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Dr Ismail Aby Jamal
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

“So Goodbye PutraJaya”- By Elton John

Is sex the only thing we should be concerned with? Is this all that there is to Islam? What about corruption, abuse of power, robbing the rakyat, election rigging, persecution, discrimination, murder, ethnic cleansing, and a host of other crimes against the citizens and crimes against humanity? Why is PAS not also foaming at the mouth and up in arms about this?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

My article today is in response to today’s news item in Harakah Daily, Batal konsert Elton John atau biar remaja hancur, which you can READ HERE.

Basically, what Nik Nasri Nik Malek, the Ketua Lajnah Penerbitan dan Penyelidikan Dewan Ulama PAS Terengganu is saying is that Elton John is a bad influence on Malaysian youth, which will bring about a decline in morals. And the bone of contention is, of course, regarding his gay marriage.

First of all, morals are relative. In some societies, it is immoral to abort a baby you are carrying (in fact, it is regarded as murder by some) while in other societies it is mandatory to abort the baby if you already have one child.

So, is abortion a must or is it a crime?

In most societies, suicide is a crime and anyone who assists a person to commit suicide could be charged for murder. In some societies, they have special clinics where you can check in to get assistance if you wish to commit suicide. Normally, the circumstances would be when you are suffering from terminal cancer and the pain is so unbearable you would rather go now than in a month or two (since you are definitely dying anyway).

Gay marriages are not a crime in England. You can even get married in church now. And when Elton John got married he received a congratulatory message from the British Prime Minister.

Polygamy is not allowed in England. A man with more than one wife would be frowned upon. Should Britain now ban Malaysians who have more than one wife from entering England?

Malays would argue that polygamy is what the Prophet practiced so it is allowed in Islam. Would Malays keep quiet when non-Muslims call the Prophet a sex maniac and consider those with more than one wife as sex perverts and demand they not be allowed to enter the UK?

Those who condemn the Prophet and look down on Muslims who have more than one wife are looking at things from their perception of values. And is it also not so that those who are foaming at the mouth asking that Elton John be banned from Malaysia are looking at things from their perception of values?

Anyway, Elton John has been on the scene for more than 40 years now. Two or three generations of Malaysians have been listening to Elton John since the 1960s. Nik Nasri Nik Malek is almost 50 years too late in trying to save the souls of Malaysian youths.

Would banning Elton John from entering Malaysia do any good now? Are you also going to ban Elton John songs from the airwaves? Are you going to get MCMC to block all websites that feature Elton John songs? You will have to close down the entire Internet to do that.

What stupidity!

What about all those other singers, actors and actresses who are also gay? What about those other singers, actors and actresses who are living with their partners as husband-and-wife but are not legally married (and have children as well)?

You will need to ban every song, movie and whatnot to be able to block ‘immorality’ and ‘bad examples’?

Is sex the only thing we should be concerned with? Is this all that there is to Islam? What about corruption, abuse of power, robbing the rakyat, election rigging, persecution, discrimination, murder, ethnic cleansing, and a host of other crimes against the citizens and crimes against humanity? Why is PAS not also foaming at the mouth and up in arms about this?

Muslims are being persecuted in China. Why don’t the Malays ask the government to end diplomatic relations with China and stop all trade with China?

The Americans are invading Muslim countries and are toppling and murdering Muslim leaders. Why don’t the Malays ask the government to end diplomatic relations with the US and stop all trade with the US?

Okay, if we end diplomatic relations with China, the US, Britain, Italy, France, etc., because of how they treat Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc., this would mean Malaysia will go bankrupt and Malaysians would become poor and everyone would be out of work and many would die of starvation and all forms of horror you can imagine.

So what? So we suffer. So we die. But is not God’s work more important? Isn’t, as what Nik Nasri Nik Malek said, menghadapi murka Allah (suffer God’s wrath) worse than going broke or dying of starvation? At least we will die and go to heaven. Now, we die and go to hell because we are friends of China, the US, Britain, Italy, France, etc.

Sometimes I just can’t see where these people put their priorities. The country is going down the drain. Corruption and abuse of power is the order of the day. Persecution and racism is government-sponsored. And we worry about Elton John singing in Malaysia?

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written by siewchinteo, October 26, 2011 13:33:18

Is PAS deeply concerned about the breakdown of the moral fibre of society?

specifically the malay society?

the problem definitely needs to be addressed.

but not by banning concerts. ...

written by ayahsamy, October 26, 2011 13:31:18



written by Meh, October 26, 2011 13:20:38


written by melayu mudah lupah, October 26, 2011 13:13:43

TQ for the article the first that came to my mind was what the belacan, we are worried about ELTON JOHN when our blady Bolehland moral and virtues is bottom pit low since 50 years after Merdeka. We are now almost daily selling our souls and country to foreign orang asing and our rakyat money kena sapu kau kau and we are worried about Elton John. (Goodbye PutraJaya- By Elton John).

Anyway again from all the remarks we are damn dogmatic when it comes to PAS people making silly statements. Yes they are very narrow minded at times but at least they have dignity and fight truly for what they believe although it might look foolish and silly to some. Take for example when everybody wallop the OWC on their fantasy but they cannot accept when we point out that Tibetian B and The Indian Cultural and even the Christian in the OLD days have kinky and abnormal fantasy.

But the worst that these PAS silly remarks and comments are the Melayu, CINA and India that have stupidly and no moral, no perception that keep on UNDI all the penyamun who continue to sapu all their hard earn money for their family and cronies.

So who is the real SILLY and BODOH people RPK and friends. Please learn how to taro the real culprits instead of just the PAS people only some with their silly beliefs. I rest my case. ...

written by patogh, October 26, 2011 13:13:28

i think the PAS youth need to do a bit more homework. i would agree with them if they protest the arrival of adam lambert (have you guys seen his action on stage? pathetic i would say) but elton john? he is a well dressed and a well-mannered entertainer. IMHO, he should be allowed to perform. ...

written by Lady Gaga, October 26, 2011 13:05:31

Uncle Pete, you are very right. Our government keeps on banning so many concerts here due to the artist background. It's not fair ..... Look at our own society now, we have so many gays.... It does not mean that if sir Elton John comes here, our youth will be more rosak. Our youths are already rosak now. Look at Kulim, 7year old girl raped and sodomised by 4youngsters aged 10 - 13 hrs. Where s our morale in that? PAS don't see it ..... Better concentrate on your own youths upbringing instead of making them scared of all the sins that they are doing and cannot be accepted in heaven...... Look at Malaysia now, Christians are being persecuted, al kitab is still in the stores... How would they feel if that happened to the quaran.

This is getting too much ... What's happening to Malaysia now ? Look at so many single mum s left by their husband to fend for their kids .... Is this the true teaching of the great Prophet Muhammad. I think it's time Malaysia stop blaming the West for bad influences to our youths...... ...

written by AlwaysFair, October 26, 2011 13:04:37

The buddhists behave opposite to muslims with regard to dealing with sin.

The buddhists try to practise, see no evil, talk no evil and hear no evil, and if possible withdraw from this materialistic world and go meditate in a cave, he will then no longer sin.

The muslim (extremists) instead of subjugating thier sinful nature try to control the environment around him so that he can have his Utopia on earth. Beware if such people have power.

The moderates are the ones who obey the laws of the land, embrace all irrespective of race or religion and give space for everyone to be free to enjoy their brief sojourn on this earth.

PAS should learn to live with diversity in order to be a credible government. ..

written by AlwaysFair, October 26, 2011 12:53:04

Many PAS politicians are too religious-minded to be of political use.

They may think they are Allah's great defenders by banning this or that but I think over-zealous people like that usually have LESS FAITH in their religion.Usually people like that are always afraid to be tainted by sin and try their best to control the external environment to suit themselves, even to others detriment, rather than have better self-control.

They themselves are weak and easily influenced so they try to eliminate any source of possible enticements to sin, resulting in their intolerant attitude to clothing, music, valentine's day etc, etc.

They should understand many sins originate from within ourselves and they should learn to have more self-control. ...

written by apai70, October 26, 2011 12:21:42

Nawi Bin Abdullah.
It does not make sense is it not. That's why we cannot aspect to receive our reward/satisfaction for what good we have done in this world, its only in the hereafter. And one more thing, pls don't make fool with God and His real promises, it might jeopardise your aqidah!!! ...

written by Rakyat, October 26, 2011 12:20:36

Come to think of it, the koran did not specifically mention corruption. Discrimination was OK as you have infidels, kafirs and believers. ...

written by gift4ever, October 26, 2011 12:20:09

Just because you are Elton John fan and trying to get him into Malaysia to sing. I know your bags of tricks RPK? You will get free box-seat tickets, right?. Nik Nasri Nik Malek is aware of it too, smarty pant!!!!! ...

written by Pak Yeh, October 26, 2011 12:17:14

written by earthman, October 26, 2011 11:27:12

If PAS can't know that the anti apostasy and anti proselytization laws are unfair ,how can they fight corruption? All they want is an Islamic state. For if the mind is corrupt, is it not corruption?

