Dr Ismail Aby Jamal

Dr Ismail Aby Jamal
Born in Batu 10, Kg Lubok Bandan, Jementah, Segamat, Johor

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The day will come (sooner or later) when Malaysia becomes a REPUBLIC...!! With the current debate of issues on SULTANS, it could be sooner than later...!!!

The federal Islamic development agency claimed today that many Muslim do not respect the authority of the Malay Rulers who are heads of religions for their respective states. On the eve of a planned gathering of a million Muslims to defend the faith, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) prepared a Friday sermon that accused some parties of putting political interests ahead of the religion. “Many Muslims today do not respect the views and authority and in fact question the Sultan heads of the Islamic religious councils. The sanctity of the faith has been politicised and the split among Muslims has affected the function and role of the councils,” said the sermon titled “State Islamic religious councils drive the transformation of the faithful”.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Therefore, the opinion that Rajas should be placed under a Constitution that determined the status and role of the Rajas was born. With this method, the Rajas could no longer act as they liked. The powers of the Rajas would be determined by the Constitution, that is the country's basic law. Yet, there were Rajas who were willing to hand over their own states to foreign powers while ignoring the Constitution.

Although the representatives were free to speak in the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Undangan Negeri about any topic, but they could not touch on the Rajas because any criticism of the Rajas could be interpreted as sedition and they could be charged under the Sedition Act. This provision was a result of an amendment made in 1971. Before this, criticism of the Rajas could be made in the house. In Britain and other countries, the Parliament was free to criticize the Rajas. It is clear that that criticizing the Rajas does not destroy the Rajas' majesty.

While this prohibition on criticism is said to protect the Rajas' majesty, but when the Rajas are not criticized, they will not be aware of the wrongs that they have committed. Hence, maybe more wrongs will be committed and these wrongs may become more serious. This not only contaminates the Rajas' majesty but can also cause the People to hate the Rajas. It is not true to say the prohibition on criticizing the Rajas will protect the Rajas' majesty. Actually, the majesty of the Rajas will be contaminated because of this prohibition.

Unfortunately, because the Chief Ministers and Prime Minister are Malays that are unwilling to be on bad terms with the Rajas, when the Rajas do something that is not supposed to be done, no effective criticism is made. Even if there is, the unwillingness of the Rajas to care about the criticisms of these official advisers does not bring about any action towards the Rajas.

Hence, in the history of independent Malaysia, the actions of the Rajas and parties who hide behind the Rajas that exceed the rights and privileges of the Rajas become more serious over time. The possibility is that it will become more serious in the future. If there are no amendments to the law, like those suggested here, without doubt worse matters will happen that will cause the Raja Institution to be hated by the people. It is not impossible that if one day in the future, demands are made to completely abolish the Raja System although there are provisions in the Constitution.

Hence this amendment that is suggested aims to avoid or prevent the escalation of hatred towards the Rajas that could bring about demands to abolish the Raja System. This amendment is to save the Rajas themselves and the Constitutional Monarchy system. To strengthen the Constitutional provisions to maintain the Raja System, provisions are made such that any suggestion to abolish the Raja System will be interpreted as sedition and falls under Sedition Laws.

If Malaysia intends to become a country that practices Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy, the immunity that is given to the Rajas must be abolished. Because the Constitution in countries that practice the Constitutional Monarchy System doesn't give immunity to their Kings, the abolishment of the immunity of the Malay Rajas cannot jeopardize their sovereignty. In the modern era, only because the King can't commit crimes as they like, the King's status will not be jeopardized, especially in a country that practices Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy.

The interpretation of the sedition towards the King in the Constitution is so wide until no criticism is can be made in Parliament by members of the Dewan Rakyat or Dewan Undangan. Hence, the media also has no opportunity to report. Criticism can only be made by the Rajas' advisors behind closed doors. If this criticism is ineffective, there is nothing that can be done.

Actually all three former Prime Ministers, as advisors to the Rajas, have already criticized the Rajas many times while they were in service. I know criticisms have been made because this matter has been repeatedly reported in Cabinet meetings and also the UMNO Supreme Council.

It should be reminded that the respect of the People towards the Raja cannot be determined by laws. With your permission, 'Respect must be earned'. Having laws that scare the People will not bring 'respect'. With the realization that the Rajas can be brought to court, Rajas will certainly avoid committing acts that will cause the people not to respect the Rajas. Hence, the Raja Institution will be better respected and better preserved.

