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Saturday, December 31, 2011

If MCA leadership is led by a scandal-tainted and immoral president, Dr Chua Soi Lek........ What about UMNO leadership, then?

Two time bombs have exploded in the MCA in the past two days

By Jackson Ng, Retired Journalist

TWO time bombs have exploded in the MCA in the past two days but the mainstream media, especially MCA’s mouthpiece, The Star, has down played the news.

About 1,000 MCA members from Penang and Johor have resigned en bloc and they cite the loss of confidence in the party leadership as their reason for quitting.

The resignations are only the tip of the iceberg and it signals the beginning of the imploding of Barisan Nasional (BN)’s second largest component party.

According to a few of those who quit but did not want to be named, more MCA members nationwide are expected to quit in the run-up to the next general election.

The mainstream media are down playing the news because it is a major blow for the MCA and BN’s preparations for the general election widely expected to be called by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in February or March.

Those who quit say they had lost confidence in the MCA leadership because it is led by a scandal-tainted and immoral president, Dr Chua Soi Lek.

“Whenever he speaks on any issue, it backfires and is a laughing stock of the people or grassroots. This is because Chua is in no position to talk about issues on morality and integrity.

“We cannot continue to be associated with such a leader and his cronies who are only looking after their own interest and positions,” said a former MCA member who is known to this writer.

Citing recent events and issues, the former member said: “It is embarrassing to MCA for Chua to talk about freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

“What is he talking about when the first thing he (Chua) did when he won the presidency by fluke was to place The Star directly under the control of the party.

“The paper is now under the overall control of a panel that includes his son (Tee Yong) as a key member. He also appointed his son in government positions.

“The MCA leadership is now led by a man who is morally tainted and one who practices nepotism and cronyism to turn the party into his family’s empire,” he added.

Another former member added: “Just watch how MCA implodes in the run-up to the 13th General Election. At least 30 per cent of its members will eventually abandon the party by polling day.”

In another development, party insiders say Selangor MCA is in shambles following a fallout between Chua and state MCA chief Donald Lim Siang Chai.

As the state chief, Lim does not even have the say to decide which seat to contest.

Lim is said to be eyeing the Selayang parliamentary seat but Chua already has someone else in mind – possibly a woman candidate.

What is telling is that Lim does not even have the confidence to try and wrest back his former seat - PJ Selatan – where he was beaten by PKR’s Hee Loy Sian by 5,706 votes in 2008.

Party insiders say the backdoor Deputy Finance Minister Senator is now desperate and is manoeuvring to get what he wants.

The insiders say it would be most interesting to see how severely Selangor MCA would be split by the Chua-Lim tussle for control of the state.

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written by Renegade, January 01, 2012 00:47:09

MCA members had planted explosives into the party that they were hoping to build when they accepted CSL as their president. Therefore it comes as no surprise when you said that MCA is imploding. How can a President (who admitted that he was the person caught with his pants down) earn respect from the Chinese community (at least) that he claims to be representing through the party? How do you expect the women folks to vote for the party that supports such an obnoxious character? A vote for the party would mean supporting someone who would not hesitate to have sex with another woman behind his wife's back. If he can double-cross his wife who is his life partner, who else can he not double-cross? Just food for your thought: Can you get good apples if you toss a good apple into a barrel of bad apples? Similarly, can you change a bad apple into a good one if you throw a bad apple into a barrel of good apples? Perhaps this will help to answer what we expect of BN component parties. ...

written by uxzee, December 31, 2011 21:35:05

In MCA you get leaders who are ever willing to kow tow to UMNO and readily display and accept that they are not equal citizens of the country. These MCA leaders are scums who sell off the rights and dignity of the Chinese community for their own personal gains. There is no more hope for the Chinese community to still depend on MCA. MCA's shelf life is over. DAP or PKR will be a more viable option for the Chinese in this age. ...

written by malchindian, December 31, 2011 10:21:15

The reality is, MCA will not be annihilated. This is just the shake down. Porn star will be replaced as soon as a "winnable" successor is found. Insiders say the warlords and godfathers have been burning the midnight oil scrapping the bottom of the barrel for a redeemer.

