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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let’s make IMAGINE (a song by John Lenon) as the real inspiration for 1MALAYSIA.............

Let us imagine that the debate between Gan Ping Sieu of MCA and Lim Guan Eng of DAP is held. Let us also imagine that the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) helped organise this debate and that both leaders accepted the invitation to the debate. Let us then imagine what transpires in this debate.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

MCA vice president challenges Guan Eng to hudud debate

(The Star) -- MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu has issued a challenge to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to a public debate on hudud.

He told reporters in Parliament lobby Tuesday that the debate would be on how DAP was going to stop PAS from implementing hudud law in the country.

Gan said the debate was necessary because during campaigning at various by-elections, DAP had been portraying PAS as a moderate, liberal and professional party.

However, he said PAS' recent statement on implementing hudud law showed that it was “ignoring DAP”, its partner in Pakatan Rakyat.

“I wanted to hand him an official letter on my challenge to him on Monday and today. But he was not around in Parliament. So, I will send my letter via registered mail,” he said.

Gan said for courtesy sake, he would let Guan Eng choose the venue, time and mediator for the debate.


Gan Ping Sieu: DAP says that PAS is a moderate, liberal and professional party. However, as the evidence shows, PAS just goes and does what it wants. It does not care about DAP. DAP can say one thing but PAS goes and does the opposite.

This shows that PAS does not respect DAP. In fact, it shows that PAS does not respect the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, as well. Even the Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim, does not respect DAP when he said that, in principle, he agrees with PAS, in that the Islamic laws of Hudud should be implemented, although he admitted that this is his personal view and not the consensus of Pakatan Rakyat.

DAP has certainly lost face. PAS and Anwar are sending a message to DAP that it is not relevant and that its views are not important. The message that they are sending to DAP is that DAP can take it or leave it. And if DAP is not happy about this matter, then it can leave Pakatan Rakyat, just like it did once before when the same controversy erupted during the time of Barisan Alternatif.

Pakatan Rakyat talks about consensus. DAP talks about consensus. What consensus? When PAS announced that it is still committed to its aspiration of implementing Hudud, was that based on consensus or based on just what PAS wants?

If PAS implements Hudud, how will the Chinese in Malaysia fare? Will the rights of the Chinese be protected? Will prostitution, nightclubs, karaoke joints, pork, gambling and liquor be banned? Will the wishes of the Chinese no longer matter?

DAP is selling out the Chinese just because it seeks power. DAP will do anything just to get into power, even sell out the Chinese. DAP is a traitor to the Chinese community. DAP talks about defending the rights of the Chinese and yet it works with PAS, which is a party that is dangerous to the Chinese.

Maybe Guan Eng can explain what is going to happen to the Chinese community if Hudud is implemented in Malaysia. And if Guan Eng says that Hudud will never be implemented, then maybe he can explain how DAP can prevent that from happening since PAS has not relented in its mission to implement Hudud and still treats this as the priority of the party.

Lim Guan Eng: First of all, MCA must note that while Pakatan Rakyat does things on the basis of consensus, this does not mean we deny each party the right to express its views. Unlike in Barisan Nasional, where no party can make any statement that Umno will not allow and whatever they say is just echoing whatever Umno says, in Pakatan Rakyat we do not stifle the freedom of anyone to express their opinion. That is why PAS is allowed to say what it wants to say, even if the rest of the parties in Pakatan Rakyat may not share this view.

Democracy is not about allowing you to say something that I agree with. That is not democracy. Democracy is about allowing you to say something that I disagree with. No doubt DAP does not agree with Hudud. PAS, however, supports Hudud. So we allow PAS to talk about Hudud and to state its aspirations regarding Hudud. If we stop PAS from saying all this, then DAP would be violating the principles of democracy.

You cannot view this as PAS not respecting DAP by saying something that DAP does not agree with. You have to view it as DAP respecting the right of PAS to say something that DAP does not agree with. To agree is easy. Anyone can do that. But to agree to disagree is the hard thing to do. And that is what Pakatan Rakyat is able to do and which Barisan Nasional is not able to.

