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Sunday, July 31, 2011



(The Malaysian Insider) - Wahhabism and Shia Islam are key threats to Malaysia’s security and should be kept under close watch to ensure they do not lead to extremism, a Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) official has said.

The National Security Council (NSC) put a group of clerics on its terror watch-list last week for preaching Wahhabism, a puritanical strain of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia. Several Shia Muslims have also been detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for their beliefs.

“The biggest threat to the country at the moment is Wahhabism and Shia (Islam) ... extreme teachings,” Islamic Training Institute of Malaysia’s assistant director Zamihan Mat Zin told The Malaysian Insider before last week’s NSC meeting.

He said if the group was not watched, their teachings could potentially to threaten the ethics of Islamic affairs management in Malaysia.

“(The government) needs to curtail them to harmonise Sunni teachings in Malaysia.”

Zamihan stressed that, if left alone, Wahhabism and Shia Islam could “sow the seeds of extremism as seen in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia and Chechnya”.

He said certain parties were now actively promoting both teachings with financial assistance from foreign missions here.

“There are preachers who receive huge allowances every month... They will deny it if anyone asks them but we have proof,” said the cleric who is in the Quran and core knowledge division in the institute.

Zamihan added that, according to his research, Wahhabism and Shia Islam have about one million followers each in Malaysia.

He previously claimed that Wahhabism receives protection from politicians and has made inroads into religious agencies at national and state levels.

Zamihan also told The Malaysian Insider that the question of stopping the spread of Wahhabism should not be seen as a diplomatic issue but one of national security and mutual interest.

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written by arazak, July 31, 2011 17:27:23

Ketua Pengarah, JAKIM

Zamihan Mat Zin,

Kenapa hipokirit sangat?

Di Mekah sembahyang tunggang-tunggek belakangkan Imam Wahabi. Bila sampai Malaysia, kutuk-kutuk kata Wahabi "terorist". Kalau Wahabi "terorist' jangan lah jejakan kaki tu kat Makkah. Muka tak tahu malu ke?

Saya akan hantar surat ke Kedutaan Arab Saudi, , ,, suruh mereka jangan bagi visa kat anda untuk pergi Saudi Arabia (jangan fikir saya main-main). Amacam, boleh? Kalau Saudi Arabia, negara "terrorist" tak payah lah saudara melawat Makkah, ya?
Melayu Bodoh. . ., Taksub dengan "Ketuanan". . ., kononnya hanya pengangan Ugama saudaralah yang paling "perfect" dan bukan pegangan orang Islam berbangsa lain! Bagi saudara, orang Islam bebangsa lain semua sesat. Sehinggakan orang Islam berbangsa Arab keturunan Rasulluah juga saudara anggap sesat.
Lagi sekali. . ., bodoh punya Melayu! ..

written by batsman, July 31, 2011 16:40:07

It takes 2 to fight. ...

written by batsman, July 31, 2011 16:39:21

Sounds like Jakim is not a small threat to national security either. ..

written by batsman, July 31, 2011 16:38:01

No wonder the zionists gloat.

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