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Sunday, October 16, 2011


PKR questions the defence ministry's need to spend more than RM2 billion for an apparently unknown IT feature

(Free Malaysia Today) - PKR estimated that more than RM2 billion will be spent over an information technology (IT) project involving the Defence Ministry (Mindef).

Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar said that Mindef had directly awarded a Network Centric Operations (NCO) project to Sapura Secured Technologies Sdn Bhd over a 20-year period for the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF).

“More than RM2 billion will definitely be wasted on a project that we don’t know about. Is it needed?” she told reporters at a press conference in Lembah Pantai today.

Nurul came to the conclusion based on a Oct 13 Parliamentary written response from Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Ahmad said that Mindef directly awarded the NCO project to Sapura over a a four-phase period involving 20 years, and four consecutive Malaysia Plans; from 2011 to 2030.

The first two years of the programme would also cost RM140 million.

“For now, Sapura has been given the responsibility to develop the Phase 1A of the NCO MAF Development Program, which will cost RM140 million over a two-year period.”

“Subsequent development phases would depend on the performance and success in Phase 1A,” he said.

Minister not forthcoming on details

Ahmad claimed that Sapura was suitable for the project, as it had an apparent expertise and “vast amount of experience” in defence matters, IT and security.

“It has to be stressed that the NCO MAF Development Program is one of capability development, where it is constantly changing based on needs and new input from each service,” he said, adding that hardware and software needs could not be identified easily.

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written by mamlakatel bahrain, October 16, 2011 17:08:05

Tanpa Nama...you got -14. Why? Coz these readers would not accept rational arguments.... hanya tahu hentam melayu saja ..

written by mikewang, October 16, 2011 12:16:20

Actually RM100 million is for the software.

RM 2billion is the price to infiltrate SAF computers. ...

written by Poyo moyo, October 16, 2011 11:55:15

Dear YB Nurul. Apa ni, you also mudah lupa. This 2b contract is in fact very very cheap. You forgot. ..

written by MAMR, October 16, 2011 10:58:23

Zahid Hamidi! Onced used to be a man of self principled but turned TRAITOR TO RAKYAT after appointed as Defence Minister by Najib.Actually Defence Ministry had been used to RAPE Rakyat of their money in hundred of billions for the last ten years from building of Patrol Vessel by Boustead Naval Shipyard first batch of 5350 millions but failed to complete then Najib gave another 1800 millions. Maintenance contract for tincans ( UMNO Govt called submarines which initially cannot dive BUT now cannot even sail however still lucky managed to stay afloat) of 2000 millions awarded to the same group of companies.On top of these there were refurbishment contracts corvette close to 1000 million awarded to this SHITYARD as well.Apart from those there are running maintenance contract for repair of RMN Ships which also run into hundred of millions annually.Despite the shamble track record,latest I heard UMNO Govt is about to award again to their favourable crony ,Bouestead Naval Shipyard another contract to build 2nd batch of Patrol Vessel of value between 6000 to 10 000 millions.I heard the same group of company in Langkawi burnt a yacht (own by a foreigner) which is undergoing maintenance by them and it took them more than six hours to put out the fire.For army there had been award to DRB hicom to build Military Vehicle which into 7000 millions. Zahid Hamidi you are just the like of one of the sons who really enjoy spending the salary of a true father by coloborating with your fake father,which is UMNO Govt itself. You just wait once your true father happened to realise that !!HE!! is being cheated and manipulated YOU WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO BE CRUSIFIED. By the way just in case you still didnt get it ,the true FATHER IN THIS CASE IS !!!!RAKYAT!!!. To all Rakyat for all these wastages to stop we have to initiate a change!! We have to change UMNO to become opposition to bring to their senses. We have to DUMP them during 13th GE for our children,grand children and so on to have a better future. ...

written by bingung, October 16, 2011 10:45:25

SAPURA - Sapu (Wang) Rakyat dengan kerjasama Mindef ..

written by martin, October 16, 2011 10:04:34

zahid is going to pocket maybe 500m. look at is face full of corruption and lately he has been speaking like a don. Bagan Datuk must vote this mohter out ..

written by 2pac, October 16, 2011 10:00:45

What to say?

Every 1Malaysian knows that these are Bumiputra Enriching Programmes, but this still happens year after year.