I know this is a very difficult concept for MCA to understand because this is not practiced in Barisan Nasional. In Barisan Nasional, MCA can’t say something that Umno is opposed to. MCA can only say something that Umno likes to hear. If MCA says something that Umno is unhappy with, then there will be screams for MCA to get out of Barisan Nasional or that MCA should be sacked from Barisan Nasional or that the Chinese should go back to China and so on. This is not how we do things in Pakatan Rakyat.

This talk about Chinese rights is outdated. In Pakatan Rakyat, we do not talk about Chinese rights or Indian rights or Malay rights like you do in Barisan Nasional. In Pakatan Rakyat, we talk about the rights of all Malaysians irrespective or ethnicity. Even when we talk about Hudud we talk about how it will be accepted by all Malaysians and not how it is accepted or reject by any one ethnicity.

What MCA does not seem to understand is that Islamic Sharia laws have been around since before Merdeka. This law used to be the secondary laws in Malaysia and only touches on Islamic matters, and even then only in cases where the common laws do not address, in particular matters concerning marriage, divorce, death, inheritance, and so on. It does not cover crimes, traffic offenses, and whatnot. For that we have the common laws, which override the Sharia laws.

In the past, the common law courts took precedence over the Sharia courts. However, Barisan Nasional, which MCA is a member of, changed this when it made the Sharia courts at par with the common law courts. This confusion was something that Barisan Nasional created and MCA is part of Barisan Nasional. Why did MCA support this move to upgrade the status of the Sharia courts and now we have ambiguity between which court has more power to decide on matters concerning the Sharia?

Can you see that Barisan Nasional, meaning also MCA, is the culprit that started all this confusion? Now you blame us for what you did.

The Sharia laws of Hudud are very specific. It covers only certain violent and serious crimes like robbery, murder, rebellion, apostasy, consuming of intoxicating substances, illicit sex, and slander.

Now, we already have laws governing robbery, murder and rebellion. So these laws will take precedence over Hudud. In fact, the common law punishment for rebellion is even worse. Can you remember we hanged the Al Maunah people who were charged for rebellion a few years ago? Under Hudud, they would not have been hanged. They would have been given a chance to repent and if they repented then they would be pardoned and allowed back into society. But instead we hanged them for rebellion.

Under Hudud, even Chin Peng would have been allowed home since he has already signed a peace treaty with Malaysia back in 1989. Would not Hudud have been better in cases such as these?

On the consumption of intoxicating substances, we already have laws for that as well. If you were to be arrested with drugs above a certain limit, even if you do not consume it but only possessed it, you would be hanged. Under Hudud, possession is not a crime. Only consumption is. And you would not be hanged.

However, with or without Hudud, intoxication and illicit sex are already crimes under the Sharia. Muslims would be punished for this, even now. Non-Muslims are not covered under these laws just like they would not be under Hudud as well.

We must remember, pork, liquor, gambling, illicit sex, and any activities that Islam considers immoral, are only forbidden for Muslims. Non-Muslims can continue being as immoral as they would like to be. Chua Soi Lek admitted publicly that he was the man in the porn video. Since he is not a Muslim, nothing happened to him. If he is a Muslim, then he would have been brought before the Sharia court since he had confessed to being the man in the video.

According to the Constitution, Islam is the religion of the Federation. According to the Constitution, the Rulers are the head of Islam. According to the Constitution, each state has power over Islam, and this means Islamic Sharia laws as well. So it is up to the states how it would like Islam to be implemented.

If MCA finds this unacceptable, and since MCA is part of the government, then MCA can always get Parliament to amend the Constitution to rectify this. Why does MCA not do this? Why keep quiet?

DAP and PAS are not part of the government. MCA and Umno are. So go amend the Constitution to remove the powers of the states as well as the Rulers and bring Islam under the federal government. MCA and Umno have the power to do this. Why is this not being done? Then, once this is done, PAS can no longer talk about Hudud because Islam will no longer come under the states but will be under the Prime Minister and Parliament.

Anyway, PAS normally contests only one-third the seats in Parliament and it never wins all the seats it contests. It is, therefore, impossible for PAS to amend the Constitution that will allow Hudud to be implemented. PAS will need Umno and the other Muslim MPS from Pakatan Rakyat to combine their votes to get a majority in Parliament. And we all know this will never happen.