Aiyaaa.! How many times should RPK and me explain to you.???

PAS is implementing hudud derived from the Christian Bible Law.

It is not Quran Law. Repeat. It is not Quran Law.!!

Killing of apostate and adulterer is Christian Old Testament Law. Period.!!!

Christians who do not follow Bible Old Testament Law/Gods words are kafir/infidels.!!! Period.


PAS are the true Christians.!!! They follow Bible Old Testament Law.!!!


Believe in the Bible.! Yeah,yeah. But they dont obey the Bible Law.!!!

Ha,ha,ha. What hippocracy.!!! ...

written by dawsheng, October 26, 2011 12:11:43

Now we can see why with people like that in PAS, who needs enemies? If you're pessimistic about the prospect of PR winning the next GE, you should be, as you wonder where all this morons came from. However, it'll come to conclusion that the current political system we called the Democracy cannot serves us, that in fact, it was created to enslave the people. We are told that the government we elected is suppose to take care of our needs, only cowards believe that. To cut the long story short, how and why the world today is rule by loonies and threats of extinction by weapons of mass destruction are becoming real has it roots in the monetary system, the ultimate tool of human enslavement. But that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it, if you wake up now. ...

written by Vijay Stephen, October 26, 2011 11:52:43

Dear RPK - Malaysians should consider boycotting race based and religion based political parties ...

written by earthman, October 26, 2011 11:51:26

One answer that I seldom hear or maybe never heard is to the question, ' why we exist?' . All religions would say one thing or another. And our schools would teach us to be civic minded and here in MT is all about respect and respect. Do not insult. and so on.

Its all about being nice, polite and respect one another but failed to do the one and most important thing. Its all about my one is better than your one.My one is longer than your one. My one is true yours is false. Most are looking inward and not externally focus.

Our number one duty is to make others happy. That's it. If others are not happy, you wont be happy. One just cannot force others to obey this or that , or believe this or that. Are they happy with hudud or whatnot? No ? Then stop it. For if all chose an Islamic state or communist state , then all are happy. PAS and all should know that Malaysia is every unique multi-all country. So stop trying to sell your stuff. If one give food to the hungry ,they are happy. So, give to each what they want and every one would be happy . All would be happy when corruption is no more -right? So. lets us wipe out corruption.

That is life till the end comes. Have ears do not hear. Have eyes do not see. ...

written by Nawi Bin Abdullah, October 26, 2011 11:46:36

Dear All,

What do you expect from followers of sekolah agama? Even God blackmail His people with 77 virgins if they "mati syahid"! I can't even service four, let alone 77?


NBA ...

written by james 1067, October 26, 2011 11:46:11

Ihave always said that let God be God and lets us be humans. We have failed even at being a human being but we want to defend God.What do we want is a perfect world where we must be not be open to temptation. Wake up PAS, if you cannot overcome situations in your life like overcoming temptations in your life than your faith is not strong enough. Why do you all blame the whole world for your weakness. Once you have a genuine relationship with God nothing will shake you. So stop whining and live the life that God have shown you so that others will want to believe what you believe. Most important i think you should not be in politics as God never teaches ask to condemn, judge or even talk bad of any one of our brothers and sisters, which in politics you cannot avoid this situation. ...

written by dahserikngankeris, October 26, 2011 11:44:59


Simba the mighty lion! ...

written by Hangtuah, October 26, 2011 11:31:09

Why PAS did not take any notice that influx of Iranians in KL? They drink alcohol and never fast during Ramadan. Don't they alao a bad influence to thr Muslim I Malaysia? Why double standard? Hippocrates! ...

written by earthman, October 26, 2011 11:27:12

If PAS can't know that the anti apostasy and anti proselytization laws are unfair ,how can they fight corruption? All they want is an Islamic state. For if the mind is corrupt, is it not corruption?

Most political parties have one thing in common, that is they are the best and no one is better then them . So you have to vote them. All they are good at is promise, promise, pledge, pledge , expose , expose the other parties evil. If , if Malaysian political parties are good , Malaysia would be ahead of Singapore long ago. ...

written by Ct, October 26, 2011 11:20:26

Before shouting about banning Elton John, please ban 98% of the tv channels first, please ban the 'bad influencing music' from entering this country, please ban all the movies as well, please ban all the books/ magazines/news too, don't forget all the toys and cartoons as well, etc....

As a matter of fact, just close our borders so that we all live in a cacoon created for everything islam only. ...

written by Hopeful, October 26, 2011 11:20:21

What are we hoping to gain by responding to articles in general ? Isn't it to express our opinions so that others can understand us ? How do you expect that any good will come out of it if we keep attacking one another ? I can understand as non-Bumis we have our anger & frustration keeping building up for years through an unfair system in every way. But by attacking anything & everything, you only cause others to defend themselves and there will be no chance for others to try to understand your plight. So, please do not treat it simply as avenue to display our frustration and gain nothing but more harden hearts. ...

written by earthman, October 26, 2011 11:15:00

If PAS doesn't fight corruption and Umno is corrupt to the core , then who to vote ?

DAP ? ...

written by HambaAllah, October 26, 2011 11:07:54

I think Pas priorities are not off tangent. They too,brought up economic, finances, international, social, politic, budget and other issues whether current or historical relating to governing. Read or listen to what Khalid Samad, Dr. Dzul, Hassan Ali, Tuan Man, Mat Sabu, Mahfuz, Salahuddin, Hadi, Nik Aziz, Mustaffa Ali, Harun Taib and many,many others that what have been talking. Pas priorities will depend on what angle each individual will look at. I think, they have mostly covered the general and specific concerns of rakyat. What more if you add issues been taken up by its partners, Pkr and Dap. Anyway, Pakatan Rakyat still need reminders like these. ...

written by sakura_sakuragi, October 26, 2011 11:03:15

Harakah is only for its members. The article is for its members. The newspaper is an organ of a political party that is named under a religion. If you had not publish this article, the rest of non members of that party would not have known about it and no issue. But since u tell the rest of the world about the stupidity of the writer of that article, now tell me who is being more stupid here? I guess we can just forget about letting PAS and its PR allies winning next GE. At least, the Harakah will only stay on as a paper only for its members. I certainly do not want it to be another Utusan Malaysia!!! ...

written by Jewel, October 26, 2011 10:59:03

Yes, PAS need to be clear of the priorities of a good or religious governance, Elton John is not the issue, all the evil activities in BN governance is the issue.

I understand that PAS being a religious party will always be concerned on anything religious. But I want to point out to PAS that you are also a political party and therefore must be SENSITIVE that a General Election is near.

PAS needs to realise that it is a political party first, religious party second. If not, then just preach religion and don't contest for election lah. To be able to implement any policies or laws, PAS need to win electionns first.

So, PAS, please take the task of winning elections under PR coalition as your MAIN objective, in fact, ONLY objective for now because of the impending General Election. STOP issuing statements or do anything that will jeorpadise PAS and PR's chances in winning elections.

It is mindboggling why PAS comes out with statements or acts that will jeopardise PR, everytime just before an election. PAS, when will you learn to shut up so that you can win elections? You want to win or not? Let's be honest here. ...

written by The Bold, October 26, 2011 10:30:32

You are absolutely right RPK our country and nation is face with the most important economical and political restructuring Nik Nasri Nik Malek, the Ketua Lajnah Penerbitan dan Penyelidikan Dewan Ulama PAS Terengganu is saying is that Elton John is a bad influence on Malaysian youth.

We should concentrate about the people care and well-being that is the "RAKYAT OF MALAYSIA". By shouting the matters that is ill-relevent in the political arena we began to see certain leader quality and management ability to lead and gear Malaysia into a better develop nation. That is why the extremist is denied on their implementation of "hudud laws" by the majority of the people.

We have the uniqueness of our nation a multi-national people, with multi-national tastes and preferences. We have been living in tolerances and peaceful harmonious relation since the day of massacre May 13, which is of unspeakable due to sensitivity nature. Even the Himpunan Sejuta Akidah gathering in Shah Alam recently has proven in number that the support is diminishing towards those extremist which has a theological states in their mind.

I believe Islam is about tolerance and submission to the will of Allah, but what perspective we are submitting when we do not recognize that we are indeed a people of God creation and a representation of His being and nature. We just lost it in the beginning with Adam and Eve.

It is about for the people, by the people and amongst the people the policy of humanity was being derived. That is indeed a truth democracy principles and values.

We definitely need a leadership who understand this basic principle of God. ...

written by Jimmy Lim, October 26, 2011 10:24:02

For once i fully agree with your logic ...

written by apai70, October 26, 2011 10:11:52


As a muslim (u, me and the pas person) there is a number of hadith and ayat that encourage and even warn us to restraint the evil by whatever means we can (by hand, by tongue and by heart as u once put in one of your many articles). We are also given wisdoms, conscience, reasoning and guidance (al-quran, hadis, qiyas, ijma' etc) to justify that thing/issue supposed to be fall under which category, good or evil. As a muslim, apart from having a clear intention, we must think, behave, eat, speak, argue etc. like a muslim and not otherwise. Speaking about the consert which the pas person thought might be evil to the young generation (our brothers and sisters), it is indeed our matter of concern as a muslim. If u have those wisdoms, conscience, reasoning and guidance, would u simply ignore it as if nothing is going to happen to your brothers and sisters in your own house-Unless youre really deaf, blind, stupid or what hati batu.

