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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If we can’t change the court decision, let’s elect a new Government! The LONG MARCH to Putrajaya should start now............ZEIT GEIST!!!

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 — The family of the late Teoh Beng Hock today failed to challenge the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s (RCI) conclusion that the Selangor DAP political aide committed suicide in 2009.

Teoh’s family filed the application for judicial review against the RCI on August 24.

The RCI, which was chaired by sitting Federal Court judge Tan Sri James Foong, found that Teoh had been driven to suicide after relentless questioning by investigators from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The five-man panel wrapped up its report on June 15 after hearing testimony from 70 witnesses in its bid to unravel the mysterious circumstances behind Teoh’s death at the then Selangor MACC headquarters on July 16, 2009.

Judge Datuk Rohana Yusof ruled today that an RCI could not be subjected to a judicial review, as the court was bound by an earlier federal court decision.

Lawyer Gobind Singh Deo, who is representing the Teoh family, told The Malaysian Insider the decision was made in chambers.

Senior federal counsel Shamsul Bol Hassan represented the RCI, whose commissioners were named as respondents.

“The judge’s decision was based on the federal court’s decision in Datuk V. K Lingam’s appeal, where they ruled that recommendations of the RCI are not subject to judicial review,” he said.

Gobind said the only option the family had right now is to challenge the federal court’s decision in Lingam’s case, but said that he was not sure whether they wanted to do that.

“There is still the revision application on the coroner’s open verdict, which will take place the day after tomorrow,” Gobind said.

Before the RCI was formed, a coroner’s inquest had in January returned an “open verdict” ruling out both suicide and homicide.

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written by hariharan, October 04, 2011 15:30:14

RCI never said that Teoh and Sabbani are corrupt.Hence MACC must appologise and compensate their families. ...

written by NottyMaus, October 04, 2011 15:13:18

Dear Atheist,

I don't know what you are on about, but I hope your car gets under 1 of those heavy trailers.

Then your kids can know what hurt is, even if you don't. ...

written by Stupid me, October 04, 2011 15:13:06

The RCI members has a cause to celebrate. Please do so. ..

written by namewee the best, October 04, 2011 15:08:54

yo atheist, what goes around will come around,you will get what you deserve ...

written by R.Prem Kumar, October 04, 2011 14:52:23

TBH did not commit suicide no matter what justice Foong says. This is in the minds of every conscientious citizen and others on the globe following this episode. I am apolitical. But this verdict will remain in the conscience of every right thinking voter when the vote is cast in GE13. There is no sheer coincidence why people keep committing suicide. ...

written by andrew tan, October 04, 2011 14:46:17

Change the current BN goverment ...then only the court will be fair...change the BN govt...then malaysia will be NO1 in southeast asia...$ will be pouring in..malaysia will grow...change the BN govt..then you will see malaysian getting fair treatment..the bottom line is..as long as BN is still in power...u will never see changes...u will never see justice.. ...

written by Atheist, October 04, 2011 14:36:56

Dear hellosunshine and Oscar Winner,

You have no idea of who I am. Good. The message is clear: If the Chinese do not punish their own, this is what happens when others attempt to punish the bad (Chinese) ones. When I was 'running the show' the Chinese were used to punish the bad Chinese. Likewise for the Malays and the Indians. I did not pity 'traitors' and wielded truth, justice and knowledge with DEADLY precision under TDM. Can you do it now??????

Nice to know .... the truth still hurts in Malaysia. I'll tell you what they told me when they didn't want to give me a job ....... TBH is just unfortunate (Malay excuse), what so special about TBH (Chinese excuse) and what can we do about it (Indian excuse).

Good luck to all of you ........

written by glock19, October 04, 2011 14:35:13

Cik Teoh.....

Lawan tetap lawan....BeeEnd akan jatuh satu hari nanti...sabar. ..

written by Change!Just Do It!, October 04, 2011 14:17:50

If you are scared to vote Pakatan by the media play on the hudud issue recently, this should bring some sense back into your mind why BN must be ousted at all cost. I can tolerate having the thorny hudud issue still unresolved with Pakatan in Putrajaya, even for just one term, but I cannot tolerate the injustices of BN no more. ...

written by the ppl champ, October 04, 2011 14:10:54

the ppl champ say

Karma works evry cycle for what you reap of what you sow and with all that the air of change is still coming where justice will be serve when time come so ppl champ says VOTE THEM OUT again... where the good force will be coming to the future ppl champ...

good luck ...

written by Putin Perspective, October 04, 2011 14:10:06

My condolences to the family for their loss.