So what is the issue here? Is this a real issue or a red herring? MCA is just trying to distract the people from the fact that it is irrelevant and is going to get wiped out in the coming general election. MCA is trying to treat this Hudud issue as its ‘talian hayat’. Let’s see whether the voters buy this ploy.

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written by chinapek65, October 06, 2011 11:21:06

Gan bin Siao....

Kalau tak faham constitution jangan cuba merepeklah....

ABU ! ABU ! ABU ! ...

written by lobster, October 06, 2011 09:29:01

Gan Ping Who? why is he talkign and why should I care? ...

written by R.Prem Kumar, October 06, 2011 08:57:13

John Lennon also said : If you have enjoyed wasting time, then you haven't wasted time. The MCA has the gall to even tell their members to forget the past. Which past? The President's immoral acts in a budget lodging? The one time President holding Tun having his soiled linen being exposed in court? The past President serving time in prison after doing it twice in Singapore and in the country. Remember CBT? Instead of sucking up to Najib, Chua should do the most honorable thing - Resign. ...

written by Isma, October 05, 2011 21:47:03

Good one Pete. If MCA ever actually got into a debate with DAP they will confuse themselves. I imagine, and fully expect, at some point in the debate they will be agreeing with DAP before they realize they are doing so and then they will comically try to back away from this position only to find themselves agreeing with PAS before realizing their blunder. Then the entire debate will break down when all the MCA members present end up in a noisy shouting match with each other while DAP looks on with amusement. ..

written by Kromme, October 05, 2011 16:38:22

Muslims in all their ignorance forget that sex outside marriage and all immoral things preached in the quran is also preached in most major religion in the world....name me one religion that says go screw around before marriage and stuff? I for one am sick and tired of muslim people telling me....you lain la...kita islam lain....tak bole buat camtu..." which tells you what? all of them are ignorant idiots who dont even know what they are talking about. ...

written by siudi, October 05, 2011 16:34:20

The only common language spoken by BN whores is RACISM

The only common political style adopted by BN whores is MONEY POLITICS

The only common tongue shared by BN whores is FORKED TONGUE

The only common trait shared by BN whores is LYING

The only common illness that affects BN whores is ADDICTION

The only common interests shared by BN whores are ANUS and MEN ...

written by armchaircritic, October 05, 2011 16:20:30

people - operative word here is IMPOSSIBLE! 2/3 majority baru boleh amend Constitution, faham?

so as YM RPK says here, the non-moslems can carry on their immoral ways as much as they like

and stop taking the stupid-pills ! ...

written by Yeap Cheng Liang, October 05, 2011 15:39:18

Hudud or no Hudud, I am going to vote Pakatan anyway. We must remember the goal is to create a healthy power competition enviroment. And to do that we have to vote out BN. ...

written by Norwegianwood, October 05, 2011 15:21:17

Very well said! You are indeed wise and intelligent. ...

written by tony, October 05, 2011 14:02:18

Bravo! I totally agrees with what DAP is advocating and their explanation in defence of the Hudud Laws. Now comes the diffcult part, Why all the objections and over dead body if its acceptable to them? ...

written by F A Long, October 05, 2011 13:59:01

I refer to panca's "Mana Cari Amoi" : there in the meeting - pretty maids in a row. ...

written by Mohd Ibrahim, October 05, 2011 13:07:50

the best of all articles on hudud ...

written by Chrisabah, October 05, 2011 12:44:57

Dear MCA,

Its very easy to win this nonsense debate. Just shout " Hudud Law will have no effect to our Presiden's sex act".

Dear DAP,

Forget about this useless debate, some party just want to make you busy. No more slip from the tounge. Keep Focus & try to win more undi pos ..

written by Apek, October 05, 2011 12:16:51

Dear Gan Ping Sieu,

I advise you to read the article and then save your Registered Post stamp money to Penang. Use that Registered Post stamp money to send your resignation letter to Jalan Ampang. ...

written by Leon, October 05, 2011 11:48:24

Ah Gan, if you want to debate or talk about Hudud, please make sure you are having certified certificate in Islam. If not, I am afraid official religion authorities may blame and ban you from talking about it since you do not have certificate.