Extract of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's speech in the Malaysian Parliament (1993)

Comments (97)...

written by alfchuah, October 23, 2011 10:19:46

Sultans nowadays - what are they doing FOR THE PEOPLE? Are they protecting the people? Are they making income for the state? Are they protecting Islam? Are they stopping corruption? Are they helping to build roads and supply water for the people? Using one's name to name an airport or stadium or road isn't exactly contributing to the people's welfare - all we have is just a longer name to deal with.

Taking money for doing nothing - geez, if that were a job, what would it be called?

Prime ministers of course cannot be exonerated from allowing the situation to worsen. The PM's hide behind the Rajas as they please. When they need political strengthening, they pull the Sultan card. It is called symbiosis and who are screwed - the people of course. The Rajas of course as for payment from the "protection" they give - again, if that were a job, what would it be called? Why can't we criticize the Sultan? Can an employer criticize the employees? Can parents criticize their children? If they are taking my money, of course I can! ...

written by Angeline Ong, October 23, 2011 07:27:10

It's a fact the royalty are fed by umno illegal money and while umno are fed by the people hard earned money. It is an easy life that is full of luxury. Once in a while do some headline here and there or else they will be bored to death.

Indeed this is the best country in the world to live in as far as royalty and umno are concern. My congrat to the people of malaysia for making all this dream possible for them. ...

written by Fair Person, October 23, 2011 02:05:17

booo,no more respect for feudalistic system.we live in a modern world of equality.nobody is born with golden penis. ...

written by melayu, October 23, 2011 01:01:33

SULTAN's near RM1 billion palace vs rumah murah rakyat RM50K. Go figure ...

written by kampong66, October 23, 2011 00:44:10

I would like to hang out at the night clubs where the royals frequent...

written by hangtuah, October 22, 2011 21:07:51

Sultan Kelantan incident showed that government can use polis to topple any Sultan in Malaysia. ...

written by Jibreal, October 22, 2011 20:15:37

the Raja to be well respected after he earned it is RPK. ...

written by veer, October 22, 2011 19:33:30

this country really need to have Hukum Hudud implemented Thank you Raja Petra, you taught me well about Islam and many other issues that in reality, I wont get this kind of understanding from any other sources. ...

written by Motherchell, October 22, 2011 18:55:44

Apologies for the typo!

Should read as :

This is just to remind the Holy Devils in Putrajaya of who they are, ----as they masquerade as puritans of society!! ..

written by Motherchell, October 22, 2011 18:51:27

Though the reasons are absolutely valid----------

Its more a reason with the perception of the reality---its the UMNO Malays who hate them to the core for they have to share the loot with.

There is too much to be written from Perak to Selangor. From tunneling to metros---- from health care to rare earths---- UMNO Malays will go to any extent to prove their point.

The images below will tell you that!!!! I hope the Chief Sitting Bull or Cow at the Islamic University knows what it is to point a RPG at a Sultan they howl about!!!!

All would have seen the Youtube versions. This is just to remind the Holy Devils in Putrajaya of who they as they masquerade as puritans of society!!

and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaRqpQqvuao&NR=1 ...

written by Admiral Tojo, October 22, 2011 17:41:45

Frankly, Malaysia practices an upward welfare system where the poor RAKYAT has to carry the cost of maintaining the 9 Sultans and 1 Agong. Rediculous if you ask me. Now we have pseudo Royalties such as the PM and his second wife.

Shalom ..

written by carlitos, October 22, 2011 16:51:44

how to respect when their eyes looked like this.... ...

written by Amitabh Belacan, October 22, 2011 15:16:35

The mamak kutty often says and proclaims things which are correct and jives with the righteous apirations of may right thinking people. These are all subliminally cloaked with psycho-weapons designed to give him credibility as this pseudo credibility hides a diabolical agenda for his grandiose self centred plans.

Like someone wrote somewhere, Temenggong has learnt well from his master. It is great we have such individuals sniffing around on MT as we can educate MT readers on their modus operandi. For too long Malaysians had been too enamoured with that keralite black magician and we pay a very high price for the folly with the spirit and soul of Malaysia.

So fellow Malaysians, please open your eyes and learn from past folly. As a very good friend of mine opined about characters...snakes of a kind hiss together! ...

written by Free Person, October 22, 2011 13:59:44

I respect the monarch for all the efforts and contributions that they have done for the people. Their role as royalty is expected of them as all must have relevance in society.