I saw your reply to HambaAllah, I would say how we look at a matter as a priority over the others is important. Not everything is based on human reasonings or based on acceptable reasonings. How Allah shower us with virtues, peace or disaster etc cannot be based on our reasoning alone but also based on our deeds (amar maaruf nah mungkar etc.) and there are guidance (al-quran and hadith) which should be studied. You may reasonably think if BN they remained in power it would spell disaster and by letting them down, our economy will be improved or etc. There are ayat in qur'an which says, among others, that if there is 'amar maaruf nahi mungkar among the people at that particular area... the sky wlll be opened an all the virtues, provisions will be showered on them... (forgive me if i misquote). Now, let us look at what we did so far, al least for ourself, if not for the nation. ...

written by bhloy, October 26, 2011 10:09:45

apa ni? wat RPK commented is rite. Y worry about Elton John singing in Malaysia when there is going to be no food on the table in years to come! ...

written by yatchee, October 26, 2011 10:08:01

Dear RPK,

If all the muslim can think like you,there wont be any problem of religion in Malaysia.RPK,You earn my respect ... stay healthy and hope Malaysian can wake up of what you said all this while. ...

written by basteng, October 26, 2011 09:49:18


PAS need to TRANSFORM their thinking and learn how to give a priority. Please PAS don't make a spoil and make an ordinary rakyat to get frustarted and dissapint with your childish action !

PAS must see the bigger picture like the current economic/social/safety problem which is faced by the rakyat now like the flooding of foreigner like African/Indian/Indonesian/Vietnamese who mostly a criminal/gansgter at their country !

To tackle the cost of living which has been increased like nothing cannot be made in order to resolve that problem. For instance , the chickecn price has been increased to RM 8:00 per KG !

The social problem frequently occur at learning institution ( secondary school/college/University ) such as how the student works as an escort/prostitute due to they want to survive and get a monies easily and quickly.

How the people facing a problem just to buy a new house because the high cost of house price !

How to increase the basic salary at government & private sector which majority employee is still in low salaray scheme ( < RM1500 ) . How they want to survive due to the basic things is high and high inflation ! Example is the graduate who starting his/her career by joining armes forces as 2nd Lieutenant ( lowest officer rank grade ) is in RM 1200 basic salary. If deduct tax & etc, the monied which he/she obtain under RM 1000. Of course still has cloth or houseallowance but its amount still low wage !

Please PAS you must make a drastic change and give a priority by tackling the BIG ISSUE like the CORRUPTION is settled first !

Please PAS don't make me sick with your KAMPUNG mentality..


Basteng ...

written by Apek, October 26, 2011 09:20:22

Ayoh.....Nik Nasri Nik Malek,

Disappointing and definitely not fit for government this individual. ..

written by rakyat, October 26, 2011 08:41:08

Majority orang islam sebenarnya tidak menyokong tindakan setiap tindakan PAS. Kebanyakan tindakan PAS membodohkan umat islam. Saya nak tanya PAS sila tunjukkan sebuah negara islam yang boleh dibanggakan untuk menjadi contoh bukan hanya kepada orang islam tetapi juga kepada orang bukan islam.

Sudah-sudahlah menyibuk pasal artis itu dan ini, pasal tudung rambut dan sebagainya. Bawalah umat islam ini kehadapan untuk menghadapi dunia tiada sempadan ini. Janganlah hitung kehebatan islam itu melalui berapa banyak mesjid yang cangih dibina, jemaah solat yang melimpah di hari jumaat, wanita dan lelaki bertudung dan berserban tebal di kepala sebagai kayu pengukur sebuah negara islam, tetapi rasuah berleluasa, salahguna kuasa bermaharajalela, merompak wang rakyat bagaikan "bapak yang punya".

Thanks RPK, masanya sudah sampai untuk menyedarkan cerdik pandai islam ini untuk tidak lagi mengajak orang lain hanya untuk mencantikkan kulit buku sahaja tanpa mengamalkan apa yang sebenarnya isi didalam dan jangan sekali-kali membuat kerja-kerja Tuhan.

Dan jangan memalukan umat islam keseluruhannya.. ...

written by Needforchange, October 26, 2011 08:21:30 Justme2 , When I mention about the boycott and severance of diplomatic ties, I mentioned it in sarcasm in relation to the call for banning for Tom Jones concert, and u rightly said that ' Muslims need not bother about other peopl'e customs and religion'.

Crux of the matter is the need for PAS to refocus on more important things as are mentioned in this article. ...

written by hariharan, October 26, 2011 08:09:25

I wish a happy depavali to all of you.I apoligise if any of comments have hurt you. ...

written by Burning Ice, October 26, 2011 07:05:13

Frankly, I can not understand the mindset of most of the leaders in PAS. They should be reminded that they are a political party not merely a Religion Association. A political party needs votes from the Malays, Non-Malays and others to survive. You can always make statement and protest that will offend the voters even though they are minority.

They seem to not understand this logic. ...

written by Henk, October 26, 2011 05:11:23

Hmm, I think lot of Malay politicians are of little faith.

And Pete, the thing about assistance if you wish to commit suicide is not so simple here in Holland.

Read this, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E...etherlands ...

written by Super Admin, October 26, 2011 05:08:09

Pro arte, speak about off tangent. I thought my article was about Elton John.

RPK ...

written by khaN900, October 26, 2011 04:48:42

This is a paragraph from a paper by a former Syariah Judge in Pakistan. An interesting read and something to learn from:

It is clear that the Hudud Laws are but a small part of Islamic teachings. They do not make up the “whole Islam.” Enforcement of these laws is a stage in the process of Islamizing society, not the ?nal aim. Thus, there is a need to introduce comprehensive and well-coordinated reforms in other sectors of society, including education, economy, civil administration, enforcement of law, and the role of courts. It is unfortunate that the Islamization process could not move beyond promulgation of the Hudud Laws as planned. Needless to say, this did not produce the desired results. Since this all-inclusive, multifaceted

reform process could not continue, some people say, the laws should be scrapped. But this is ludicrous reverse logic. If one step is taken in the right direction, it should not be retracted just because the next step is not taken. The right approach, instead, is to take the next step so that the former becomes

more effective.

For the rest: http://www.globalwebpost.com/f..._hudud.pdf ...

written by Henk, October 26, 2011 04:31:52

Talk about respect, when are Muslims going to respect women and treat them as equals.

This is one of the main issues with Islam in western country's.

Is Islam only about men? ...

written by Ed-win, October 26, 2011 03:43:25

If you have to ban...ban everything..even the cars and machines that are borne by the kafirs!!

The people of Islam knew how to tell time and segregated minutes and seconds...

But who's watches are you wearing?japanese?swiss?

What cars do you drive?The technology is from?

And for the sake of the internet...Don't go bashing people with gifts of art!!

Can you yourself proclaim that you have played a concert to a billion!!!yes...a billion..not ringgit...people!!!!

Just cause you have this fortunate platform to rant and rave about what not to do..

Why do it??why are there still poor people in MY country??

Why hasn't anybody from YOUR party stated that it's wrong to profess religion but be blind to corruption??

I can write till 'kiamat'...

My dear youth from the society of 'jahil' and 'research'

Listen to this song...

Type 'IMAGINE' on youtube

You should know how this box works!!!]

Till then.....GET A LIFE!!!!! ...

written by Pro arte, October 26, 2011 03:28:58

jongos said: This is a democratic country. If we believe in freedom of speech, then just let PAS guy say what he wanted to say. If you disagree, then just tell him you disagree, there is no need to say the like "Hudud is primitive and barbaric and is a recipe for further moral decline in the Malay community which is already at rock bottom" . How do you feel if we said something bad about many religion practices or customs that look "stupid"? The Malays in general keep quiet because we respect your beliefs, so we expect the same from you. "

Sometimes jongos, the truth can be painful. Let us debate specific points which you disagree with. You must not go off at a tangent. I would never criticise private belief; however when your belief impinges on Constitutional issues which will impact on the lives of non-Muslims or secular minded Muslims then we all have a right to comment.

To say that Hudud will not affect non- Muslims is patent nonsense.

If a Muslim man rapes a non-Muslim, how will the non-Muslim seek justice? Because of the dichotomous jurisdictions the man can claim that there were no witnesses despite there being DNA and iPhone video evidence which the victim had secretly switched on just before she was raped. Since DNA and videotape are not allowed in Hudud law because in Prophet Muhammed's time there was no DNA and iPhone, the Syariah courts will acquit the man due to ' insufficient ' evidence.