Ahh... and don't you blame official religion authorities from doing so, because you (from MCA) allowed such thing from happening since you are part of federal government. ..

written by Malaysian first, Indian second, October 05, 2011 11:46:30

wow,cm,ur the man,thts the way of answering. ...

written by Cina Balu, October 05, 2011 11:14:25

Rajen, October 05, 2011 09:36:21,

Good point, Rajen!

There is talk from the grapevine, that Boarding Schools children get hungry due to corrupt practices in school management. HMs and Boarding Wardens collude and make money.

That's money principally. More seriously, these children are our assets but because of corruption they don't have decent DIET. Would that affect their health and the coconut in their heads?

Has anybody seen an Official Malaysian Government Publication on Boarding Schools diet??? ...

written by Jimmy, October 05, 2011 11:05:27

Beautiful article! ...

written by Clown, October 05, 2011 11:04:07

MCA really needs to get creative if they wanna play dirty...they are still using tactics that would probably work like in 1930. ..

written by charles, October 05, 2011 10:56:51

Dear RPK, you always emphasize in your many articles that Pas needs to amend the Federal Constitution inorder for them to implement HUDUD.And since Pas is unable to have two-third majority on their own in Parliamen, HUDUD will just remain as a dream for them.I'm sure you are aware that in politics there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies.Pas enemies today may turn into friends when Pas comes to power and therefore help Pas to realise their HUDUD dream.You can never discount such possibility and I can understand why DAP starts shooting whenever HUDUD is brought up by Pas. ...

written by Keris-waver Mudin, October 05, 2011 10:36:38

Fear lah MyKeris & Submit Yourselves to MyISA Laws

For money's sake, why you publish this facts to those Renegades & Kafirs? Why must you go break the ploy by the great Tun? We are a just a few steps from breaking the Pakatan Renegades & kafirs. How dare you Renegade PK trying to shatter our wetdreams! You've seen how keris-matic I am during Umno Assembly & how potent MyISA laws onto those Renegades & Kafirs, so stop smirking. How I wished those police should drag you by force into our embassy in Thailand for the sake of your 'safety'.. We could've duped the masses easily with our ProUmnoGanda. Don't think you've won.. our Tun & my boss 1Jibby & 1Moi will invent more herrings and more twists to overrun you Un-Umno-triotic Renegades & Kafirs! Dollar Akbar! Our money still speaks! We have new Migraine Voters! Our Erection Compassion can overrun PR! Surrender now, stop disrupting our peaceful commission-earning! Don't make your leader's life hard or else.. MyISA laws will find you.. Bersih Kotor! MyKeris-waving is great! ..

written by AR Ananth, October 05, 2011 10:30:09

Hudud issue is like asking us to buy/make Igloos because its gonna be snowing in Malaysia 24/7/365. Will it happen?Perhaps. Who knows? Should we buy/make Igloos? If situation warrants, why not?

This folks is what we are facing now. When will Malaysia see Hudud? Soon. How soon?

1. AS SOON AS Malaysia votes 118 PAS MP's into the previously leaking parliament

2. AS SOON AS PAS amends the constitution.

3. AS SOON AS BN, DAP, PKR and the rest of the circus allows them to amend the constitution.

4. AS SOON AS there is time before the next general election creeps in.

5. AS SOON AS PAS wins a majority 2/3....yet again....perhaps then we may get Hudud!

Lets not scare ourselves sh*tless into believing a scenario that may take forever to happen! Even after ruling Kelantan for 21 years, there is still no Hudud in Kelantan( Ku dan mu molek sokmo di Kelate!) ...

written by Tunang, October 05, 2011 10:29:23

PAS want to implement hudud law.

These hudud law are for Muslims ONLY.

These hudud law are NOT for Non Muslim.

DAP & MCA mau takut apa ? ...

written by chinese, October 05, 2011 09:49:51

gan, shut up pls ...

written by Rajen, October 05, 2011 09:36:21

Dear RPK

So many issues affecting our society now. For example i was sending my children to school and heard the teacher screaming and shouting at the children in front of the school. Sadly to say these children are below 12 years old and don't deserve to be treated this way. Please bring this kind of issues, teachers more into tuition bussiness, attitude towards students in class with name calling and even when students ask back for clarification shouted 'Makan Nasi Atau Makan Tahi'. All reported to school but no action. Parents in general not happy because parents not allowed into school compound. I believe it is a method to prevent parents to oversee what is going on in school these days. Thank you RPK ...

written by robert tan, October 05, 2011 09:30:20

MCA tak ada modal

MCA sudah bangkrap

MCA ada Presiden yang tak ada moral

MCA ada ahli yang korup

Sokong MCA sokong seks luarbiasa

Ha ha ha ha

Mari sokong kumpulan pelampau seks

Bagi Keutamaan Kepada Raja MCA



written by Benedict, October 05, 2011 09:25:00

MCA is the most democratic party in the world.