2 billion for an IT project? Must be using cables made out of gold and running servers so sophisticated that no 1Malaysian can power on.

I bet soon MINDEF IT center will be the biggest and the best equipped cybercafe in the world, army boys busy playing online games and surf high speed high security PORN. ...

written by Askar Pencen, October 16, 2011 07:23:34

Bull****, SAPURA is not capable. A lot of past IT project in MINDEF by sapura is a failure, substandard and expensive product.

Get someone to check with end user, of course the generals and minister will say that sapura did a good job out of those shit. ...

written by doitanyway, October 16, 2011 02:05:37

Did not know our country has so much money to spend !!!!!! If not enough can always print some more ? ..

written by joemss, October 16, 2011 01:25:07

Looks like most of the contracts given to companies are for 5 yrs or more. I am not sure why contracts are signed for such a long period. Looks like the Opposition will have a lot of problems if they manage to take over the federal government. Or is this to make sure that cronies will still be able to cling on to their business even if BN loses the next GE. I wonder. I think we should limit it to 5 years at maximum like our GE, otherwise have a GE after 20 years like the contract. I have never heard of a supply, commission &vmaintenance contract for 20 years before this. ...

written by Kaneeneh, October 16, 2011 00:43:10

Aiya, National security, mana boleh kasi tau? ...

written by SiHangChai, October 16, 2011 00:25:24

Israel IT Technologies, I bet! Most of the procured military IT no matter by whom or UMNO's GLCs will be using Israelist's expertist and technologies. Zahid, who talked like you are anti-Jew, but you looks like Jews supporter. Maybe this is how you learnt the kung fu on your daughter's ex boyfriend....

written by aramsa, October 16, 2011 00:24:54

Looks like this Minnister of Defence has seen others especially Najib gotten very rich. He is now trying to be "pro-active" with all the billion ringgit projects. Soon you will see him very very much richer than now for he has no longer time to waste. He wants to a piece of the pie as well before his term expires by the Rakyat ..

written by ChanGE13, October 16, 2011 00:12:02

We can have better income like the tiny former southern state of per capital income of USD 49K, instead of current 7K usd if your whole gangs had better resource / money management and have some responsibility. ...

written by Bang, October 15, 2011 23:32:02

Why? Corruption!! ..

written by mt31aug, October 15, 2011 22:28:47

Seem an ongoing race by minister in the GOM to get rich asap by getting kick backs via direct award of dubious project at troubling humongous cost. As a project engineer , I would want to know the competencies of this contractor and his past records, esplly it is a direct award ...

written by syd, October 15, 2011 22:25:30

Sapura depends on government controlled entities for all of it's business and within this country only. It cannot survive overseas as it is not competitive.

Some of sapura's customers include telekom, petronas and proton. ...

written by cheekhiaw, October 15, 2011 21:36:32

Aiyah, everyone knows what is that unknown feature. It is an infinite do-loop with only 1 commnad - CURI ...

written by tanpa nama, October 15, 2011 20:11:35

Kenapa perlunya projek tentera kita mesti didedahkan... sekarang nie nampaknya politik lebih penting dari menjaga rahsia negara...kalau macam nie lee pihak pembangkang punya etika politik... tak mustahil kalau mereka memerintah semua rahsia ketenteraan kita akan jatuh kepada pihak yg tak sepatutnya...... patutnya kita bersama-sama mempertahankan negara.... ...

written by Hariharan, October 15, 2011 18:04:06

Tengok depa belanja duit sesuka hati.Tak langsung lulus dalam parliment.

written by NR, October 15, 2011 17:23:56

I believe, I could be wrong, the earlier project of the Computerization of the RMAF Activities, especially the Maintenance and Logistics , which was given to Sapura is still incomplete and and not functioning the way it should. it is worth checking before proceeding with this multibillion project. .

written by onnetline, October 15, 2011 17:20:24

here's another big ' marked up ' RM billions scam from these less than transparent SOBs of ARMNO-BN Govt. where the tax payers like us will get screwed ...... with high inflation cost sooner or later ! ...

written by TSB, October 15, 2011 16:40:11

Of course there are needs to create more n more UMNOputra Multi-Billionairs.

This is UMNO Development Programmes for Bumiputra.

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