I have due respect for the monarchies especially when:

1. They officiate functions and cut ribbons.

2. Support development by having timber concessions.

3. Played a role in the Perak fiasco

4. Stimulate foreign diplomatic relationships with alleged gambling-related issues.

5. Support the automotive industry and stimulate economy by having many luxury cars.

6. Support the F&B industries when people hanging around mamak stalls have topics of conversations.

I'm trying very hard to find better contributions that royalties add value and relevance but a bit stuck. Please help me guys. ...

written by Cicero, October 22, 2011 13:50:31

Fact is our Sultans are just a bunch of dolled up puppets for use in politics to garner support of the day. When it was expedient, TDM whacked the Sultans and got them lined up near the plebian gate. Fast forward now, TDM found it expedient to use them as rallying points to garner Malay support and BN have been using them for all sorst of political games especially in all the Pakatan held states. How to respect ? What is there to respect for ? All sad sad. ...

written by AA, October 22, 2011 13:40:03

In terms of intelligence level, I think Indonesia people is better than Malaysia. They have long time ago abolish Raja system. Come on, people makes progress everyday. Throw away the bad practice and adopt the good one or you will be left behind after few century. ...

written by NoFear, October 22, 2011 13:39:21

Respect..respect..respect lah...don't ask any question...Malaysia style..Don't ask, Don't question..if not i will turn AMOK. ...

written by temenggong, October 22, 2011 12:16:16

Cheers Oscar. I ALWAYS say the obvious. It could hurt at times. People must learn to overlook that. ...

written by Oscar Winner, October 22, 2011 11:58:31

Dear temenggong,

Sometimes you say the right things. Other times you seem to hurt a bit. I like it this time re what you wrote about Gaddafi n family.

Cheers, bro ...

written by matfit, October 22, 2011 11:23:45

The problem is this Mahakuti is the self elected Maha Raja during his time as the PM of Bolehland;the rakyat (umno = BN )woship him as a Pharoh,a very smart Soldtons too.building the Putra Jaya Palace putting shame to 10 Dowing and the White House..because the bodoh Melayu,Cina,Indian voted him ...

written by temenggong, October 22, 2011 10:29:01

Gaddafi and his sons have been brutally killed, by their own people.

Leaders and their families and cronies in authoritarian states, especially Umno, should know what can happen to them, including the IGP, AG, etc. .

written by Hony dog, October 22, 2011 10:25:49

The plain truth is that those Sultans never want to use their grey matters to rationalise and think! They think with their battery of advisers all advises will be okayed!Have you really seen a Sultan in low profile visiting or walking on his own to his rahyat? N o they must go to be prepared with ceremony ,all the pomp and splendour.Its usually show time for them!

If they dont used their brains even for a trival problem what hope is there for them to rule as a figurehead?

Neilahmad was very right ,,,,go ask your usual taxi driver ...and you are in for a ride.!

The Sultans must change for the better right now and behave like those Judges in the judiciary.

People perception on our Sultans took a dive during the Perak Crisis and the most learned Sultan of Perak State behaved like a 1st year intern from Lincoln Inns.He thought his people from Perak could be conned and taken for suckers.

Have any of you seen a very Fair Sultan? Dont read the papers please!Have yet to hear some thing good and kind about them and we are still waiting......perhaps till the cows come home. ..

written by Down-to-earth man, October 22, 2011 10:04:49

Dear RPK,

If I'm not wrong, you detested Mahathir for curtailing the powers of the royalty while he was in office. After all, you have strong royal ties and as the saying goes, "blood runs thicker than water". By publishing Mahathir's statement, I believe, you are grinding a double-edged sword: First, you want to tell the world that Mahathir was the one who threw royalty out of the window. Secondly, you want to remind the UMNO leaders that constructive criticism against royalty is valid.