Show me a political party in USA, Europe , anywhere

whose members are free to elect a video porn actor

as its party president.

I challenge anyone to show me ...

written by roaringhuang, October 05, 2011 09:14:51

MCA 's main role is to clear the shit created or left behind by UMNO. So DAP please ignore this type of challenge from UMNO's toilet tissue. Unless UMNO wanted to challenge DAP directly, that will be a different scenario and then worth to take consideration. ...

written by RT, October 05, 2011 09:08:33

MCA says that UMNO is a moderate, liberal and professional party. However, as the evidence shows, UMNO just goes and does what it wants. It does not care about MCA. MCA can say one thing but UMNO goes and does the opposite.

This shows that UMNO does not respect MCA. In fact, it shows that UMNO does not respect the coalition, Barison Nasional, as well. Even the BN Leader, Najib Razak, does not respect MCA when he said that, in principle, he agrees with PAS, in that the Islamic laws of Hudud should be implemented, although he admitted that this is his personal view.

MCA has certainly lost face. UMNO and Najib Razak are sending a message to MCA that it is not relevant and that its views are not important. The message that they are sending to MCA is that MCA can take it or leave it. And if MCA is not happy about this matter, then it can leave Barisan Nasional, just like it attempted once before........

Barisan Nasional talks about 1 Malaysia. MCA talks about 1 Malaysia. What 1 Malaysia? When UMNO announced that it is still committed to its aspiration of implementing Hudud with Khairi Jamaluddin leading the team to change the Federal Constitution?

If UMNO implements Hudud, how will the Chinese in Malaysia fare? Will the rights of the Chinese be protected? Will prostitution, nightclubs, karaoke joints, pork, gambling and liquor be banned? Will the wishes of the Chinese no longer matter? MCA will assure the rights of the Chinese be GUARANTEED.

MCA is promoting the Chinese because it seeks power to cooperate with UMNO. MCA will do anything just to get into power, maybe even sell out the Chinese dignity and honour. MCA is not a traitor to the Chinese community but a a promoter for UMNO. MCA defends the rights of the Chinese and works with UMNO and PERKASA which is a party that is declared friendly to the Chinese.

I, Gan Ping Sieu as the MCA vice-president can explain what is going to happen to the Chinese community if Hudud is implemented in Malaysia. And if MCA says that Hudud is implemented, then maybe I can explain that was how MCA has helped in this happening since MCA has not prevented and relented UMNO'S mission to implement Hudud and still treats the Chinese as IRRELEVANT to UMNO. ...

written by man from Atlantis, October 05, 2011 09:04:01

Pete, you are the man! In one article, you have managed to bring down MCA! You have shown us all how irrelevant this party is! Thank you for your expose'. ...

written by DR Politics, October 05, 2011 09:00:14

MCA is surviving like a patient in ICU...So all their politicians are trying hard to survive...This is like do or die situation.....what else they can do. Some of started so young with ambitions but now they know that their career going die like what happen to Gerakan and MIC in Penang. ...

written by rej59, October 05, 2011 08:44:57

MCA - looks like its Check n Mate for U guys.

So beta go stock piling on ur food reserves for the long winter ahead ie the next GE.

I wonder if U guys will every wake up again or juz go into suspened hibernation. ...

written by Hariharan, October 05, 2011 08:03:07

UMNO should debate with PAS ...

written by angel ooi, October 05, 2011 07:14:49

Ole, ole RPK, love this n your recent posting....you are unbeatable when you write like this! ...

written by educationist, October 05, 2011 05:24:27

"Since he is not a Muslim, nothing happened to him"- hmm..LGE better amend this statement!!