How will the non-Muslim girl seek justice then? The Civil courts will state that they have no jurisdiction to try the rapist because he is a Muslim. The consequence is that a rapist will get away away scot free for his act of barbarity. So please do not for one moment say that non-Muslims should not be 'sibuk' or 'kaypoh' about Hudud. The law is terrifying and will make non-Muslim women feel utterly vulnerable.

For a Muslims rape victim, the situation is even more diabolical under Hudud. If the same scenario is played out, not only will the rapist be free, the victim is liable to be punished by whipping for bringing 'false charges' as the victim could not produce 4 witnesses to the actual act of penetration.

This barbaric situation cannot be allowed to become reality in Malaysia. It is incumbent upon all rational humans be they Muslim, non-Muslim, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual to utterly reject such a demonic law.

Another equally important point is the rule of Law. Hudud cannot be implemented for the simple reason that it contravenes the provisions in the Malaysian Constitution that all criminal matters will come under the Civil law. In fact even the Federal government cannot approve Hudud implementation in Kelantan by a simple majority in Parliament. That too would be flouting the Constitution and is illegal. Hudud would also be flouting the guarantees of Equality for all citizens as a dichotomous penal code would be doing exactly that.

On your remark jongos that that Malay Muslims 'keep quiet' because they respect non-Muslim beliefs is pure fiction.

Muslims in Malaysia have been encouraged by PAS and UMNO not to respect other people's beliefs and there are just too many examples of this to enumerate. It is a measure of Muslim arrogance, self deception and hypocrisy that they are unable or unwilling to accept the fact that they are intolerant.

How does PAS wanting to ban the Elton John concert constitute 'respecting' non-Muslims?

How does denying Lina Joy her legal right to be a Christian constitute respect?

How does separating a Hindu mother from her infant child and husband and placing her in a Muslim 'rehabilitation centre ' for 6 months and forcing her to eat beef constitute respect?

How does scolding a Chinese child and telling him to 'balik Cina' for having lunch in the Ramadan month in a school canteen constitute respect?

How does telling Muslim staff in the Civil service not to wish Hindu's 'Happy Deepvali' because it would affect their 'akidah' constitute respect?

How does barging into a Christian premises and disrupting a joyful celebration dinner bringing together Muslim and Christians who care for the poor, HIV victims and marginalised constitute respect?

How does burning Churches in retaliation for Christians being allowed to call Allah , Allah by the courts constitute respect?

How does body snatching by Muslim authorities from grieving Christian and Hindu families constitute respect?

I can go on and on and on and on and on.. ad infinitum ! ...

written by Sagaladoola-Too, October 26, 2011 02:22:20

Hah .. this piece of news came at the right time ...

There was this article that RPK wrote about Theocracy and Secularism.

The example I gave was about homosexuality. Imagine, if a Mufti/Pastor/Priest/Monk were to declare Elton John to be illegal and punishable .. then too bad .. his words may be taken as the word of God ... quote some religious texts and voila .. too bad for the homosexuals . he / she can't do anything ... the issue won't even be allowed to make it into Parliament. ..

written by lynn, October 26, 2011 02:20:19

If some of you follow news from other parts of the world, you notice that Bodohland is the only country who is forever dwelling on religion. In fact, we have this religious topic crop up so frequently especially the repeated appearance & re-appearance of Hudud law - nothing from these same crowd abt corruption or the economic downturn.

Now some of you understand why overall, minorities are Atheists - majority hold on to some religion or other; these people are basically obedient followers. ...

written by JustMe2, October 26, 2011 02:13:39

Needforchange wrote:

"Boycott Apple products! Steve Jobs is born to a Syrian Muslim but became a Buddhist...an apostate"

Answer: Steve Jobs was never a muslim. In order to qualify as apostate, he or she must be a muslim at the age of puberty or later and then leaves Islam willingly. Steve Job was adopted as a child by a christian couple.

"Sever relations with Palestine! It's PLO founder was married to a Christian and she did not convert."

Answer: It is permissible for muslims to marry wives from christian or jewish or some other religions. And the wives need not to convert to Islam first.

"Boycott Formula1! Dato Jean Todt living out of wedlock with a Malaysian!"

Answer: Muslims need not to bother with other people's custom or religions.

"Sever relations with Libya! It's slain leader wasn't buried before sunset!"

Answer: The muslim dead can be buried at any time, the faster the better.Some must not be buried at all.

Those are common knowledge for muslims. Now you know. ...

written by najib toon razak, October 26, 2011 01:41:01

Our country is really a negarakuku!

Full of half-baked religious leaders & politicians

with a quarter baked citizen who listen to them.. sigh ..

written by yolo, October 26, 2011 01:08:44

ARROGANT is the SOURCE of ALL SIN.......and "ketuanan syndrome" is just one of it....the satan defies GOD because of ARROGANT!!!!!...can these Malaysian human try to work out on "HUMILITY"....... ...

written by Young Scholar, October 26, 2011 00:58:25

I m a Muslim. Studied Islam longer than that Nik. I m a Liberal. I think the Taliban Ulamas learned Islam by using their legs instead of head. ...

written by Tok Rojak, October 26, 2011 00:58:19

RPK. I hope PR wins the elections (no, I'm not a ABU fanatic). I'm for the right candidate & the right party - upon the principles they stand. I fully accept the concept of MCLM (bukan gosok kasut) BUT MCLM will remain untainted by virtue that their political direction is not to be King nor King Maker but a VOICE in a barren & political wilderness.

We cannot help it if PAS, DAP & PKR (ie DSAI) can't give a credible defense for why they should hold government. If they are shooting themselves and trying to make their marriage of convinence work, then the raykat deserves better things and must chart their own path after 50 years of economical disparity, ethical divisions etc. Hint: PAS has not told us what role the Malay rulers will play in a theocratic state (dear Elton is only top of the iceberg). ...

written by Radical Malay, October 26, 2011 00:38:05

Hahahahaha, RPK has a great point. Sometimes Malaysian politicians tend to make a small issue turn into big while putting the biggest issue aside.............. ...

written by AlwaysFair, October 26, 2011 00:27:07

Why they are so concerned with sodomy? Anyway the person is here to sing and not to perform sodomy acts on stage is he?

He is singing to entertain us and not here to show his arse is he?

Anyway this is a similar trait of UMNO and PAS: Obsession with sodomy. ...

written by Super Admin, October 26, 2011 00:18:25

Thank you Tok Rojak. And are you trying to tell us that Pakatan is going to win the next election or is what you are saying got nothing to do with the election?

Dear shahrulzaman shafie,look at the left of your keyboard. You will see a key with an arrow pointing towards your monitor. Hit that key. Now your CAPITAL LOCK will be off and you can type like a normal person.

HambaAllah, yes, and we ban Elton John and let Barisan continue to rule Malaysia and Malaysia will be like heaven on earth. Brader, when a person has a heart attack and falls down and cuts his finger and the doctor treats the cut finger but ignores the heart attack is that what Islam is all about?

apai70, you certainly can express your opinion as long as your opinion is not to take away other peoples' rights and force them to comply to your standards of morality. Then your opinion becomes my business because your opinion is about minding my business.

RPK ...

written by Needforchange, October 26, 2011 00:16:33

Sever diplomatic relations with Australia! Julian Gillard living with out of wedlock with her partner.

Boycott Apple products! Steve Jobs is born to a Syrian Muslim but became a Buddhist...an apostate

Sever relations with Palestine! It's PLO founder was married to a Christian and she did not convert.

Boycott Formula1! Dato Jean Todt living out of wedlock with a Malaysian!

Sever relations with Libya! It's slain leader wasn't buried before sunset!

And the list goes on..........

In the end what's left when PAS is in power? ...

written by Tok Rojak, October 25, 2011 23:54:15

RPK, in your last article, "driving a wedge", all I can say is "They shoot horses, don't they?" Better shoot the horse if it begs you. We don't need BN to throw in an issue in order for the imbiciles to self defeat themselves - including PKR & DAP. I refused to comment on last week's discussion on Islam & Christianity if we do not understand the full relationship between the Old & New Testament of the Bible. Islam coming after the Judeo-Christian faith had borrowed to some extend the Hebrew Torah & Christian OT. However, Christians believe that the New Testament in Christ is a fulfillment & complete revelation of the OT. That is why Christ mentioned, "you have heard BUT I say unto you..." It was a new commandment.

Therefore the OT laws were to be INTERNALIZED not of THE LETTER OF LAW BUT BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LAW. This has a heavier bearing & responsibility of the hearer.

The Bible itself can be translated into any language because of the essence of its teaching. The Quran in its purest form must be studied in Arabic. The Quran cannot be contextualized and be applied cross culturally. I'm not belittling Islam but merely pointing out the different approaches of both religions.Therefore, what PAS is advocating is an OUTWARD form of Islam not an internalized spiritual form.