The way I see it, Mahathir's recent statement that Aziz Bari's was disrespectful towards the Sultan seems rather "unusual and inconsistent". Aziz Bari might have been an admirer of Mahathir in his younger days as far as the latter's views on royalty were concerned. Now, it looks like a case of the master disowning his disciple. ...

written by Arima, October 22, 2011 09:34:42

RAJA Petra ...Sir....you are the only RAJA for me. Salute you Sir. ...

written by abdul, October 22, 2011 09:18:11

As long as the Rajas behave well and not be seen to be overly generous in giving Datoship, protect the people by being neutral and apolitical and not seen to be siding or favouring another party, uphold the law of the country, mainting dignity in practising Islam as being the head, and not to get involved in business we all can respect the rajas. If they deviate or seen to have digressed from these then they don't deserved any respect at all from Malaysians ...

written by neilahmad, October 22, 2011 08:56:49

During my school days I respect the Sultan becos I was taught by my teachers all the good things the Sultans does, help poor people,tour poor kampongs,visit people people, attend funerals etc. But these days they travel around in Roll Royce, ferrari, lambogini etc. I wonder if my teacher is correct in teaching me all these. ...

written by Ah Kow, October 22, 2011 08:50:43

What the sultans have acquired is nothing compared to what have been acquired by BN MBs or BN Chief Ministers within three years of their taking the office. Effectively after the constitiutional amendments in 1983 and 1993, these people have more powers and money then the sultans ever had in pre-Merdeka days. It's all one cruel comedy. ...

written by 13th GE, October 22, 2011 08:15:36

Sultans should be apolitical

Are they?

As per constitutions, they are relgious heads (Heads of Islam, to be exact).

Are their lifestyles reflect them as such?

Can they be seen as being fair to non-Muslim rakyat? If can (by right they should), will those overzealous Muslims accept?

Last but not least, can they or their family be involved in business actually?

To different people, different answers. Your answers will make you respect or not respect Sultans. They should not be put into the same basket to decide on their respectability. ...

written by ABU, October 22, 2011 05:24:55


written by Labu labi, October 22, 2011 03:55:46

How to respect, during Mahathir's time he made fool of the sultans. ...

written by hangtuah, October 22, 2011 03:43:51

Majority of rakyat will be more happy if Mahathir got rid of Monarchy! ...

written by hangtuah, October 22, 2011 03:36:20

Not only Malays don't respect Sultan, ask the rest of the rakyat about one good thing about Sultan and we could not even think of any. ..

written by Ed-win, October 22, 2011 03:34:32

To adhere to protocol is just,

To make oneself 'sembah' is another

They are human,it's like being in a multi-national(they like to talk that way)company

They are the CEO of the state....whatever happens to my company..make sure my pay comes in...

Anything other than that,DO NOT DISTURB!!!!!!(Tee time,collecting vintage cars,drinks at 'keras batu',sailing,have a 'friend' around for company)

My 2 cents...are we moving towards wasteland???

No more tears...it's game time!!!! ...

written by John Spring, October 22, 2011 01:12:49

One more went down in Africa yesterday. It is time for the 'Asian Spring' - let it begin in Malaysia. We want the death penalty for the crime of 'High Corruption'. We will bring to justice all the corrupt officials of this evil regime. ..

written by AMOKER27, October 22, 2011 00:31:19

And TDM has the cheek to say that Aziz is biadap.

But i agree with TDM that respect is earned. The Sultan post Perak fiasco and repeated in Selangor and Johor, are not earning their day wages and certainly even less from the rakyat. ...

written by Oscar Winner !, October 22, 2011 00:26:09

When the Agong was not on their side, they even labelled him "NATANG", what more the sultans ?? What respect? They only respect $$$.

When they see the rulers show a hint of support for their cause, they will seize the opportunity and praise the monarchy.

High time the sultans realised they are just UMNO's tools. Damn, what am I talking about ?? Why would the rulers care. They are in cohorts with UMNO. Both of them don't give a damn about the rakyat's welfare anyway.

written by AlwaysFair, October 22, 2011 00:22:49

Well it is good, because now we have one more candidate to field for GE, Dr. Aziz Bari...

written by Kingston, October 22, 2011 00:01:20

The reverse of Sultan is Nat lus. ...

written by betasigma, October 21, 2011 23:51:22

this was one of those only few issues mahatahi hv done which had gained national 'resonance' ,this 1993 issue is however also a solid proof that in fact it has been umno who'd started the 'whacking' on the royals,but how many'd seen that the reason why mahatahi did it was in fact actually ;to empower himself with more executive right n that had enabled the devil n his cronies to steal n rob ,to screw up the nation big time with more ease when he was at the helm for 22 donkey years...... ...

written by dnce, October 21, 2011 23:48:54

UMNO only manipulate the sotan for its own existence base on race religion and king. ...

written by HeartPain, October 21, 2011 23:37:01

I only know 1 Raja and I am proud of him! My Raja is the great Raja of them all. His name is Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin. .

written by Sudoaku, October 21, 2011 23:36:20

Say what is true, although it may be bitter and displeasing to people

Nabi Muhammad s.a.w

Democracy arises out of the notion that those who are equal in any respect are equal in all respects; because men are equally free, they claim to be absolutely equal.


Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth

Albert Einstein

Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher


If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time

Abraham Lincoln ...

written by boey, October 21, 2011 23:31:57

Mamak said the above & there was no action taken . whereas prof aziz bari remark that the sultan had acted in a "unusual & inconsistent manner on a church raid " had got him questioned & suspended by the Authorities Cant see the logic between these two ...

written by Cynic, October 21, 2011 23:27:48

Respect has to be earned, not bestowed ...

written by fakir, October 21, 2011 23:16:34

Ha, you pikir Malay care about Sotan? Or Sotan care about Malay?

Semua nya fence sitters.

Where are Sotan/ where are Malays in Japanese time?

Where are Sotan in Orang putih times? Did Malay come to their rescue?

Where are Malays in Orang putih time? Did Sotan come to their rescue?

Where are Malays when Mamak UMNO squeezed Sotans balls sampai pecah?

Who can tell Siapa pagar Siapa padi? ..

written by rosmah handbag, October 21, 2011 23:14:03

THE 1.2Billion ZOO to house the white elephant in Sri Hartamas make my eyesore! ...

written by seaton, October 21, 2011 23:13:04

The dont need to dragt sultan into this matter. the only one to blame is sen zam. lebih sudu dr kuah. ...

written by Ayu, October 21, 2011 23:09:45

the extract is just well said! ..

written by muhibah1malaysia, October 21, 2011 22:53:48

Sultan-sultan bukannya di jadikan oleh Allah atau dilantik oleh Nabi Muhamand ataupun di pilih oleh rakyat secara demokrasi.asal usul sultan atau raja zaman sekarang adalah keturunan GANGSTER atau LANUN sejak zaman berzaman. betulke tidak fikirlah sendiri.Di Malaysia sultan-sultan di gunakan untuk kepentingan pemimpin-peminpin UMNO. Betulke tidak fikirlah sendiri. Hanya satu sahaja ahli kerabat diraja yang saya tahu mementingkan seluruh rakyat Malaysia adalah RAJA PETRA KAMURUDDIN ...

written by hangtuah, October 21, 2011 22:45:47

Seriously, if Malaysia has only one Malay race, how long will Raja and Sultan-sultan last? ...

written by Bang, October 21, 2011 22:40:52

That was the only thing that the Mamak ever contributed to Malaysia during his 22 years in power. Unfortunately, it was overshodowed by all other deeds and crimes he committed. ...

written by FireFox, October 21, 2011 22:34:25

Remember, the 5th of November ! ..

written by cheekhiaw, October 21, 2011 22:10:08

Eh, mamak ketuk sultan dulu pencuri semua diam... ...

written by Harilelai, October 21, 2011 22:10:04

The biggest get-together of 'fascists' since Adolf Hitler will be held in Shah Alam tomorrow? The excuse for it is an allegation so-and-so Christian tried to proselytise a few Muslims? Is that all you need to hold a "million people" demo? Why not hold one every week then? ...

written by Rita Huang, October 21, 2011 22:06:01

Well, a sotan or two even got away with murder. By the way, what happened to Private Adam? You know the brother of the victim who was bludgeoned to death with a golf club? ...

written by Gajah Madah, October 21, 2011 22:02:29

Tuanku RPK,

We respect you more then Tuanku Sultan, anytime and anyday for sure.

Selangorian loves you RPK!!! ...

written by stevo, October 21, 2011 21:58:25

Yes, right, it's hard to describe the feeling towards these royalties la. Don't hate them but definitely don't like them. Why? Well, number one, they don't do anything for us in our everyday life and two, they don't help put food on our tables and three, they live on our money for doing practically nothing. Makes no difference whether we have them or not. Tell me I am wrong about this. ...

written by Pok Li, October 21, 2011 21:54:00

This is the only part that I agree with Mahathir. The problem is, the Rajas immunity was transferred to UMNO leaders. ...

written by dahserikngankeris, October 21, 2011 21:44:52 Tuanku! An chua, ho bo

chia pa yauber

Sultan answers: chia yau

everyone lives happily ever after ...

written by Kin, October 21, 2011 21:27:31

Ah, but we forget... back in the day, plebs like us may heap praises and poems worthy of David who felled Goliath on such a "hero". As it turned out, Mahathir actually clipped the Sultans' wings for his self-serving agenda. The royal wings had been turned into a c**k feather robe of power, tailored to suit the serpent's and his cohorts' whims.