Since CSL is not a Muslim and is an UMNOputra, nothing happened to him! ..

written by southallman, October 05, 2011 05:18:03

Nice - RPK is in form - must be the Indian summer he has been having in October ..

written by Mestizo, October 05, 2011 02:52:19

Gan Ping Sieu should spend more time doing useful thing. Why challenge Guan Eng to debate on Hudud? In the first place, this cannot happen unless all parties within Pakatan agreed. DAP has made their stand clear that they will never support Hudud and we believe them as they have been consistent. I like the way Pakatan works. It shows that all the components parties within Pakatan have equal voice. I also like their differences be made public. Unlike BN, there is only one dominant party and the rest are virtually handicap. They are cheer leaders. When their UMNO bosses asked them to shout, they shout. When asked them to quiet, they keep quiet. When ask them to support, they supported and usually blindly. The classic case was the Tung Shin Hospital. In spite of tenths of thousands witnesses and overwhelming evidences on videos and photos, the MCA President, Mr Chua Soi Lek and MCA Deputy President, Mr Liow Tiong Lai who is also Health Minister, came out publicly supporting their Tai Kor, Mr Najib and Mr Hishammuddin that the police did not shoot tear gas and water canon into Tung Shin Hospital. See what I mean. Of course then, where is this Mr Gan Ping Sieu? He must be hiding somewhere so much so he did not know what happen. How come there is no challenge from Mr Gan on the Health Minister, Home Minister or the government. You know why? Because he was asked to SHUTUP. Of course, he looks very bad and now he is trying to use the HUDUD issue to boost his image. Spare me Mr Gan. We don't care about this issue as we know we can rely of good politicians from Pakatan esp DAP in this case to ensure HUDUD will not be implemented. We cannot count of MCA because if UMNO wants to implement, MCA will just shout, Yes sir. It is good.

My advise for Mr Gan is to quit MCA before it is too late. As for the debate challenge on Hudud, please don't waste your time, Guan Eng time and our time. ...

written by Chin Hooi, October 05, 2011 02:44:19

It seems to me that the comments posted here reflect the immaturity of most of MT readers. No offence to anyone here. ...

written by PG, October 05, 2011 02:20:50

LGE should be on the bottom of the list from all possiblle candidate we have from Pakatan. As a penangites, i strongly believe that DAP is going to lose a few seats in the next GE, due to LGE softy approach when dealing with those who break the law. Look around PG, since LGE took over the number of illegal stalls have increase and no action taken although numerous complain were made to the council. Also, previously DAP kept harping on "jaga kereta" issue, and now that they are in control, again no action or effort taken to reduce this issue. Yes, this might be small issue to some of you, but this is what pisses off the locals. Its up to DAP leadership whether to ignore this, or to come up with a solution to solve this before the next GE. To the Chinese penangites, LGE is seen as no difference from our homegrown eunuch Koh, when dealing with extremist from Perkosa and Kimma. He is simply to soft, unlike Karpal or his father LKS.


written by Myengine, October 05, 2011 00:59:10

Imagine you are Be-end.

It's easy if you try

And no huduh too

I hope someday you'll join us

Living with Paris(Hilton)

Oh oh oh....

You may say that I'm Chua Soilick

But I'm not the only one ..

written by bp, October 05, 2011 00:58:02

Gan Ping Sieu: for courtesy sake Mr.Lim can decide on the venue and time but i hope he allows me to choose the date as im very very busy, i've check my schedule... Hmm this coming 30th February 2012 im available. ...

written by Burning Ice, October 05, 2011 00:32:25


You just stole the show from these guys. What they gonna talk about if the debate is really held? ..

written by siudi, October 05, 2011 00:27:07

What about getting the DATUK Ts to face sharia for filming and screening pornography? ...

written by Meh, October 05, 2011 00:00:02

I can't be bothered about MCA. They are hopeless when it comes to discussing about Islamic laws. ...

written by durianbesar, October 04, 2011 23:40:35

Pete your the best... Good job bro... ...

written by Peter Tan, October 04, 2011 23:32:46

LGE is smiling and he owes RPK a big HUG! ...

written by lizzie, October 04, 2011 23:27:39

Gan Peng Siew, was rather quiet but of late very active in twitter, blogs etc attacking DAP. I think this is part of building up his CV in the hope that he will be picked to contest this coming GE. ...

written by Super Admin, October 04, 2011 23:22:57

IbnAbdHalim, that was what The Star reported. Read here:

He told reporters in Parliament lobby Tuesday that the debate would be on how DAP was going to stop PAS from implementing hudud law in the country.