Justice Rohana is being consistent in applying the law laid down by the Federal Court in the VK Lingam case where his application for the Court to review the findings of the RCI into the Lingamgate video was also dismissed.

http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/top-court-says-lingam-video-rci-findings-cannot-be-reviewed/ ..

written by AlwaysFair, October 04, 2011 14:07:29

Why MCA who supposed to champion chinese keep quiet but make so much noise on the hudud issue?

It is evidence they are just hypocrites and do everything just for politics. Even a chinese in the prime of his life was murdered in cold blood also there is not even a squeak from them, hopeless people.

Hope Lee Lan will run for elections, I am sure she will get a lot of sympathy votes, because there is no way to fight this type of corrupt govt, which is corrupt through and through...judges, RCI everything is in their pocket.Even you want to vote them out also difficult because they will get aliens as voters.There is nothing they won't stoop to, to have power.

The extent of their corruption is really mind boggling and I think irredeemable. If they still continue ruling the country I am afraid there will be pretty much nothing left to run.

At least they are so proud of Iran's massive FDI in investments, which in worse case scenario if we were to default like Greece one day, maybe can sell the country to them, after all they are Abang Adek unless the overwhelming Indon population maybe over-run it first.

May God bless Malaysia and deliver us from EVIL!!!

May God bless Malaysia and deliver us from the clutches of EVIL!!!

May the blood of TBH and other victims cry out , justice,jusTICE!! JUSTICE until true justice finally dawn.

AMEN!!! ...

written by Bourne, October 04, 2011 14:05:03

I urge all the relatives and family members of those who have been victimised i.e. Kugan, TBH, Sarbini etc etc to support Pakatan. Its the only way to stop the rot. You can't go against the govt, but YOU can change it. Do it for your loved ones. Don't let them die in vain. ...

written by educationist, October 04, 2011 13:58:54

When it suits the UMNOputras, there's such a thing called legal precedence in our courts!! But look at the unscrupulous and immoral power grab in Perak, all legal precedence were thrown out of the window to justify their ends!! ...

written by Oscar Winner !, October 04, 2011 13:44:32

Atheist, as if you don't know, Sarbaini, kugan and many others who died mysteriously weren't chinese. Your generalisation is pathetic...just want to show off with the line "live by the aword, die by the sword" ?? ...

written by patogh, October 04, 2011 13:40:07

Sorry for TBH family. But nothing will change as the secularists would rather 'vote for devil that u know than the islamists that u dont'. Nothing will change ...

written by hellosunshine, October 04, 2011 13:24:40

Atheist, in all races there are racists and sadists and you are a racist and sadist in your race for blaming innocent TBH when other Chinese treated you bad. I pity you....

written by Oscar Winner !, October 04, 2011 13:22:18

Now you know why MCA said "Forgret the past". Fcuk you MCA !! You are an accomplice to the murderers. We will not forget the past ...

written by AlvinKong, October 04, 2011 13:19:00

The RCI, which was chaired by sitting Federal Court judge Tan Sri James Foong, found that Teoh had been driven to suicide after relentless questioning by investigators from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

I hope he wouldn't have sleepless night! ...

written by temenggong, October 04, 2011 13:16:07

...driven to suicide after relentless questioning is murder! ..

written by Hariharan, October 04, 2011 13:11:37

Please God have pity on Teoh and Sabbani familes,Give them faith,strength and happines to continue living. ..

written by Atheist, October 04, 2011 13:07:40

After how the Chinese in Ranhill and Technip treated me, I don't feel sorry for TBH. Sometimes, this is the only language that some will know and understand !!!!!!Moral of the story ..... live by the sword, die by the sword !!!!! ...

written by soboi, October 04, 2011 13:03:37

Please be patient..when the redemption comes it will be sweet..what goes round will come around..its on its way. ...

written by Kadi, October 04, 2011 12:43:37

The road has ended... Don't worry it will reopen after the PRU - 13 ...

written by TSB, October 04, 2011 12:40:40

Please DO NOT waste ur time n energy going to the Courts n Comissions this n that.

GO to the People where the Powers are. Only the People in the Villages n Kampong can give U the Comfort n Consolation. ...

written by Fart Fart Wah, October 04, 2011 12:34:13

It is murder..and then cover-up..now we have a close -eye....close both eyes...

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