and send him to jail, in the hope that Anwar would be discredited and Pakatan Rakyat would lose the moral high ground, that is not going to happen. Instead, Anwar’s credibility would be enhanced and Pakatan Rakyat would gain more ground.

So, it is no point in holding the general election after they convict Anwar and send him to jail. Pakatan Rakyat would, in fact, benefit from that. Najib would be doing Pakatan Rakyat a favour by sending Anwar to jail on what most would consider a sham trial on trumped-up charges and fabricated evidence.

Yes, things are not going well for Najib. Anwar’s team has skilfully refocused attention not to the whether Anwar did or did not commit sodomy but to whether he is or is not getting a fair trial. The bungling fools in the prosecution are convincing everyone that the evidence is being fabricated to gain a conviction.

Anwar is going to jail. But he is not going to jail as a disgraced criminal. He is not going to jail because he committed sodomy. He is going to jail because they are giving him a sham jail.

Never mind whether Anwar is really guilty of sodomy. It matters not whether he did or did not commit the crime. What does matter is they can’t prove it and they fabricated the evidence to justify sending him to jail.

Things are indeed not going well for Najib. The Sodomy 2 trial is a foregone conclusion. But it is going to hurt Najib more than it is going to hurt Anwar. It is going to damage Barisan Nasional more than it is going to damage Pakatan Rakyat.

So, holding the general election after they send Anwar to jail will do more harm than good to Barisan Nasional. So they had better hold the election now, after Hari Raya.

The economy is not doing well. The UK and the US are bracing themselves for a crash landing.
In October, Najib will be presenting his budget for 2012. It was supposed to be an election budget. But no amount of window-dressing is going to convince anyone that everything is peachy rosy and honky dory.

Najib’s budget is going to be torn to pieces. They will strip it naked and it will be seen for what it is: rhetoric with no substance. So, holding the election after the budget, which means after Anwar’s trial as well, is going to be a double whammy for Barisan Nasional.

Umno is imploding. Najib is going to face what Dr Mahathir Mohamad faced in mid-2002. In 2002, Umno closed in on Dr Mahathir and forced his hand. In an emotional moment of weakness, Dr Mahathir announced his resignation and handed power to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on 1 November 2003.

Najib is fighting on three fronts. On one front is Anwar. On the second front is the doomed economy. More importantly, however, on the third front is Umno that wants Najib’s head on a silver platter.

Rosmah Mansor has been very silent of late. She has been told that a Prime Minister’s wife must be seen, not heard. In Rosmah’s case, it is better that she is not seen as well.
Rosmah is Najib’s Khairy. She is to Najib what Khairy was to Abdullah Badawi. And for that same reason Najib has Dr Mahathir breathing down his neck.

Yes, the world is crumbling around Najib. Time is ticking away and is getting shorter. Time is not on Najib’s side. Time is a luxury he can’t afford.

Najib must call for the general election after Hari Raya if he wants to make it till Christmas. If not, he would go down in history as Malaysia’s Prime Minister who ruled the shortest.

Yes, if I were Najib, I would hold the general election after Hari Raya. If not, then this would be the last Hari Raya with him as Prime Minister. If not, then next Hari Raya we would be visiting either Anwar or Muhyiddin Yassin at Putrajaya.

That is what I would do if I were Najib. I would hold the general election after Hari Raya. Then I would catch Pakatan Rakyat unprepared.

Pakatan Rakyat is not yet ready for the elections. They still have not sorted out the seat allocations. In fact, they have not even started talking yet. And they are far from even sorting out the list of candidates.

Pakatan Rakyat is still sleeping. If the general election is held after Hari Raya, Pakatan Rakyat will be caught with its pants down. Pakatan Rakyat will be like the Americans at Pearl Harbour. They would be bombed and sunk just like at Pearl Harbour.

Yes, call the election after Hari Raya and watch Pakatan Rakyat scramble like cockroaches when the light is switched on. That is what will happen if the election is called after Hari Raya.

If I were Najib, I would hold the general election after Hari Raya and solve all my problems. It then matters not what type of trial Anwar is subjected to. It then matters not what happens to the economy. It then matters not what Umno is trying to do to me.

By the time it does matter the general election would be over and I would be installed as the legitimate Prime Minister. Then that would give me five years to solve all my problems. And in five years all my problems today would no longer be problems.

That is why I would hold the general election after Hari Raya if I were Najib. But then I am not Najib. And that is why Najib will fall, because he is not me and he would not do what I would do if I were him.