The people not respecting the Sultans for their indiscretions is another matter, or maybe even, insignificant at most. In all probability, their majesties are above all petty grievances... and respect is always given albeit begrudgingly.

So honestly did it really matter in the end, whether or not the Sultans' wings were clipped at all? Just look at the poor professor and you'll know. ...

written by Keith, October 21, 2011 21:27:15

the reason is simple. The Sultan has lost their sovereignty and given limited access of authority, they do not possess political influence at all. Today, they are nothing but a symbol and rarely appear in public. They are slowly forgotten. The only thing we could see was Mahathir being above the King and president faces of UMNO every generation for 54 years. ..

written by Ocassey, October 21, 2011 21:20:37

Unfortunately, because the Chief Ministers and Prime Minister are Malays that are unwilling to be on bad terms with the Rajas, when the Rajas do something that is not supposed to be done, no effective criticism is made. Even if there is, the unwillingness of the Rajas to care about the criticisms of these official advisers does not bring about any action towards the Rajas.


## And since both are MALAYS , everything becomes "All In The Family Affairs" !









written by neilahmad, October 21, 2011 21:06:17

Just read this and you will see why the malays don't respect the sultan....

As pressure grows for the International Islamic University of Malaysia (UIA) to lift Dr Abdul Aziz Bari’s suspension, the law professor has insisted he did not criticise the Selangor Sultan.

Abdul Aziz said today he was fulfilling his role as an academic when he said earlier this month that the Sultan had intervened in an “unusual and inconsistent” manner on the church raid by religious authorities.

“I did not attack the Selangor Sultan. As an academic, I have a role to inform the public,” he said, adding that he would reply to a show-cause letter from the university on Tuesday after he has met his lawyer.

Over 700 UIA students held a protest at the Gombak campus this morning demanding that the constitutional expert be reinstated.

Lecturers from UIA and other universities as well as politicians have also backed Abdul Aziz over the suspension that came after Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs had urged that action be taken against the don.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah had decreed recently that the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) had found evidence of proselytisation by non-Muslims during a dinner held at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) on August 3 but said it was insufficient for further legal action.

Abdul Aziz’s statement that the intervention was “unusual and inconsistent” and not done in line with Islamic teachings had caused a furore among BN MPs in Parliament.

Although a police report has been lodged against him, the outspoken academic has decided against apologising for his remarks, insisting he had not meant to challenge the Sultan. ...

written by Dzulkarnain, October 21, 2011 21:00:00

Actually JKIM may probably aspire to want to take over the position of the Sultans as the heads of Islam....so that the chief JKIM dude can crown him self as an "ayatollah", naturally he will be under direct instruction from his ameno masters who have direct line to heaven, and they can continue pillaging the country "in gods name"...wont belong before we are like Libya...

written by Malik, October 21, 2011 20:54:56

Oouchhhhh!!!.....bingo and spot on. ..

written by gurjit, October 21, 2011 20:17:24

I won't comment much but who removed the raja's n sultan's power? Ans:Kutty!He was right n left.GE13 here we come,people.........enjoy the ride! ..

written by bangsarPariah, October 21, 2011 20:16:41

Perhaps if they behaved as if they actually wanted to be closer to their people instead being wannabe matsallehs then things would be better ...

written by arazak, October 21, 2011 20:11:29

"If Malaysia intends to become a country that practices Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy, the immunity that is given to the Rajas must be abolished."


That was what Toon Kutty said. Now compare to what Dr. Aziz Bari said that the sultan intervention was "unusual and inconsistent" and not in line with Islamic teachings with regard to the DUMC-JAIS case.

Folks. . ., I am doing a poll here;

Between Toon Mamak Kutty and Dr. Aziz Bari, who is the "kurang ajar"? If you think Toon Mamak Kutty is the "kurang ajar" one, vote (+) please! ...

written by nyampah, October 21, 2011 20:04:36

Why is the sermon has 'transformation' in the title??? Sounds familiar....from amnoshit to amnotaik?? ...

written by Malaysia for Malaysians, October 21, 2011 20:00:37

Is plundering the wealth of the nation worth it?