That's why pornstar junior is making lots of noise with his "xcuse me, over here! look at me! remember me?" and OTK has dug in his heels to mind his constituency of Pandan. Now watch how the Godfathers work to save the party.

In the meantime I savour my coffee awaiting news of more exoduses from MCA . ...

written by vhari, December 31, 2011 07:11:37

I predict MCA,Gerakan,MIC,PPP will wiped out. ...

written by NSTPravda, December 31, 2011 06:34:15

Your lies about the death of MCA is wholly and mainly exaggerated and somewhat premature. Let us reiterate from our reliable inside source of the highest level of UMNO the following:

1. Even if all the pendatangs cina-kui kafir infidels resign (unlikely, as long as some of the infidels have their snouts in the UMNO gravy train), MCA will live on because UMNO have the confidence that it will live on and to continue finance them.

2. Don't believe this "tip of the ice berg" rumours... who in our beloved nation has seen any ice-bergs in the straits of Melaka or the South China (Ugh!) Sea (soon to be named "Laut UMNO" or better still "Laut C4 Ro$mak"). So this is a figment of imagination of some anti-national, kafir elements.

3. For the 1000s that's supposed to have resigned, we can replace them with Ailah-fearing non-pork eating clones of Rithaudeen Tee or Frogg Hee... the best MCA support tax money can buy, courtesy of UMNO.

So, al-tantuyalah! Semua-nya OK... Remember you read these here first, the best Jakim halal (pending) certified, Good-news New Media that any ringgit can buy. Dollar akbar! ...

written by An Old Man, December 31, 2011 06:18:19

Half of the MCA members are STUPID; hence Chua's resurrection as its president. Chinese history is replete with cases of mandarins and generals of dubious character holding sway while true patriots rotting away in jail or far-flung outposts! Chinese NEVER learn! Despite all the Sun-Tze stuff they talk about, they hardly know what is STRATEGY. Sun-Tze was a master of DECEPTIONS, not a strategist!!!

Any chap who claims he can read the character of a person by looking at the subject's face will tell you Chua is. No-good fellow. Take a look at his images more closely, doesn't he looks like Kim Jong-il - not in looks but in demeanours???

Many who joined MCA did have good intentions. But no sooner they will get sucked in by the lip-service, self-serving and outright corrupt culture there. I had had a first-hand experience. I quit within a month after seeing the so-called leaders showing their true colours after a hearty meal or ome drinks! ..

written by fireduck, December 31, 2011 01:53:55

MCA is already a dead party -- a stillborn in the next GE. ...

written by albert zacharias, December 31, 2011 01:38:20

MCA head is a soiled leg walking on clean marble in the Queen's chamber ....boleh kah???? MCA head, please go and clean up yourself before you try be chief of the Chinese. Maybe you want to be the chief of the mamaks? Better still be the chief of p**imaks ...

written by hplooi, December 30, 2011 22:12:48

just like wu-san-gui the mca is culpable for the crimes committed against malaysian chinese. from the steady erosion of citizen rights to the more serious mismanagement of tax resources meant to uplift the bumiputras. to rub salt into wound, we are constantly reminded that we have NO say in the country and that we are somehow responsible for the (so-called) economic-challenged position of the bumiputras inspite of the fact that 90% of the nation's resources are channeled towards the bumiputras. it wouldn't be so bad if at least this 'handicap' has really been used fairly to uplift the bumiputras.

dato' donald is a good old time friend (he was my witness when I sign up with my wife at the registrar of marriage in the 80s). however if he ever speak to me on politics, i will just 'niu-ni' (bird-you) 10x.

burns me up every time mca try to be sanctimonious.

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