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written by alacarte, August 28, 2011 21:53:28

Whether the G.E. will be help this month or next year, Najib will be the one term Prime Minister, TDM and his gangs will make sure Najib will be purged of his P.M. post. Perhaps Najib might consider buying a piece of land adjacent to Badawi's house in Sungai Penchala and build a house there to become Badawi neighbor. Rosmah too can also help Jean to plant tomatoes, chillies and sweet potatoes and promote 'go green' lifestyle.

written by malsia1206, August 28, 2011 19:32:23

Najib would call for GE13only when -

1. PDRM rounds up a few outspoken politicians from the Opposition under the EO

2. He hands out liberal doses of $$$ to Felda, Malaysian Indians and the Christian community

3. Deputy Muhiyddin hands out more $$$ in Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor

4. EC seems to work feverishly to accomodate Bersih (but all as window-dressing)

5. MACC would announce some scapegoat 'big fish' to be hauled for corruption

6. AG start to concentrate work instead of bonking and accepting favours

7. JAIS goes into hibernation in order not to alienate free relegious practice

8. CSL of MCA refrains from checking into a hotel in JB

9. Quick fly-trips to Sabah & Sarawak for big project empty annoucements

That's the time when Najib is ready. These tell-tale signs shall all be in place when the time comes round. ..

written by Eskay345, August 28, 2011 19:28:20

Aiyah! There won't be any difference whether Najib holds the GE after Hari Raya or after a full term in 2013. Sure lose lah. He won't be the PM after GE-13, that's for sure.

This was confirmed by Kesatuan Astroloji Malaysia. ..

written by armageddon, August 28, 2011 19:04:48

You all wrong lah. Our PM had a vision or premonition like in the FINAL DESTINATION movie and he saw all the carnage & chaos at the next GE & faster decide to cabut to some strange sounding South American village. Tomorrow he will ask the DPM to announce there is NO MORE general election in Malaysia. ...

written by Mestizo, August 28, 2011 17:09:41

RPK is not helping. He should keep his mouth shut. If Najib originally intended to hold it after Hari Raya, his strategist will now postpone it. Why? Because in their eyes, RPK cannot be trusted. RPK,,See what you have done. You are causing more problems to this already paranoid Najib's political strategists . So it won't be held immediately after Hari Raya after all... ..

written by Angela Ooi, August 28, 2011 16:23:17

Najis must be wondering why RPK is kindly informing him it's to his advantage to hold GE immediately after Raya. Why indeed? Unless BolehCanLand is going from the pan into the fire when it exchanges Najis for Moo2Cow!! ...

written by Motherchell, August 28, 2011 16:02:33

Saif and Asha Gaddafi's Opulent residences -- they were competing with Deoras, Diam, Toyol, Najib, MXM,, Taib,, Moo, The Royalties, Tamby Chik etc UMNO should decide the type of peoples Reps before they are buried alive. with their money politics, gerrymandering and """ Deal or no Deals""
http://www.guardian.co.uk/worl...ntcmp=239 ...

written by Motherchell, August 28, 2011 15:48:37

What ever date he fixes for the GE, he would still be walking around with a sword over his head. He must be thinking of his good friend Col. Gaddafi who wont be celebrating his Raya after 42 years in power. A rabid piece who said he would die in the country.

Taking a pause! ; Najib in a hurry recognized the Interim Govt of Libya last night. Why the hurry??? Well there are too many RM2 companies stuck in the mud with Petronas exposure in Libya.

What is so common about Gaddafi and Najib?? well !! both squandered the oil money of their Nations together with their cronies who doubled up as nominees, The same way Tajuddin screwed MAS thro' Germany . Most of their bottoms are burnt beyond recognition with the UN sanctions.

What do you think will be the first words though it smacks of irony from Anifah Musa?? Is he going to say """ Malaysia supports the aspirations of the Libyan people"" ?? or is the Malaysian Ambassador there going to say that Malaysia fully supports the freedom struggle against tyrants??----------- when these morons ran helter skelter for simple reforms proposed by Berseh?? The problem is, UMNO lives under a stone with shenanigan U Putras carting away the coffers of the Nation. They always thought the World was flat.

Now , the eggheads on the 4th floor also realized that when Qaddafi and his "maggots" are caught and put on trial , they will tell the World of who and when Nations paid them bribes . So they rushed to kiss the Interim Govt with open arms . Nothing will be said about what you see below by UMNO's MSM. They know its the same in around KL and Europe with their greed and opulence!!!

Be afraid for GE13 all you Uputras!!! Enjoy yourselves for tomorrow , you may not be around!!!!! http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/gallery/2011/aug/25/libyan-gaddafi-mansions-in-pictures?intcmp=239

Contd: ..

written by Taikohtai, August 28, 2011 14:53:23

My Feng Shui master said he has better chance if he holds it before CNY lah.

And that is after handing generous Ang Pows to all the pendatangs, and wearing a traditional Wong Fei Hung costume. And RoseMafia better start making a Cheong Sam now because none in online or E-bay can fit her. ...

written by Den, August 28, 2011 13:32:18

Najip: dun trick me! I knew that you were setting trap for me n ros. If you urged to hold erection after raya, I would do it in 2013 when economy is booming and Anwar is jailed.

Ros: hei, ah pui, u better listen to my boy's advice.