Is suppressing the Rakyat worth it?

Just look at Gaddafi.

You make your own conclusion. ..

written by Cengkiak, October 21, 2011 19:53:56

to be frank, I do not hate Raja/Sultan but to like them is somewhat impossible. ...

written by kumara, October 21, 2011 19:40:36

YM RPK well written article. There is this law of natural forces that will check all excesses over time History has proven that in many cases that we are witrnessing now. ...

written by Nawi Bin Abdullah, October 21, 2011 19:38:51

Dear All,

Why the Sultans are losing respect of the rakyat. Firstly UMNO told us to do so. Then the Sultans themselves do not live within the principles of Islam. It is an open secret that they womanise, gamble, drink alcohol, etc etc etc. So now the rakyat are confused. Some Sultans even cheats the rakyat by siding with the ruling party for financial gains. Even Jakim is a confused lot. Your advice does not carry water.


NBA ...

written by TulunSabah, October 21, 2011 19:38:45

Luckily in Sabah there is no Raja or Sultan..although there are claims that he or she is descended from Sultan Sulu...what a laughing stock..the world is more modern..More open and more smarter...I am truly against the notion that someone is more 'entitled' just because he or she is blood related to some King , Raja or Sultan...we common people work our @sses off to earn a meager living..no disrespect to the Royalties but thier power equates to Islam only and contributes little if nothing directly to the industrialization and modernization of Malaysia.. ...

written by MalayToo, October 21, 2011 19:33:43

When someone consults, we call him a consultant. When he insults, he is known as an insultant.

When a Sultant is called a Sultant, we respect him as one who loves his subjects and puts their welfare as his priority.

According to the late ex-DPM Gafa Baba, of the less than 20 surviving monarchs in the world today, more than half are in Malaysia.

Based on the above definitions, we are really blessed as Malaysians! ..

written by Qaseh, October 21, 2011 19:31:05 Raja vs Rakyat is not part of 3R Program right? ...

written by MelayuKota, October 21, 2011 19:29:12 my vote for RPK ...

written by Tompios, October 21, 2011 19:28:20

Dear all,

If you really want to see the truest King in Asian then you should go and stay in Thailand. The majesty King of Thailand and His royal family used to visit their people in the remote area by feet. Helping the villagers planting paddy in the muddy field. They do not ask anyone to roll over red carpet for them to walk. ..

written by SAMURAI, October 21, 2011 19:28:17 Not respecting SULTAN actually started by UMNO. Where was this JAKIM when UMNO shows disrespectable to them? At that time they act as if nothing in the world had happen and when this is done by the opposite side, they quickly jump on their feet. SUDAHLAH JAKIM!!!! ...

written by Yacob Ismail, October 21, 2011 19:20:35 Republic of Malaysia!!! ..

written by earthman, October 21, 2011 19:01:48

When people , whether Malays or others understand when they see a wrong, they would voiced out to tell the people. When they do not understand or are afraid to do so then the wrongs will not be corrected and may even increase in future. This is genuine but then some are evil out to create troubles to stay in power or gain from it.

Having said that we must be trained to be open too to criticism and debate openly. By hiding behind laws and threatening the people or frightening them of disasters or chaos if they speak up, only delay our journey to a heavenly place of perfect governance. Must always strive to be perfect if even not perfect or else be drag down by excuses of sensitivity, insulting , mocking , disrespect , special rights or sovereignty, supremacy and whatnot.

Are the Malays ready ? .......... we are ready. If you are wrong , would you want to know? ..

written by Jer, October 21, 2011 18:50:12

Does UMNO really care about the Monarchy? How come our education system makes us memorize the contributions of each UMNO Prime Minister BUT does not teach us anything about the contribution of each Agong toward building Malaysia into what it is today? The Monarchy is yet just another convenient tool which they bring out once in a while to manipulate people to vote for them. ...

written by Jer, October 21, 2011 18:46:01

Do you care about the Monarchy? (Try to answer these simple questions)

1. What is the full name of your Sultan? What is the name of the person who will succeed the Sultan of your state?

2. What is the full name of Malaysia's Agong? Which state is he from?

3. Will you immediately recognize your state Sultan and the Agong if they're not accompanied by their whole team of bodyguards and protocol people??