Gan said the debate was necessary because during campaigning at various by-elections, DAP had been portraying PAS as a moderate, liberal and professional party.

However, he said PAS' recent statement on implementing hudud law showed that it was “ignoring DAP”, its partner in Pakatan Rakyat.

RPK ..

written by Undilah, October 04, 2011 23:20:41

Action speaks louder than words.... MCA has been a top notch plunderer since god knows when.... PKFZ, PKFZ, PKFZ.... Whatever u say now w not change anything, so don't bother....

p.s. plz go back & tell ur leader I am still waiting for part 2 ...

written by IbnAbdHalim, October 04, 2011 22:19:35

The way you put it makes the debate irrelevant. MCA from the start already lost to DAP. ...

written by rocky, October 04, 2011 21:57:56

yes MCA approved all the laws and now they claim to be innocent and defender of non muslims. bull shit ...

written by Lim, October 04, 2011 21:33:36

Never say never, Tuanku RPK. In politics anything is possible. What if there is a hung parliament with neither BN/UMNO or Pakatan able to form a government, and UMNO offers PAS a full Islamic state deal, I think PAS will jump at it. Please run the numbers on that scenario, Tuanku RPK. ...

written by gurjit, October 04, 2011 20:53:57

This gan peng siue GPS(ground position shithead,)is talking crap without facts!I rest my case,i'm sengget after couple of beers,CHEERS! ..

written by Super Admin, October 04, 2011 20:53:31

Supports, and which Islamic university did you go to, to be able to come to that conclusion?

RPK ...

written by forlorn thought, October 04, 2011 20:53:10

Hmmmmm, imagine a truly one Malaysia without BN. Surely there will be less trouble no. ...

written by panca, October 04, 2011 20:50:28

Mana Cari Amoi

Mari Curi Ameno

Moolayoogoblok Cinabodoh Anehmabok

Main Cara Anjing

Undilah Undilah Undilah PAKATAN RAKYAT ...

written by Supports, October 04, 2011 20:47:36

if hudud is implemented the balak of CSL will be chop off. ...

written by Bobby Ooi, October 04, 2011 20:42:29

The power and magic of a sing song session.

Amazing how friutful it could be.

Keep it going Pete ...

written by hellosunshine, October 04, 2011 20:42:23

Actually, SCL was performing an act against nature when he was sucked dry by his lover and he should be charged like AI was charged for sodomy (against nature) and even if SCL was a Muslim, nothing will happen to him just like that Muslim rapist Thambi Cheek. Instead LGE went to jail for defending the minor. ..

written by Loyal Citizen, October 04, 2011 20:31:01

I predict LGE will whitewash GPS in any public debate. This MCA scumbag is trying to "batu api" on the hudud issue. His master CSL does not even utter a word about hudud. A big show-off in Parliament lobby. He will be the first one to back-off or abscond if there is such a challenge. ...

written by Heartpain, October 04, 2011 20:27:02

MCA is trying to treat this Hudud issue as its ‘talian hayat’ -- MCA no longer have 'hayat' to begin with!...

written by Voter get Voters 1, October 04, 2011 20:26:42

Just IMAGINE...after GE13 we hav a new G.ment. A PR G.ment. Well no need 2 imagine...start working harder 4 PR. Every Vote Counts. Its NOW or NEVER.


written by sbpboy, October 04, 2011 20:23:57

RPK, as MCLM judges over the debate, it's so unfair la...

you only gave Gan Ping Sieu 3minutes of his time to speak but LGE, 30mins.

Hehe! GPS has no more rubbish to utter is it? ...

written by Hariharan, October 04, 2011 20:23:48

Waste of time ...

written by Super Admin, October 04, 2011 20:23:11

syd, syd, syd, let's not start getting too formal. No need to call me Mr. RPK. Let's be informal. Just call me Yang Mulia.

