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Monday, January 2, 2012


DAP scores a coup with Umno veterans and bloggers, including former Pulau Manis Umno rep Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz.

(Free Malaysia Today) - Former Pulau Manis Umno assemblyman Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz and Negeri Umno veteran Aspan Alias (photo) have joined DAP.

Having Ariff on board is a major coup for DAP because he was Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s information chief in his Pekan Umno division up until 2004.

“If you want to know, yes, that is what we are doing (joining DAP).

“I am impressed by DAP. They are principled, I like their professionalism.

“I was with (Lim) Guan Eng at the bloggers conference last month. There is no fancy words, they are focussed on work … always thinking unlike our Umno people,” he told FMT recently.

Ariff’s admission puts to rest weeks of wildfire speculations in pro-Umno blogs.

He is also rumoured to be contesting under the DAP banner in the next general election.

Ariff is touted to be contesting in Raub where MCA’s Ng Yen Yen is incumbent. Ng is currently the tourism minister, and a MCA vice president.

Warning to Umno’s bloggers

Gunning pro-Umno bloggers who have been maligning them both personally and professionally, an incessant Ariff (photo) said: “Why the paranoia? If we are not good, failed Adun (assemblymen), bankrupt politicians, it will be cinch for any winnable Umno candidates to beat us.

“So, it’s no cause of concern or a sleep depriver.”

“But be warned, you want to play ball, we play ball too, so stop telling lies about us and we can promise not to tell the truth about you (Umno).”

Both Ariff and Aspan are not alone. There are increasing speculations of shifts within and out of Umno.

DAP has been targeting ‘thinking’ Malays post-2008 GE to increase its support within the community.

Onboard is Transparency International Malaysia founder Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim who is now the party’s vice chairman and former Umno education minister Khir Johari’s son Zairil.

Zairil and party strategist Liew Chin Tong along with Youth chairman Anthony Loke have been tasked with wooing selected Malays.

It was reported that the party leaders have been meeting “Malay opinion-makers in small closed-door discussions dealing with issues concerning Islamic state, hudud and Bumiputera affirmative action”.

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written by flyer168, January 02, 2012 23:37:59

Fully understand your frustrations and respect your decision…

Enough is Enough..

Power of the People vs People in Power...

The reverberations of the aam aadmi’s awakening are being felt all over the world – from the right bank of the Nile to the left cheek of Sharad Pawar.

We must accept finite disappointment, but must never lose infinite hope…

True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice…

We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, It must be demanded by the oppressed – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What is the purpose of our call for ABU ? To reduce Ketuanan UMNO/BN’s majority!

This should be our focus and objective and not be lured into these Diversions by the Ketuanan UMNO/BN Leaders, Mini Napoleons, Cronies, Machais, etc

Let us all pass on the message of ABU to make it reverberate into the citizen’s and nation’s battlecry for Rule of Law, Justice, Freedom & Human Rights

Shalom & God Bless. ...

written by Singa, January 02, 2012 23:37:48

These 2 Malay gentlemen are true blue Malays and not Bugis or Turks or Indons. High time real Malays rule their own country ! ...

written by Hua Mulan , January 02, 2012 23:11:17

These 2 gentlemen, yes I repeat gentlemen, have been long enough and seen enough of BN in general and UMNO in particular, the ways and means used by the ruling coalition to stay in power and to continue sucking the toil and sweat of the Rakyat to enrich themselves with insatiable greed. They have a heart, and DAP will always welcome such gentlemen, I repeat gentlemen, into the fold to strenghten the party and in the process, increase the Malay membership to reflect the true Malaysian profile of DAP thereby rubbishing UMNO's accusation that it is anti-Malay once and for all; we know DAP never was, and never will be anti-Malay.

As a matter of fact, I was very certain that there are good hearted Allah-fearing Muslim UMNO MPs and ADUNS who in their heart of hearts, must have felt that the means used by present UMNO to remain in power and to cheat the innocent Rakyat, especially those in the rural area, must not be allowed to continue. I wanted to tell those who harbour such kind humane thoughts for the Rakyat to resign enbloc and stage a walk over to the Opposition during one Parliament sitting in a dramatic CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. You would have saved the poor people the need to hold protest demonstrations and get arrested for being "danger to the security of the nation". Furthermore, we don't have to wait for Najib to call for the dissolution of the present Parliament. We now call the shots. Before I could mention such a move to anybody, Ariff Aziz and Aspan Alias must have read my mind, and jumped the gun.

It is the fervant hope of all Malaysians, irrespective of race, colour or creed, that more from UMNO (in fact, MCA, MIC, PPP, etc., and Sabah and Sarawak) will now bravely follow the conscience-driven examples of these 2 gentlemen, repeat gentlemen, from UMNO to DAP.

-Hua Mulan ...

written by cpchen, January 02, 2012 21:19:42

I have just resigned as a MCA member, will join one of you very soon. The time is ripe to wipe off those Racial based party. DAP should start a task force just to recruit more Malay into the party & Keadilan to drive more Chinese into their party. ...

written by Alice, January 02, 2012 20:42:08

WOW there are men with great integrity in UMNO too. Surprise surprise. There is hope for Malaysia. I thought Malays from UMNO are all corrupted and hopeless. Sorry guys and all the best! ...

written by Motherchell, January 02, 2012 18:46:15

While i welcome the both of you as peoples reps. I suggest you declare your assets to give that feeling of confidence in a land called Bolehland. Its gives a better picture of your humility and interest in serving the people.

I will not ask you this if you were still with UMNO. Since there needs to be a complete understanding of the underlying nature of all that had gone on unabated for 54 long years. I

To all of us UMNO is a four letter expletive! Let us all work for the betterment of society as its time in this border-less world.

All good wishes to your work!! ...

written by truthbespoken, January 02, 2012 18:26:41

Way to go, more thinking and progressive Malaysian Malays should wake up and join DAP! Business and professional approach over cronyism is the way towards a better Malaysia for all! Treason? What rubbish! UMNO is the actual culprit committing national treason by selling out the country to illegal immigrants and turning them into citizens in return for votes! Inept UMNO must go! ABU! ...

written by Raja Kim, January 02, 2012 18:26:23

Dato, You have the divine right to choose with whom you want join forces with.

I am happy to say, veteran Aspan Alias and your choice are with people who will bring out the best from both of you. ..

written by vhari, January 02, 2012 18:13:39

I hope they will able to influence many more malays and make DAP a multiracial party. .

written by Sribayu, January 02, 2012 16:49:01

I'll follow suit joinning Teresa Kok under the Puchong parliamentary constituency.

Hidup DAP.... Hidup ABU ...

written by educationist, January 02, 2012 16:44:13

Yes, welcome on board the ship of change!!

Let's hope you 2 gentlemen will give added impetus to the momentum of change!! ...

written by Awang Kuku, January 02, 2012 16:37:08

This a piece of great news, at least for the year 2012. May they serve the rakyat with vigour and sincerity. ...

written by malchindian, January 02, 2012 16:35:34

Congratulations and welcome on board Gentlemen!

Now if you please Dato', deliver a knockout punch to that MCA *itch Yen2!

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