If you have to google it, you know you don't really care about the Monarchy. You're merely stating "politically correct" words. ...

written by neilahmad, October 21, 2011 18:37:06

Jakim, The malays have grown up. You bloody people have put the malays on leash for far too long. Don't blame them for not showing their middle finger to the sotan. The sotan have themselves to be blame becos they have dipped their hands into politics. Once you do that you are no more consider any different between you and those corrupted. Look at Perak. The people are furious becos the sotan have conspire with the crooks to steal their precious votes. Now Selangor sotan is doing a copycat.

I don't have to say too much. Just ask the taxi drivers and they will bang their steering and curse with foam coming out of their mouth. Just a small a fire will set off a wildfire.

Days of the sotan are numbered. ...

written by Loh333, October 21, 2011 18:28:25

///On the eve of a planned gathering of a million Muslims to defend the faith, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) prepared a Friday sermon that accused some parties of putting political interests ahead of the religion. ///--RPK

The larger the gathering, the less they have the confidence that their fellow-Muslims would never ditch their faith. Why the worry? ...

written by Pak Yeh, October 21, 2011 18:17:35

I dont agree with Mamak Kutty on many things but in this case I AGREE with him. ..

written by IbnAbdHalim, October 21, 2011 18:02:50

UMNO is free to say anything against the rajas. They can undress the rajas in public and no action will be taken whereas the ordinary citizen can't utter a word or face sedition charges. Mahathir went around the nation in his prime days degrading the sultans and whatnot. Now, Aziz Bari got clamped to the wall. So, if the citizens don't respect the rajas don't blame them. The fault is with UMNO and then the rajas themselves. .

written by bumiputar, October 21, 2011 18:01:09

I'm very sorry to hear that.

BUT why not do some suol searching to find out the ROOT CAUSE? ...

written by LMa, October 21, 2011 18:00:51

This is the paradox and hypocrital attitude of Umno. When they were in wholesale control of Mlaysia, they whacked the Raja and Sultan left, right and centre. They openly accused the Sultan to be drunkards, womanizers, gamblers and all other sort of nasty things which were/ are unfortunately true and were/are public secrets. The virulence and magnitude of their attack left some Sultan embarrassed, shocked, sleepless and defenseless.

But now Umno controls only three fifth of Malaysia. They are now using the Sultan for their survival and accusing any and sundry who mildly criticize the Sultans as trators or treacherous people that should be crucified.

Lest some people don't know yet, Umno is a thuggish & devilish party full of hypocrites. The sooner you send them with Gadaffi, the better would be this country. God willing. ...

written by Jibby the Hit, Your C4 friendly 1$upreme 1Leader, October 21, 2011 17:59:26

Read lah My Oaf 1MY Qur'4n swearing pink pouting lip$

The reason Malays don't respect Sultans?!!$#@! Alimentary Matson, the uMnoAlAY$ has the be$t respect that money can buy!! No ringgit, what lah respect?$emua-nya OK! ...

written by AndyL, October 21, 2011 17:56:55

'Respect must be earned'. Having laws that scare the People will not bring 'respect'.

Her Majesty The Queen of UK is a very lovely lady, millions people from worldwide respect her.

If If Rajas committing acts/controversies, do you expect people to show respect???

If If Rajas sided with one political party, do you think the supporters of another party will show respect???

Is Jakim above politics??? ...

written by telur dua, October 21, 2011 17:49:11

The Rajas do not need immunity because they are supposed to behave and do no wrong. But Borehland is no Utopia. ...

written by rent, October 21, 2011 17:45:39

bullseye! ...

written by shaz, October 21, 2011 17:37:08

How true..

Thank you RPK ...

written by Cengkiak, October 21, 2011 17:36:21

untuk menjadikan sistem beraja lebih mesra rakyat dan akan terus kekal, sultan atau raja hendaklah dipilih oleh rakyat melalui undi. Sultan atau raja yang jadi calon untuk dipilih hendaklah dari kerabat raja sahaja. Contohnya, RPK sendiri. Dengan cara itu, raja atau sultan akan jadi mesra rakyat kerana mahukan dia terus dipilih setiap tempoh tertentu. ...

written by Hariharan, October 21, 2011 17:30:52

Wah,Tun is very brave that time.Now he just old. ...

written by betasigma, October 21, 2011 17:22:51

respect is always earned not forced,not the way they 'man-handled' prof aziz bari..!!!

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