Najip: siao liao, so confusing now! I asked ah tan tu ya tonite. Last day of ghost month! .

written by yapdalim, August 28, 2011 12:55:29


Now, Najis thinks, ' they wan me to hold after Hari Raya, so this article so I won't!...But maybe they know that's my reaction so tis article... so smart i, i will!.....But they may be thinking i will think they think my reaction will be tis ... so i will!... aiyah giant headache lah this RPK..... better consult Rosie horse!!' ..

written by educationist, August 28, 2011 12:26:43

Yes, I'm indeed glad Najib does think as well as you do, RPK!!

Well, indirectly u have serve notice on those sleepy heads in the PR!!

If they chose to think like Najib as well, they can't lament later that they were not given any warnings!! ritten by Motherchell, August 28, 2011 12:08:05

Time is ticking away and is getting shorter. Time is not on Najib’s side. Time is a luxury he can’t afford.

To the Razaks, their own welfare had always been their priority. From his father to his little kid brother we see the looting in blackened armor. They like all have been fed on the "goose"" (Petronas) that laid Golden eggs. They not only ate the eggs, but also raped , sodomized the goose that was made barren!!

Now from Mongolian ox eyeballs they are going to skew his Head!!!

He must be having nightmares now, seeing his own shadow!!! ..

written by Ramesh, August 28, 2011 10:29:12

Also dont forget the fools at EC, they are not helping either. The funny thing about the whole thing is BN/UMNO made rules and laws to safe guard their political posistion. The police, judiciary, EC all suppose to be independent but we all know they are not and for a long time we all knew the police and the judiciary are clowns and now the EC seesm to take the cake. This is the problem, putting incompetent people to run the system so that you have pak turut who you believed will be able to hold the fort, but due to lack of upstairs, they are total fools. So even if muhidin comes on board, he will still be a one term guy until you have UMNO no more ..

written by Khan, August 28, 2011 09:42:28

Though RPK appears to have written this to aid Najib make a right decision for him, it is indeed a clear warning to Pakatan Rakyat to get their bloody act together and be ready for NajisC4's onslaught anytime now. One this Crimester and his wife reelected, it is all doom for the entire nation not just Anwar or Muhyddin!

written by arazak, August 28, 2011 09:28:47

Dear Pete,

About when this election thing is going to be held. . ., I don't think you should write, "If I were Najib. . ." on the opening sentences of some of the paragraphs.

You should have written. "If I were Rosmah. . ."! I thought you had also said before it was Rosmah and not Najib who decides the date of the next GE.

I hope Rosmah is reading this article too!

written by michatan2000, August 28, 2011 09:06:24

"By the time it does matter the general election would be over and I would be installed as the legitimate Prime Minister. Then that would give me five years to solve all my problems. And in five years all my problems today would no longer be problems."

What makes you think Najis will win even if assuming PR is not so prepared? I think Najis and UMNO/BN are practically doomed even now. Why do you think the CJ is also not accepting an extension of his term? If not why would TR and of late the mufti of Perak and this Sabri guy also revolting on Najis and UMNO so openly? Even KJ is subtly doing that. Najis, UMNO and BN are all doomed. 50% of the Malays don't trust them. 80 - 90% of Chinese are going to sink them and the at least 50% of Indians will also dump them. If PR can get 30 - 50% of support in Sabah and Sarawak which they can, they will be the government in Putrajaya after GE13. As far as the DSAI trial is concern, right from day 1 we all know this is a political conspiracy. Ex US Ambassador Mallot has confirmed this and what else is there to say?

written by earthman, August 28, 2011 08:53:04

Najib should have hire you Raja petra. Then they would stay in power much longer.

Whether they hired Raja Petra or not Umno and its allies must be removed after the Hari raya ,then we can raya hari hari. ...

written by ibabonma, August 28, 2011 08:14:21

Everybody balik kampung, hantam Umno to pieces right in the heart of the kampung.

I hate Umno more than I love Anwar. What difference does it makes if brother Anwar goes to jail? ..

written by Nunudada, August 28, 2011 06:59:08

In my assessment of the situation,the dates are important.Politics is as dirty as the politicians.If 11-11-11,is selected as the election date then be in for a surprise.11 has always been an occult number used by the illuminati to carry out major events.His recent visit with Queen Elizabeth and the Pope lends weight to my suspicion that hidden forces may create sufficient fraud to tilt the results in his favour.If he has received the blessings of the top echleon in the illuminati,then they will want him as their puppet to rule Malaysia.You cannot change this.As Hitler's assistant Goebbles said,what really matters is who counts the votes. .

written by NSTPravda, August 28, 2011 06:56:44

Read lah my Oafs 1My Qur'4n swearing pink pouting lip$

1Me would hold the election after Raya - after I have 1My "mother of all open house" with 1My your treasury to pay off all my supporters and moneyly persuade those pendatang cina kuis and kelings who still have their arzes sitting on their fence. The voila, I am not only your Ailah anointed leader but also the best slime PCrime Minister your tax money can buy. Ro$mak is still looking for moneys with the leftover teenage savings he had leftover after the USD24mill diamonds. Dollar akbar!

written by Kaneeneh, August 28, 2011 06:45:30

n we hope to see u in putrajaya, too

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