For example, the form of modesty (tidak mennunjuk aurat) is another external form of Islamic practic. If control of lust of the heart (for men) falls on the sole responsibility of women, then it may be looked upon as lop sided. Furthermore, in a pruralistic society like Malaysia, does it mean that that although Muslim women cover their aurat, then the attention of Muslim men will fall upon non-Muslim women? Again, its a genetic fallacy forced by external rituals and self defeating for Muslim adherents to the faith.

If I was to convert to Islam, I will choose Sufism.

To Lady Gaga, Shakira, Elton..... go to Singapore if your permit to perform in Malaysia is cancelled. Apa boleh buat? ..

written by shahrulzaman shafie, October 25, 2011 23:43:21



written by khairulnidzom, October 25, 2011 23:36:37

Of all the arguments for and aganist islam, i think muslim need:

1. learn to RESPECT non-muslim

2. learn to ACCEPT non-muslim

3. learn to FRIEND non-muslim

4. learn to INTERACT non-muslim

IF muslim learn to do the above, the non-muslim will automatically RESPECT, ACCEPT, FREIND AND INTERACT with muslim....

You cannot always ask non-muslim to do it first, sometime muslim just have do this first. So can you?

Dear bumiputar: Kau ni kategori bodoh sombong. I am pretty sure you didnt marched with us for bersih 2.0 cos u were to scared to be caught but here kecoh kecoh telling malays to interact n be friends with the chinese?

Who marched with the chinese during the rally? Maybe you can see some pictures and proof before opening your hole gaping like an idiot. I married a soulmate of mine who happened to be a full 100% malaysian chinese and she thinks (if you're a chinese) that you are an idiot as well. Even my mother in law do her BSF in my living room while i pray in my room .. Try marry a malay and do what i did la if you dare.. What an A*****e.

written by NoFear, October 25, 2011 23:34:51

Jus like taliban ...Anti this and anti that......shout God is Great....rest not important..even all the rakyat dies....what a shame! ...

written by AA, October 25, 2011 23:30:11

Answer to "Why are non-muslim so kaypoh and busybody about hudud for the muslim?"

Isn't it Islam teach their followers should commit to their pledges? Since Malaysia was first set-up as a Secular country governed by monarchy constitution, so when Hudud Law needs to be implemented it has to abide the constitution. Some people may say that Since Kelantan wants it, let them implement first. Are all the Kelantan people want it or just some politicians? Though the hudud law may not affect non-Muslim, to implement it we still need to get a referendum from all rakyat to see whether we want to amend our constitution. Why some Malaysian Muslims can not think rationally or they are just the type of Muslim with the form but no substance? ...

written by bangsa-lain-lain, October 25, 2011 23:24:49

I believe it was Sigmund Freud who said all of a human's problem can be traced to something sexual. So looks like its is all about sex,sex,sex, RPK. Maybe that is why all the holy Christians/Muslims/Hindus/Sikhs/Mormons/Politicians everywhere get more offended by a picture of 2 guys kissing than a picture of starving children dying of hunger. The best part is that so much starvation happens in Muslim African countries and all the Sheikhs, and the Sultans, pious PM, defenders of the faith sit on their trillions and feast everyday. Looks like they only defend the faithful who have $$ and perhaps not black skinned. OH what a farce. ...

written by HambaAllah, October 25, 2011 23:22:57

To muslim, this is what we call ' amal makruf,nahi munkar.' Pas is doing all its best to nahi munkar, any munkar. Please don't forget , democracy respects the different stands of the people. All of you can give your stands and please respect Pas' stand. ...

written by bangsa-lain-lain, October 25, 2011 23:21:41

I believe it was Sigmund Freud who said all of a human's problem can be traced to something sexual. So looks like its is all about sex,sex,sex, RPK. Maybe that is why all the holy Christians/Muslims/Hindus/Sikhs/Mormons/Politicians everywhere get more offended by a picture of 2 guys kissing than a picture of starving children dying of hunger. The best part is that so much starvation happens in Muslim African countries and all the Sheikhs, and the Sultans, pious PM, defenders of the faith sit on their trillions and feast everyday. Looks like they only defend the faithful who have $$ and perhaps not black skinned. OH what a farce. ...

written by tanglc, October 25, 2011 23:08:48

The main point of the article is that PAS (or others) should spend more time talking about " corruption, abuse of power, robbing the rakyat, election rigging, persecution, discrimination, murder, ethnic cleansing, and a host of other crimes against the citizen and crimes against humanity." They should keep reminding the people of the real sins and spend less time talking about less important things, especially at this crucial times when GE is near. ...

written by ahmad, October 25, 2011 23:04:22

PAS ni seperti JARUM dalam kulit. Kita gantikan saje PAS ni dgn MCLM. Dimana PAS bertandng ,pastikan MCLM pun bertanding.Telalu banyak kekarutan.Nik Aziz & Hadi lebih TURBAN dari Karpal Singh.........Go figure...mmm ..

written by jongos, October 25, 2011 23:02:37

Pro arte, while I respect your freedom of giving your personal view, you should respect hudud too. To call Hudud as "primitive and barbaric" shows you are the one with primitive mind. Hudud is just nearly as old as the religion, so if you called yourself as a Muslim, that statement of "primitive and barbaric" should not come out at first place. Otherwise it means people with religion (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindus etc) and their practices + customs are "primitive and barbaric" too.

Just because you have different opinion, that does not make intellectual argument by calling other comments as "Malay confusion, ignorance over Islam and misplaced priorities in their faith". Stick to the topic. Sounds sarcastic, but I prefer Peace2U comments, simply means just leave the non Muslims to do and enjoy what they wanted to do. I have no argument on why we should stop Elton John from coming as it is the right for others to enjoy but PAS should just advise the Muslim to skip the concert. That's all. Be courteous doesn't make you a loser. ...

written by lee, October 25, 2011 22:50:33

you r spot on.all those stupid youth movement think they r very moral and innocent.if u look at their home and things the do do at home,they will be the one that r sex menace.

Every year.the report of corruption by government agencies from AG.no action taken against those people.

Why those stupid youth dont shout that action be taken,cos they r also corrupted.

That is also why they r afraid of Hudud laws ...

written by apai70, October 25, 2011 22:49:00 RPK

Don't take it so hard as he is only expressing his opinion and suggestion, i think. Like what u once said to me that is a matter of opinion, there is such a thing called your opinion and his opinion. ...

written by apai70, October 25, 2011 22:49:00 RPK

Don't take it so hard as he is only expressing his opinion and suggestion, i think. Like what u once said to me that is a matter of opinion, there is such a thing called your opinion and his opinion. ...

written by Ampersand, October 25, 2011 22:37:26

Al-Baqara Verse 60:-

And when Musa prayed for drink for his people. We said: Strike the rock with your staff. So there gushed from it twelve springs; each tribe knew its drinking place: Eat and drink of the provisions of Allah and do not act corruptly in the land, making mischief.

So Islam is against corruption. But in Malaysia some Muslims choose to ignore it. ...

written by soboi, October 25, 2011 22:35:32

Well said YM Pete...20 years ago the malays were great and fun people until the time when the arab wanabes came along with their brand of Islam and to the malay wanabe Indian Mamak who locked them up and threw away the keys. Now the kafirs can't even communicate with them as they speak in a foreign alien language where everything they do has to be Halal from eating, fashion, lifestyle etc.etc...certified by the arab wanabes ulamak and this goes to the christians, hindus, bhuddist etc.etc..too. A typical rakyat male rakyat here has got 60 odds years to live and I rather smoke and fly ...

written by MalayToo, October 25, 2011 22:33:30

In Malaysia, Islam the religion has been hijacked to perpetrate all sins and crimes, particularly corruption. In the name of Allah, these criminals put fear into Muslims and drum up racial hatred just so that they could be re-elected to run the country, plunder the national coffer, and continue with they sinful lifestyles. ...

written by panca, October 25, 2011 22:29:52

Sometimes we have to take a few steps back in order to have different angles and proper view as it appears distorted when the object of focus becomes too near that we are not even aware because we are over zealous and too concerned with the way we want the thing to look the way we want it to be looked at!

The same way when we learn to eat with our hands the way the Muslims eat using their hands and in fact it is also predominantly an Indian way of eating with their hands with the right and not with the left used for 'cleaning purpose'. So the Chinese will observe and follow what the Indians and Muslims eat with their hands, of course there are times perhaps the Chinese would be using both hands and according to the Indians and Muslims that would look awkward and wrong because the left hand should not be used as it is used for 'the other purpose - cleaning' and it would even be deemed improper, unhygienic or perhaps unethical.

So that depends on how one looks at the Chinese and if they understand they are bred with using the chopsticks and to them both their hands are considered clean because they 'practice different way of cleaning after the business' so literally their hands are considered not unclean but the proper way of eating with hands is with the right, a practice of Muslims and a strict customs of Indians and remember an Indian who served me food at a stall extended the food to me with his left hand and ask for forgiveness for doing so because his right hand was holding another plate of food.