RPK ...

written by Non sequitur, October 04, 2011 20:22:13

MCA is like a dead hamster. You think it may be hibernating until it really starts to stink, and it's time to throw away. Of course they want to challenge DAP to a debate because MCA have nothing to lose, unlike DAP.

I'd much rather see a debate between umno and PAS on the subject. Now that would be entertaining. ...

written by 1malaysian, October 04, 2011 20:21:57

we do not mind the duri for the durian. you are indeed a thorn in bolehland.

a masterpiece, I must say.

my 2 sen worth: kid stuff

A for AI

B for bersih

U for ubah

ABU for change ...

written by Oscar Winner !, October 04, 2011 20:21:48

Haha, you better bet this MCA running dogs will act faster than lightning in withdrawing the challenge after reading LGE's argument.. MCA morons, if only you could articulate like LGE. you may earn a little respect from me, but that still won't win my vote. My vote will still go to PR. So just pack up before you're buried in next GE ...

written by syd, October 04, 2011 20:17:22

Imagine by John Lennon meant freedom of faith for Malays. Nothing to do with hudud for non Malays.

give the Malays freedom from religious slavery and mental bondage. Give Malays the right to live the life they wish. All these are not accorded to the Malays.

Where do you stand on this mr RPK? ...

written by malsia1206, October 04, 2011 20:15:53

1. MCA is clinging to the Hudud issue like a drowning man.

2. MCA is trying to woo back non-Muslim support with this old issue.

3. MCA does not understand it's a lost cause, hudud or no hudud.

4. MCA can issue any challenge they like. It would not make any more difference.

5. MCA's bottom line - it's too little, too late.

6. The Chinese voters specially had lost their trust in MCA. Period. ...

written by Loyal Citizen, October 04, 2011 20:09:49

I can predict LGE will whitewash GPS in any public debate. This MCA scumbag is trying to spark off the hudud issue in his own way. A big show-off in Parliament lobby but when the time comes for the challenge he will be the first to abscond. ...

written by albert zacharias1, October 04, 2011 20:09:09

BN and its cronies are only good at red herrings and never the real meat i.e salmon.... If Malaysia Raayat continues to vote for BN and its cronies, one day there will be no red herrings but ikan bilis herring left for them to talk and do!!!

Lengkok lah malaysia.. please vote for opposition. Does not matter Pas, Dap or what... so long it is opposition lah! Change first lah... later we change every year ok one lah.. Relak lah. ...

written by MAXIMUM MADNESS, October 04, 2011 20:05:54

Seriously, I cant imagine anyone, chinese, malay, indian, mat salleh, arab, sikh would allow gambling, prostitution and drunkeness as something acceptable!! What law and what kind of religion or beliefs allow that? If Mr Gan Ping Siue goes gambling, gets drunk and F**k around, would his wife be pleased? Would his children follow his footsteps? IMAGINE THAT!!! Like farther like son / daughter!!! Anyway, heard through the grapewine that Mr Gan cant do all that cos, even he is "protected" under the law, his wife actually has planted a GPS on him!! Go PiSS Off I say ...

written by glock19, October 04, 2011 19:59:44

During debate...just mentioned Sharia / Hudud will be applied to those Ammeno Traitors.

I bet all those in Boleh Land will want to cast the first stone.

The problem is that , Hudud promotion is not marketed with deep understanding...mentioned that the Ammenos corruptors will be punished severely more than a poor father whom steal to put food on the plate of his 10 hungry kids.

Use logic...and Ammeno will be phuked big time. ...

written by neilahmad, October 04, 2011 19:52:33

Imagine Alatntuya is still alive today and she is on the verge of revealing her relationship with Najis. Being pregnant by him and she is going for a press conference to be held at Hilton with her lawyer Karpal Singh.

Imagine how exploding it will be. umno will jump into the septic tank. ...

written by malchindian, October 04, 2011 19:50:54

RPK, you are in top form today.

This is pretty damn good stuff! ...

written by malchindian, October 04, 2011 19:47:28

PKR, opportunity (MCLM) knocks on your door!

Want to bury MCA/BN/Gerakan.dll bums for good? ...

written by Taichekgong66, October 04, 2011 19:27:21

The way RPK wrote the imagination on Lim Guan ENG in such lengthy effort speaks thing for itself the winner n victor!

Very enlightening indeed! Thx RPK

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