So sometimes we should be aware of customs and practices which I try to observe and follow but rather we hope Muslims and Indians will not despise what the Chinese if they used both their hands tearing up chickens as can be seen at KFC, that does not mean they do not respect or disrespect what Muslims practice or Indians strict custom, it is because they do not use the left hand the way the 'cleaning business is being done'. I remembered seeing a group of people, they were a few friends(of different ethnicity) who brought this matter of concern of how hands are used to eat should be strictly adhered to, however someone within the group pointed to another that the chap was turning and slapping the roti canai and tosai with two hands, of course they used both their hands to prepare but they are not allowed to eat with both, so this is a case of how we look at things as we observe and practice the customs albeit too strictly but we must allow space, space that ourselves and others can see the truth of difference that does not affect what we want to practice ourselves yet not affecting others.

We must simply be wise to see this simple space! Balance! ...

written by blackandwhite, October 25, 2011 22:28:11

katak tempurung ...

written by Peace2U, October 25, 2011 22:21:03

Protectors of Islam should not go overboard with recommendations.

This is a multi-culture and multi-religion country.

I am perfectly alright, if muslim wants implement Hudud. As long as it applies to muslims ONLY.

Please do not disturb the non-muslim, they prefer sex before marriage. Non-muslims like sodomy position too.

Eat that!

I am okay, if muslims are not allowed to purchase Magnum, Da Ma Cai, Sports Toto and Big Sweep

To hell with it, non-muslim would like to become millionaire with just RM1. Are protectors of Islam jealous?

I glad that muslims are not allowed to purchase beer or a bottle of Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Hey, WTF, many non-muslim wakes up in the middle of night, wants to get their Carlsberg Special Brew from 7-Eleven.

I absolutely support the ban of muslim going to Genting Casino.

Many non-muslim wants get a BMW with a pull from the Jackpot.

Nothing gets faster than that.

I would recommend Protectors of Islam, to hang all those muslim directors of non-halal public listed companies. Starting with CIMB, Maybank, RHB, Genting, etc etc

Coming to Elton John, just ban muslim from attending the function. It is as easy as that. Non-muslim is dying to attend the concert, to see Elton John shake his ass. You will be suprise that most of them looking at Elton John ass is guys.

Sorry guys... Protectors of Islam is not there to admire it. ...

written by Ocassey, October 25, 2011 22:20:18

In most societies, suicide is a crime and anyone who assists a person to commit suicide could be charged for murder. In some societies, they have special clinics where you can check in to get assistance if you wish to commit suicide. .........


Permisi ..... !

Let me raise the issue of some "unsettled" court cases that I feel can be linked to the above paragraph to further seek justice from our "Kangaroo" courts of injustice !

The MACC officer/s can be considered "accountable" for the death of Teoh Beng Hock because he was alive but "fell" many floors down the MACC building to his death . The MACC made sure that there were no CCTV evidence to indict them that they were responsible for Teoh Beng Hock to have plunged down from the room he was held for "interrogation as a witness" !

Sarbaini fell to his death while he was in the MACC building with officers who were also "interrogating" him for Customs officers being investigated . If he had climbed out through the interrogation room window , those officers could have been charged for abetting or "forcing" him to carry out a very dangerous balancing act through the window that had caused his death ! SINCE THE GOVERNMENT LOYARBERUKS , FORENSIC EXPERTS AND THE "KANGAROOS" CONCLUDED THAT THEY WERE NOT MURDERED BUT ...... !

Dear PETE ,

You have been issuing comments on readers' comments very well , composed , cool, brotherly and fatherly in all ways you see fit so far without losing your temper ! Syabas ! It definitely will be good for health ! Terima Kasih ! ..

written by cheekhiaw, October 25, 2011 22:15:25

Candle in the Wind blown by Idiots from the Dark Ages

That person may be born gay but that was not entirely of his own making (he was unlucky to be given the shorter end by Nature). But he at least graced the world with some great music, did no harm to no one, did not steal, rob kill nor lie, and never claim to be above others. In that sense, he is way above many of those idiots, thieves, liars and murderers that try to tuan this world ...

written by jongos, October 25, 2011 22:15:00

Totally agree with your question ahmad - Why are non muslim so kaypoh and busybody about hudud for the muslim? No other better things to do? ..

written by Pro arte, October 25, 2011 22:13:27 ahmad said : " Please dont make us muslim continue to hate non-muslim. sakit hati when u non muslim talk about Islam suka hatily. Thats why some malay say better be with corupted UMNO than non malay who hate Islam. "

The above comment is reflective of the Malay confusion, ignorance over Islam and misplaced priorities in their faith.

Firstly, he has had the audacity to declare me a non-Muslim. I have never discussed my faith in this forum and it is presumptuous to ' kafir-mengkafir '.

Secondly, he has made a categorical statement that Muslims 'hate' non-Muslims. Is this really true? This is news to me!

Thirdly, he says it is better to side with Syaitan ( corruption, UMNO ) than to associate with 'non- Malay who hate Islam'. Now what is the logic of that statement? Surely the right thing to do is to side with moral Muslims, right? I suppose PAS and PKR Muslims are far worse than the corrupted UMNO according to God fearing ahmad.

So there you have it, Malays who love Allah and want to follow His will, have no choice according to ahmad but to support UMNO!

No other Muslims based parties can hold a candle to UMNO.

Hidup Islam! Hidup Melayu! Hidup UMNO! AllahuAkbar! ...

written by akee, October 25, 2011 22:13:03

I so love this article of TRUTH! Nice! ...

written by duuude, October 25, 2011 22:07:33

" Why r non muslim so kaypoh about hudud for muslim"

Hello kawan, because the Islamic leadership is threatening to impose it lah. If it were up to the nons, you'd never hear a word about it IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Kebodohan terserlah... haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... ...

written by bumiputar, October 25, 2011 22:03:10

Of all the arguments for and aganist islam, i think muslim need:

1. learn to RESPECT non-muslim

2. learn to ACCEPT non-muslim

3. learn to FRIEND non-muslim

4. learn to INTERACT non-muslim

IF muslim learn to do the above, the non-muslim will automatically RESPECT, ACCEPT, FREIND AND INTERACT with muslim....

You cannot always ask non-muslim to do it first, sometime muslim just have do this first. So can you? ...

written by siudi, October 25, 2011 22:01:56

Before PAS wants to ban Elton John or Glambert concerts on grounds that they are homosexuals, perhaps PAS should first look at their TALIBAN brothers homosexual history.

Afghanistan is widely known for women in Burqas, an attire that covers from head to toe and completely block out women facial features. While many Muslims out there keep stress about women must be completely covered and never expose their faces, they have totally ignore the side effects of such "veiled" practices"-that a nation of veiled women has got men to indulge themselves in homosexual relationships. As Justin Richardson, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University puts it in the LA times article on Muslim homosexuality:

"In some Muslim societies where the prohibition against premarital heterosexual intercourse is extremely high—higher than that against sex between men—you will find men having sex with other males not because they find them most attractive of all but because they find them most attractive of the limited options available to them,"

Beautiful Afghan males are called HALEKONS and according to an Afghan cleric, 90% of Afghan males are tempted by homosexuality and so far only 20-50% actually did it. Even Taliban officials also has their own halekons for their own secret pleasures.

It is no surprise to me that if PAS isn't aware of their Taliban brothers' BROMANCES since they are always living in their own world, which is also one of the reasons why they cannot think outside their Hudud box. And it is also no surprise to me that if PAS could be an UMNO's proxy in reality since both speak the same of language, which is why one of the PAS member assure that PM and DPM will stay as Malays.

PAS for ALL? HA! ..

written by duuude, October 25, 2011 22:00:16

Now why would a perfect God create gays? Just asking. ...

written by jongos, October 25, 2011 21:59:41

This is a democratic country. If we believe in freedom of speech, then just let PAS guy say what he wanted to say. If you disagree, then just tell him you disagree, there is no need to say the like "Hudud is primitive and barbaric and is a recipe for further moral decline in the Malay community which is already at rock bottom" . How do you feel if we said something bad about many religion practices or customs that look "stupid"? The Malays in general keep quiet because we respect your beliefs, so we expect the same from you.

By bashing the Malays in general, then you think the non Malays will get support from the Malays that you have just bashed? What's the point of talking about changing current BN government and labelled them as racist when the non Muslim from PR themselves are racist in their comments. Pot called kettle black! ...

written by paul tino, October 25, 2011 21:52:20

Learn all you can from the mistakes of others. You won't have time to make them all yourself."

- Alfred Sheinwold ...

written by johnnycomelately, October 25, 2011 21:49:19

As RPK use to say, go to Mecca and perform the Hajj and all sins are cleanse. So why worry about corruption, abuse of power and what not written above? Live the good life on earth, big mansions, fancy cars , maybe wine, women and song on the sly as well. When dead, heaven beckons. Thats what we call having the best of both worlds.

Please don't make a big fuss about Elton John's concert, because all sins committed could be write off anyway. ...

written by tim wong, October 25, 2011 21:41:23

totally agreed that one can see many things from many angles; sometimes one sees things as white, others see it as gray but dont infringe on the rights of others ..... ..

written by telur dua, October 25, 2011 21:40:08

Barking up the wrong tree. ...

written by ahmad, October 25, 2011 21:31:34

Why are so Muslims so 'sibuk' and 'kaypoh' about other peoples bedroom activities?

Then let kelantan do Hudud for muslim. Why r non muslim so kaypoh about hudud for muslim. In malaysia melayu & non melayu will never get along.... why? we cant tolerate each other, we always like to comment and complain and say that we r good others r bad. who cares if pas want to banned mr gay, they cant band it anyway. what matters is how can we have malay n non malay live together and respect each other. its easier to talk than doing it. UMNO will win again n again n again, until muslim can tolerate non muslim n the other way around. Let us enjoy the gay concert n keep on saying that pas is always anti gay concert and at the same time we (malay n non muslim except pas malay or kelantan malay i think) just keep on anti hudud n UMNO will have the biggest laugh. hahaha my vote will always go to UMNO. what can i do im a gomen soldadu. By the way dont just say that anything with muslim in their organization name are muslim like owc or sisters in islam they r not muslim. malay doesn't mean muslim unless if the do practice islam. all the best for next poll. And please if you want to talk about Islam (HUDUD) lets us have a debate on it dont just simply say what you think, Muslims must learn to call a spade a spade. Hudud is primitive and barbaric and is a recipe for further moral decline in the Malay community which is already at rock bottom. but not debate with me la im not an expert on that. But i believe that Allah is perfect and anything comes from Quran are perfect. Please dont make us muslim continue to hate non-muslim. sakit hati when u non muslim talk about Islam suka hatily. Thats why some malay say better be with corupted UMNO than non malay who hate Islam. Anyway why does you guys hate ISLAM so much? And always say that malay are bad primitive stupid and so on. Are chinese or indian so good? Some comment here definitely will make UMNO get their support from malay. Dont be perkauman la, cause it will make Malaysia hurt bad. Please stop talking about ISLAM when u dont even know what ISLAM is. Let have an open debate rather than just commenting without a proper facts n figures. PAS is a political party but ISLAM r pure and perfect from Allah. U want to comment or kutuk PAS its okay but dont play play with ALLAH,ISLAM or HUDUD. Allahhuakbar!!!!!!!! ...

written by hellosunshine, October 25, 2011 21:31:33

Elton will say this to PAS, "I would rather be with the 'Rocket Man' and we can dance to the 'Crocodile Rock'. Please 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' with your holier than thou 'Ego'. Life is like 'The Candle In The Wind' and 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'. I'll 'Sacrifice' and sing 'Your Song' or maybe some 'Sad Songs' but heck, 'That's What Friends Are For'. I guess 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' for you, ...

written by siudi, October 25, 2011 21:30:37

"In some Muslim societies where the prohibition against premarital heterosexual intercourse is extremely high—higher than that against sex between men—you will find men having sex with other males not because they find them most attractive of all but because they find them most attractive of the limited options available to them," Richardson says.

In other words, sex between men can be seen as the flip side of the segregation of women. And perhaps because the ethnic Pushtuns who dominate Kandahar are the most religiously conservative of Afghanistan’s major ethnic groups, they have, by most accounts, a higher incidence of homosexual relations.

Visitors might think they see the signs. For one thing, Afghan men tend to be more intimate with other men in public than is common in the West. They will kiss, hold hands and drape their arms around each other while drinking tea or talking.

Moreover, there is a strong streak of dandyism among Pushtun males. Many line their eyes with kohl, stain their fingernails with henna or walk about town in clumsy, high-heeled sandals.

The love by men for younger, beautiful males, who are called halekon, is even enshrined in Pushtun literature. A popular poem by Syed Abdul Khaliq Agha, who died last year, notes Kandahar’s special reputation.

"Kandahar has beautiful halekon," the poem goes. "They have black eyes and white cheeks."

http://www.glapn.org/sodomylaws/world/afghanistan/afnews009.htm ...

written by wits0, October 25, 2011 21:06:17

Excellent article RPK. Hope you'll write more on similar things. Go ruffle some feathers for the greater benefit of all. ...

written by Super Admin, October 25, 2011 21:01:36

A Muslim, first of all, Malaysia is NOT an Islamic country. Islam is the official religion of the Federation. That is what the Constitution says and until it is changed it remains that way. Malaysia is a Secular country with a Westminster (kafir) system of government. And even PAS participates in this 'kafir" election.

2) I AM responsible. But I am responsible to ALL Malaysians, not just to Muslims. Muslims have a choice to boycott Elton John if they want to. But just because you don't like Elton John you can't deny non-Muslims their right to the concert. Is only what Muslims want that count? What about the wants and needs of non-Muslims?

3) Muslims scream about respect. But Muslims do not know how to respect others. Respect needs to be earned. You can't demand respect. And when Muslims begin to learn how to respect others, then others will begin to respect Islam.

4) is not PAS's slogan: PAS FOR ALL? All means non-Muslims as well. So think of the non-Muslims for a change. Don't just do and say things to suit Islam/Muslims. Balance! Take into consideration the non-Muslims as well.

5) As for my rough/undiplomatic ways, well, that is my style. But I don't hear you complaining when I whack Najib and Rosmah kau-kau and when I call Umno people bodoh macam lambu.

RPK ...

written by Pak Yeh, October 25, 2011 20:59:05

Heh,heh. They are not Quran Muslims but hadis Muslims. Different religion lah !

Quran says "There is no compulsion in religion"..Quran 2:256.

But Hadis Muslims dont want to listen to Allah.

They listen to their Ulamas hadis only.

So their Ulama is more god than Allah.

Quran 31:6 "Some people use lahwal(fake) hadis to mislead others from Allahs path,without knowledge,and make a mockery of it(Allahs path/Islam)


Read more..

http://warongpakyeh.blogspot.com/2010/02/bohong-sunat-lahwal-hadis.html ...

written by Hydra-shok, October 25, 2011 20:57:23

Hear ye , hear ye....

Ammeno ultra-ethno narrow minded nationalism is the root problem of Boleh Land for decades.

This crony regime divide and rule with powerful goverment priviledges. Making the rural folks dumber with their 24/7 propaganda machine (putting goebbels into shamed). In addition, some hardcore players are master in overdosing 'em folks with chinese/matsalleh/communist/christian/jewish/hindus conspiracy bogeymen myth.

Worst, they are importing more reinforcement of new voters via Project IC to win the election at any cost as Boleh Land is too heavy into debt. Loosing the GE 13, means Ammenos regime, families, friends,cronies will be facing the law/jail term OR even worsh the blades of HUDUD justice.

By winning GE 13, they will enriched their own pocket profit 10 folds, shaming Myamar/Libyan/Zimbawean dictator in the Guiness Book of Record.

Folks, this is a very thin line of victory for both PR and Ammeno Regime. The consequences of political defeat will be shouldered heavily by us all...and not the racial political ruling class of Boleh Land. ...

written by melayu, October 25, 2011 20:56:04

Is sex all there is in Islam? Apparently YES to those kangkung brains :-) ...

written by hariharan, October 25, 2011 20:55:28

RPK you are good man.You respect other`s beliefs,Malaysia today has brought democracy of speech to the Malaysians .I celebrate Depavali.Wish You the same because it is our nation`s celebration. ..

written by Saint, October 25, 2011 20:54:38

Dear RPK, people like Nik Nasri Nik Malek are in the minority (of the Muslims in Malaysia) but making a hell of a noise. Most Malays will ignore him, but since he is in a position he is being heard. Gentlemen like you are neutralizing him. Since you are both a Malay and a Muslim, your writings carry more weight then a non Muslim's. This is where MT and your role comes in; to make them see the bigger and more important picture. ...

written by khairulnidzom, October 25, 2011 20:49:46

Pro arte: Khalid Ibrahim is a Muslim, and he tak kaypoh or sibuk about people's rectum or anus. So dont assume all of us are like that. You know better, so i dont understand why you would put all of us in the same basket.

If America kaypoh and menyibuk in other countries affairs, is it fair to say Christians are blood mongering people?

Malays in Malaysia, have a herd mentality and a bull as a boss. Do what they know for years and when things change, they are slow to adapt..as MALAYS. Please and i dont know why you intentionally keep saying the muslims, the muslims when there are alot of good Muslims in PKR, DAP, and PAS.

If PAS were to issue such statement about gays and shit, it is because they have the fear of God more than any other Muslims. Its not like they can stop it if the elton john's show were to be carried out anyways, but the assurance that they did try is essential as a Muslim because we believe that when we are faced with our Creator, it is our effort and iman that will be answering truthfully with no bullshit attached when the question asked, 'did you do your best?'.....

Of course this rational only makes sense to a believer.

But i agree whole heartedly on why nothing being said by the PAS youth about OWC's bullcrap though.. Silly shit..

My point is, when a bad person do bad things, cant he be bad for himself and not the religion he professes or born with? Stop Attacking or insulting the religions for F**k's sake.. ...

written by duok, October 25, 2011 20:38:22

RPK, many thanks, a very sensible article that you wrote. ...

written by hariharan, October 25, 2011 20:37:30

Religion alone cannot solve all problems in this world. ...

written by A Muslim., October 25, 2011 20:36:04

Salam Brother RPK,

I believe your opinion is rightfully yours, and you are right about everything that is 'not-working-properly' in Malaysia.

However, I do expect a more respectful and responsible opinion from you about PAS's role in disagreeing Sir Elton John's coming to Malaysia.

Your points are valid, and it addresses the true nature of the politics in Malaysia, but as an Islamic country, it is only right for PAS to exercise their opinion about the matter. In this case it is only an opinion just like yours as there a million other opinions about the many other concerts.

Being rebellious is easy, but please be more responsible.

With all due respect,

A Malaysian Muslim. ...

written by Non sequitur, October 25, 2011 20:33:01

To steal a line from shakespeare's Hamlet... "The lady doth protest too much, methinks".

Could it be that they protest so much about elton john, beyonce, etc. in order to compensate for their own guilty desires? ...

written by syd, October 25, 2011 20:31:08

You can't sing, can't dance, can't enjoy a night out in Hudud land. Only thing allowed is pray. ...

written by HeartPain, October 25, 2011 20:27:58

No wonder PAS didn't object to OWC's new version kamasutra. SInce the sex book serves the Muslim men libido, the so called "God's guardian" keep quiet. What a hypocrite!! ...

written by Respect, October 25, 2011 20:18:26

I respect the fact that u are not giving up in your fight for a better Malaysia. Just reading about politics in the country can make u sick. And yet here u are keep trying to educate people. No real development is taking place and everyday we see more and more foreigners on our streets,i honestly dread to think of the future of my beloved country.

Relating back to your article it is clear to see that PAS is simply trying to show itself as a moral police of the society as its clear that Malaysians don't really care about corruption or abuse of power until they are on the wrong side of it. Year in year out we read in horror of the billions wasted squandered yet we still vote the same people back to office due to fear and greed. It is until we put our heads together and realise that one day the govt may not be able to pay its debts and may eventually default on its debt (maybe by 2050,i dont know? ) then maybe,just maybe people will wake up and give change a chance. Denying BN 2/3 majority does not seem to have any positive effect,instead i feel that the country has not progresed in any positive way since the election and complete change is needed for us to save our country.god bless. ...

written by Super Admin, October 25, 2011 20:15:07

Pro arte, HEAR! HEAR!

RPK ...

written by earthman, October 25, 2011 20:15:00

Allowed doesn't mean its right but its legal. So to me gay marriage is not right but legal in England. Abortion is wrong but legal in certain countries. Suicide is wrong but legal under certain circumstances.

Its the priorities that today's people are voting for and living in it. And so banning Elton John is their priority .Their believed that Elton John is bad influence . So is apostasy . To them its wrong and a crime in their version of Islam. So, its all about priority and nothing about righteousness and justice. For most are deceived and living in darkness. that is why the world is getting worst made by man and God is leaving us on our own . For we think we are smart , therefore natural disasters are increasing.

Make sure you are on the right side. For they are hard of hearing and seeing they do not see. ...

written by kamal yg pemalu, October 25, 2011 20:11:49

I'm an extremely homophobic... but I would go watch Elton John.. He is somewhat an inspiration to Axl Rose and Zakk Wylde to name a few.. Gay people make good music anyway... ...

written by Lim Guan Liong, October 25, 2011 20:09:50

Very good article RPK. Those minute brain of the do-gooders obviously goit their priorities very wrong.. Corruption and abuse of power being the order of the day. Really silly of pea brain Nik Nasri Nik Maalek to say such stupid nonsense. Wake up man. ...

written by khairulnidzom, October 25, 2011 20:08:39

Priorities are put on 'complaints' received. Complaints received by their revered clerics. Since ages ago they have only been focusing only on these trivial issues because it did curb to a certain extent the ills of malay youths, but that was when only newspaper, cinemas, and tv je yang ada.

Now, dah 2011, they are still sticking to what is the most easiet to spot and do. These people need an intervention! Revamp and change the whole floors!

Ada yang boleh diajar, ada yang mahu belajar. Itu boleh diterima. Yang degil and championing 'melayu' first than only Islam, and these are the people who runs the deen here, that has to go for good.

When we can accept local movies on rempit, sex, bohsia, and stupid not funny slapstick movies and dramas in the name of supporting local acts and products, in the same breath we cant ban or stop elton john ke, lady gaga ke, anymore than we would ban yuna, chef wan, or even najib reading from a text every single freakin time, even though it pains the eyes and ears.

Being bodoh and ignorant can be cured, but the combination of bodoh sombong tu i think nothing can be done la.. ..

written by Pro arte, October 25, 2011 20:07:46

If we look at the Auditor General's report we get an idea of the absolutely rotten state of governance and accountability in Malaysia. The nation's coffers are being robbed blind by people with no integrity. This is a moral issue which impacts on the lives of all Malaysians.

With prudent and honest accounting, this rich nation of ours could eradicate poverty overnight and focus on vital issues such as high quality education, protecting the environment, self reliance without having to be dependent on migrant slave labour and the attendant social and political problems it causes.

Without wanting to sound a racist and a religious bigot, the people who helm these institutions be it the civil service, the government media, the GLC the judiciary, the police, where corruption is endemic happen to be Malay and Muslim. There is a moral crisis is reaching a point of no return if the problem is not recognised and dealt with.

PAS has no idea how to deal with these issues and just seem to focus on headline grabbing pronouncements which make them look utterly ridiculous in the 21st century. They let off the Muslim rogues who are plundering this nation and always create synthetic issues to distract us from our real moral afflictions. Who is PAS working for, the Rakyat or UMNO?

Whatever 'solutions' they offer like Hudud are not borne out by evidence but rely more on emotion and rhetoric. They will actually make our moral afflictions worse. Hudud is discriminatory towards women which Sisters in islam have written extensively about . The problem of sexual crimes will worsen and will let off the hook sex criminals who would otherwise be convicted on the Civil Penal code because CCTV and DNA evidence is not accepted as well as the impossible burden of proof on the victim.

Philanderers, rapists , pedophiles will actually be jumping for joy with the introduction of Hudud. The 4 witness stipulation is unworkable and is an affront to human dignity because no decent person would ever witness the actual act of penetration during a rape or 'Zina' without trying to stop it. If 1 witness is impossible, how much more likely then would there be 3 other witnesses?

Muslims must learn to call a spade a spade. Hudud is primitive and barbaric and is a recipe for further moral decline in the Malay community which is already at rock bottom.

Another moral issue is hypocrisy in the Malay community which PAS is promoting. They make a huge song and dance about their adherence to democracy and how Hudud is 'democratic' aspiration of the Kelantan people and others should not be so 'sibuk' or 'kaypoh'. Well, at least be consistent then. The Elton John concert is the democratic right of those who want to pay and attend the concert. Nobody is forced to attend. In the same way PAS does not want people to question their right to promote Hudud, PAS must respect peoples right to attend a concert of their choosing.

Elton John is openly gay and married to a man. He is honest about his nature and is not promoting gay hedonism but is in fact an example of sexual fidelity.This is his personal life and is nobody's business.

What is the point of being appearing to be an 'alim' Muslim who prayers 5 times a day and quotes incessantly from the Koran in Arabic but yet have a secret life of sexual debauchery with young female prostitutes and sodomy with boys?

Why are so Muslims so 'sibuk' and 'kaypoh' about other peoples bedroom activities? Why the obsession with peering into people's anus and rectum? Muslims in Malaysia have fed us with sodomy incessantly in the courts and media for the past 13 years and this sex obsession shows no sign of abating.

Next we will have the 'Datuk T' court case which will inflict more sordid pornography on innocent young Muslims. The latest scandal is the false allegations again by Muslims against an innocent boy about sexual molestation and the Muslim blogosphere has gone viral on 'Buah Dada'.

Not long before that the Muslim Obedient Wives Club (OWC) was encouraging Muslim women to be whores in bed. The men were encouraged to have sex simultaneously with their wives however this was conveniently changed to 'spiritual sex' . But yet PAS Youth have not seen it fit to condemn the OWC and even the government agencies have not banned their pornographic sex manual which would even make the authors of the Kama Sutra blush with embarrassment !

So this is the state of Muslim morality in Malaysia but PAS has the audacity to criticise a legendary singer for no logical reason. PAS would do well to refer to Al-Kafirun in the Koran and they will realise how immoral and stupid their position is over the Elton John concert. ...

written by Hydra-shok, October 25, 2011 19:58:11

Rural people of Boleh Land ....main back bone of Ammenos. ..

written by yolo, October 25, 2011 19:52:52

If ONLY these people can admit that everybody is a "kafir".....it depends you are from which side of the story!!!...Arrogant is the source of ALL SINS!!!!.....

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